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Page of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

The open-minded novice can look at a situation with fresh eyes and get down to the essentials with confidence.

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What does the Page of Coins Tarot card mean?

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Page of Coins Upright Meaning

This card is traditionally entitled The Page, but in some modern decks appears as a Princess. This card's energy has to do with learning about compound interest and abundance. Her attention is focused on learning the natural laws that pertain to natural synergies.

Whether the learning is about growing vegetables, the stock market or culturing new medicines in the lab, this Page wants to understand the underlying mechanism that supports the creation of results and abundance.

You may see this person in the position of the attendant or junior partner, but that is only a current appearance. That demeanor of humility or servitude will soon enough disappear, as her sense of mastery increases. By studying the example of those around her, successful and unsuccessful, she is building a game plan that will lift her from obscurity and make her successful in her own right. She just has to collect the necessary education and experience, which she is doing right now.

Page of Coins Reversed Meaning

The Page of Coins reversed suggests that you should not doubt or resist the impulse to be of service to others. Embrace the discipline that it takes and just do it.

You may feel like you are being coerced into it or that being in service is a role you don't want. Perhaps you have doubts about the outcomes your labors are contributing toward. The reality is that you have to work to eat and you have to develop considerable skill in a profession before it can liberate you. Be disciplined -- harness your will as well as your talent.

Page of Coins Advice Position

The Page of Coins (in some decks, a Princess) in this position advises that you study your chosen field seriously, gaining intellectual knowledge plus whatever experiential learning you can pick up as well. Listen to the stories of others, both their successes and their failures, and let yourself be inspired by their dedicated efforts.

Leave no stone unturned. See if you can figure out why their experiments went the way they did and what you might do differently that could change the outcome. Passionately hunt for the missing pieces overlooked by those who came before you. Remember that the mind of a beginner is an open channel for genius. Let that openness lead you and you will instinctively penetrate to the heart of the matter.