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Valet of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Quietly gather information that will help you direct a situation to unity.

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What does the Valet of Wands Tarot card mean?

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Valet of Wands Upright Meaning

This suit, most often called "Wands" and sometimes called "Rods" or "Staves," represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

This card is traditionally entitled the Page, but in some modern decks appears as a Princess. This archetype is that of a unique individual, a nonconformist, often something of a bohemian, definitely independent by nature. He or she requires little in the way of affirmation or approval. Perhaps a mischief-maker, often an innovator or inventor, the energy represented by this card will only serve others until he or she figures out how to get others to serve him/her.

This person's freedom is so important they would rather go as a peasant among strangers than inherit a fortune with strings attached. Don't be fooled by this humble appearance. This person is a future captain of industry or world leader, now serving an apprenticeship. These people are sometimes seen planting a staff like a flagpole into the earth in the far off wilderness (where they can start fresh without having to make any compromises). You could think of this card as a wild card.

Valet of Wands Reversed Meaning

Rather than worry about your image, emphasize the beneficial contribution you could make.

When the Page of Wands is reversed, you may be overly concerned with your reputation or image. You don't want to be seen as a source of controversy or conflict.

Don't overlook the positive contribution you could make. It is urgent that someone stands up for peace, compromise and harmony even if these values had been pushed into the background.

Valet of Wands Advice Position

This card is traditionally entitled a Page, but in some modern decks as a Princess. In this position, this card suggests that you cannot know how to facilitate communication until you have studied your environment. Your task may be to blend into your surroundings so you can gather information and get a clear sense of what is going on around you.

Think of yourself as a secret agent for the greater good. In due time, others may recognize the role you play in the transformation from divisiveness to unity. However, right now you are being asked to watch quietly from the sidelines.