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Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Call your family together to support you and trust that the results will be just what you need.

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What does the Three of Cups Tarot card mean?

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Three of Cups Upright Meaning

The Three of this suit is often entitled Consent, or simply Yes. This card resonates with a spirit of agreement, mutual support, encouragement and teamwork.

Often pictured as three women celebrating their connectedness in a dance with lifted cups, it could also be called "sisterhood," a real mutual admiration society. It points to all the benefits of harmonious relationship.

Three of Cups Reversed Meaning

The Three of Cups reversed indicates that you may be frustrating the best efforts of those who love you most. You need to ask yourself what is so important that you would place it above the bonds of love and mutual support.

This card puts such a desirable face on maintaining the harmony in relationships that there is cause to wonder why you would deprive yourself of such a valuable asset. Try to find a way to let in some of the love and caring that comes to you. Don't turn away the possibility of harmony and enjoyable contact.

Three of Cups Advice Position

The Three of Cups in this position advises that you tune in with your family and fully inform them about what's going on with you. Let them add substance to your ideas with their talent and imagination. Think of this occasion as a celebration, where their support helps you find success in your work. There may be something here for everyone to contribute. Put yourself in the loving hands of your family connections and your trust will be well rewarded. The synergy between you could enhance each individual's talent and creativity. You will love the results!

Three of Cups Love Position

When the Three of Cups is in this position, you have balanced your priorities and have harmonized your inner life with your outer life. This leaves you with a sense of serenity and relaxation. The fact that you feel bonded with and supported by your immediate circle of close relationships says that you attract other well-balanced souls like yourself.

This card is a compliment to you for having earned the hard won rewards of peace and trust. The natural flow between you and others is becoming fruitful and enjoyable.

Three of Cups Career Position

When the Three of Cups is in this position, you currently have the opportunity to witness coworkers and associates overcome their differences, reuniting along the lines of their mutual best interests. This is a wonderful sight to behold and something to encourage and nurture.

A career path or work environment becomes sweeter when people recognize each other as assets and partners. A feeling of safety, bonding and mutual admiration prevails. This is the best, most efficient style of interaction. Everyone gets their needs met and receives plenty of acknowledgment. In general, the wheels of work are turning more smoothly and cooperatively. It's very encouraging to see this more friendly and inclusive culture emerging.

Three of Cups in a Yes or No Card Reading

The Three of Cups is a card of friendship. If you're looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive the Three of Cups, the answer is YES. Look to your allies and prioritize kind communication.