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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Fundamental change is imminent. The positive benefits you gain during this period could last a long time.

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What does the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card mean?

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Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning

The central theme of The Wheel of Fortune card is cyclical change. The wheel keeps on rolling, churning events in a ceaseless progression of ups and downs, either way freeing us from the past. No one can escape its cyclical action, which can feel somewhat terrifying -- no matter whether we are rising or falling. When one is balanced on top of the wheel, there is a moment of crystal clarity. However, the only part of the wheel that's actually not going up and down is the hub, which represents your eternal self.

Every one of us will occupy all the points on the wheel at one point or another. The cycle of the wheel is its lesson -- and we can learn to take comfort in it. If you don't like the look of things right now, just wait -- things will change. Of course, if you do like the look of things right now, enjoy it while it lasts, because that will change too!

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

When the Wheel of Fortune card is reversed, it suggests that you may have dropped from the heights and have been sent back to the beginning -- to either start over or reframe your plan.

This may feel as if you have hit bottom, but think of it as a chance to renew yourself and chart a path that will help you rise from the ashes. You will be a more compassionate and wise ally when the next person takes a nosedive. In the future, you might want to be a little more modest in your aspirations.

Wheel of Fortune Advice Position

The Wheel of Fortune advises you follow the flow of events. Physical moves, spiritual awakenings, or dramatically changing social patterns could arise now. Accept these transformations.

This is a safe place for you to be. You are watched over and protected as you go round and round the wheel. You will learn a lot. You will also learn it quickly, and what you absorb will benefit you for a long time to come.

Wheel of Fortune Love Position

The Wheel of Fortune in this position indicates that your mind or your heart just won't keep still. It keeps churning up new developments or issues that you thought were resolved between you and your next potential partner. This is the nature of The Wheel of Fortune that never ceases to turn.

You probably feel like you want to get off life's Ferris wheel once in a while, but there is only one good way to do that -- take refuge in the hub, the center from which all the motion is emanating. Much as you might like to, there is no way to stay on top all the time. Your ultimate challenge is to learn to peak and drop without resisting the process, including all its ups and downs.

Wheel of Fortune Career Position

When the Wheel of Fortune is in this position, your circumstances surrounding work are fluctuating. Don't take it personally because you may be in the presence of a force no mortal can control. The immediate future of your current job appears uncertain. No one can blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused. Try not to dwell on that.

Think of this great Wheel as being like a cosmic washing machine. If you can put up with the churning, the rinse cycle and the final spin, the end result will see you refreshed, like new. The energy of this card certainly can feel like you are going in circles. But it's more like a spiral staircase, and you will end up exactly where you wanted to go. (Even so, it can be a challenge to keep your composure during the turning!)

Wait and watch, and as you do so, try to absorb and understand the changes you are going through. You won't get lost if you follow the flow.

Wheel of Fortune in a Yes or No Card Reading

The Wheel of Fortune is a card of patterns and cycles. If you're looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive The Wheel of Fortune, the answer is NO. Wait for now -- elements are still in motion.