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Lovers Path Tarot Deck

Lovers Path

The Lover's Path Tarot combines gorgeous artwork, Tarot symbolism and love stories, and is ideal for use in readings about love, dating and relationships.

Lovers Path Tarot deck preview:

From the Kris Waldherr Lovers Path Tarot booklet:

From the Kris Waldherr Lovers Path Tarot booklet:

The theme around love ultimately is—how relationships reflect we think mirror upon others our our see relationship relationship us, what we with with believe ourselves. the we world are worthy of. Our beliefs about love relationships can even embody our thoughts about how we feel the universe nurtures and supports us.

This truth is a rewarding but complicated conundrum, which all humans confront throughout their lives, for we are surrounded by relationships from our first breath. They begin with our dependence upon our parents for our very existence, and continue as we grow through our friendships. They reach their perhaps most intense expression in the magical, self-contained world of lovers.
In many ways, the ultimate expression of our connection to the world is to fall in love. Daring to love another brings us face to face with whatever is going on within ourselves, for better or for worse. Love can be viewed as the bravest act of all, for in order to be truly intimate, we must be honest in our vulnerabilities. As we reveal our innermost selves to our beloved with all of our imperfect glories, we are truly exposed in both body and soul.

Experienced authentically, love relationships offer the sweetest rewards and the thorniest challenges. They also present us with an unparalleled opportunity to gain awareness and wisdom. The Lover’s Path Tarot is a tool to examine and improve relationships—whether they be with yourself, with your beloved, or with the world. Examining our preconceptions about love, the ways we yearn to connect with another, what we desire in a partner, is an act of self-illumination. More importantly, it’s one way to take personal responsibility for our lives.