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Synastry: Your Guide to Relationship Astrology

Reveal the deep dynamics of your partnership with this insightful love reading

When you need honest, helpful answers about the compatibility between you and your partner or love interest, the Astrology Compatibility Reading covers it all!

Using the unique birth info of both you and your loved one, this reading analyzes how the planets in your Astrology charts interact with each other and how this will play out in your real-life partnership. Whether you're simply curious about your potential relationship with a crush, you want to know more about someone you're dating, or you've been with your partner long-term, this Astrology reading tells you everything you need to know about your love connection!

The complete Astrology Compatibility Reading gives you four chapters of insight into your relationship compatibility -- how your lifestyles match up, how you affect each other, what you each have to offer, and how you work together in one relationship. It will give you the full picture of your partnership, both now and into the future! But we realize that all relationships are different, and in your case, you may not need that deep level of information. That's why we're also offering each chapter of this report as a standalone reading -- so you can get quick answers that are geared toward the questions you have about YOUR relationship! Get just one or two readings, or get the complete package with the full Astrology Compatibility Reading. Reveal ALL the details about your connection now or keep reading to see your options!

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Core Compatibility

Chapter 1

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This chapter gets into the most essential part of your love compatibility, comparing your Sun and Moon signs. The Sun represents your overall lifestyle while the Moon guides your emotions and patterns. Therefore, it's very important to understand the nature of each of your Sun and Moon signs and how they work together -- if they are at odds, you may be building your relationship on a shaky foundation. In some cases, this chapter will also tell you about major Astrology that you two either share or have in contrast in your charts. This will give you even more information about how you may work together ... or against each other. Not all couples have this, but if it's in your charts, it will be included!

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Relationship Dynamics

Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of the full Astrology Compatibility Reading. You can also get just this chapter on its own here.

It's impossible to be in a partnership with someone and not be affected by them -- their energy, their beliefs, their moods... In this chapter, you'll get a detailed look at how you and your love interest impact each other's lives and feelings and how you get along. By laying one of your birth charts on top of the other, angles are formed between the planets in your chart and the planets in theirs. The way these planets interact reveals how you two as individuals interact in a partnership. Especially for new couples, this information can give you an idea of what you're in for and if this match is worth pursuing further. For those that have been together a long time, this gets back to the roots of your relationship and can be key in identifying the source of your current concerns.

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Love Languages

Chapter 3

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From communication to passion to supporting each other's feelings and goals, all relationships are a matter of give and take. If one of you isn't able to give what the other needs or is directing their efforts in the wrong direction, you won't make a good match. This chapter of your Compatibility Reading reveals what each of you has to offer the partnership. By comparing both of your birth charts, you'll discover which of YOUR Astrology houses your partner's planets are located in, and vice versa. Knowing which houses are activated by your lover's planets tells you where they will naturally direct their energy in a relationship with you. Attraction is one thing, but real relationships need mutual support. This chapter will show if you two are on the same page.

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Relationship Potential

Chapter 4

This is chapter 4 of the full Astrology Compatibility Reading. You can also get just this chapter on its own here.

When you are ready to think about a long-term, committed partnership, you'll want to read this chapter carefully! While the rest of this love reading compares and contrasts your individual birth charts, this chapter is based on a brand-new chart that represents your relationship itself. It reveals your ultimate potential as a couple and shows what your union will look like over time. If you are entertaining the idea of marriage, you'll see how likely you are to last and what happens when the two of you become one. For those who are already in a bonded relationship, this will help you identify areas of friction if things aren't working, or inspire fresh ways to connect that you never considered before. The future is calling... Start your own Astrology Compatibility Reading now to discover YOUR relationship's potential!

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