tarot reading for broken heart tarot reading for broken heart

Get the Closure You Deserve with a Heartbreak Tarot Reading

Get guidance on overcoming lost love

The disappointment and sadness that comes from a failed romantic connection can be one of the worst pains a person experiences in their lifetime. Whether it's unrequited love or the ending of a long-term relationship, pushing past the heartache and restoring your happiness can seem like an impossible task.

The Heartbreak Tarot Reading not only offers the perspective and guidance needed to overcome your anguish, but it also offers insight into the lessons you've learned from your experience. If you've been wondering where things went wrong and how to put the pieces of your heart back together, then this breakup Tarot spread is for you.

Don't let the post-breakup blues get the best of you! Learn more about how this Tarot spread can help you mend your heart and move forward...

Heartbreak Tarot Reading

Position 1: What to Leave Behind

Think of this as your "what to kick to the curb" card! After a love encounter goes awry, it's easy to cling to the past and hold on to behaviors or attitudes that prevent you from moving on -- and loving again. The "What to Leave Behind" position helps pinpoint the self-defeating tendencies that are chaining you to the past, so you can eliminate them once and for all.

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Position 2: What to Take with You

People and situations are put into our paths for a reason, helping teach us crucial lessons that eventually lead us toward something greater. The "What to Take with You" position in this Tarot reading shows you that not all is lost when it comes to your past relationship or romantic encounter. You learned something valuable, something that you can take with you as you separate yourself from this situation and move on with your life.

Get personalized advice on overcoming the pain and disappointment of lost love »

Position 3: How to Heal

They say time heals all wounds, but time seems to slow down and become an eternity when it comes to heartache! The good news is that true healing starts with you, giving you more control of your circumstance than you think, and the "How to Heal" position proves just that. This card highlights specific advice from the Tarot that you can use to free yourself from the heavy burden of a broken heart and reclaim your personal power.

Get personalized advice on overcoming the pain and disappointment of lost love »

Having your heart broken may have been out of your control, but how much you let it prevent you from the happiness you deserve is up to you! Let the insight of the Tarot show you how to feel whole again...

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