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Did you know you have a "cosmic personality" that is specific to YOU? While you might think of our Sun sign as the ultimate guiding force in your life, there are actually other energies that have helped shaped you into the person you've become.

Our FREE Cosmic Profile reveals insight into not only your Sun sign, but your Moon sign, Rising sign, personal Numerology, and more! This kind of personalized analysis provides you with a deeper understanding of what makes you, well, YOU!

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Chapter 1: Your Sun Sign

The Sun's location on your birth date explains who you are at your core

Your Sun sign is based on the day you were born, and it's the sign most of us are familiar with -- but what does it really say about you? Think of your Sun sign as your driving force, your basic life force and what motivates you. Delving into the traits of your Sun sign helps you understand your basic essence.

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Chapter 2: Your Moon Sign

The sign the Moon was in at your birth influences your emotions and inner world

Your Moon sign is one of the most essential placements in your entire birth chart! Where the Moon was at the exact time you were born influences your inner world: your emotions, your moods, and your reactions. Knowing your Moon sign means knowing your emotional needs and what it takes to make you feel a sense of security.

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Chapter 3: Your Rising Sign

Your Rising sign reveals how others see you

Your Rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon at the time you were born, and it represents the outer personality you show the world. Have you ever been told that you don't act like your Sun sign? That might be because your Rising sign is acting like a mask, giving off a first impression that is vastly different from your Sun sign!

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Chapter 4: Your Tarot Birth Card

Your Tarot Birth Card shows which Major Arcana Tarot card represents you

Much like an Astrology Sun sign, we each have a personal Tarot Birth Card that shapes a bit of who we are and how we interact day-to-day. Your Tarot Birth Cards represent your one-of-a-kind personality and ambitions. Once you have that information, you can use it to your advantage!

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Chapter 5: Your Celtic Tree Sign

Your Celtic Astrology includes your personal Tree sign, spirit animal, gemstone, and more

Don't know much about Celtic Astrology? Your Celtic tree sign is a great place to start! Based on Druidic wisdom, each Celtic tree sign has different powers, along with corresponding spirit animals, a color, gemstone, and an "ogham" -- a symbolic letter of the Celtic alphabet meant to attract luck, protect from harm, and heighten each tree sign's special powers.

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Chapter 6: Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Your Chinese sign influences your overall personality and life's fortune

Just like in western Astrology, the Chinese zodiac has 12 signs that are based on when you were born -- but there are critical differences between the two that make knowing your Chinese zodiac sign equally important. Revealing your eastern sign gives you even deeper insight into your fortune, romantic compatibility, best career paths, and more!

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Chapter 7: Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number shows how the numbers of your birth date affect you

The most significant number in your Numerology chart is your Life Path number! Much like your Sun sign, your Life Path Number is based on your date of birth. It can not only tell you your strengths and challenges, but it will also help you unlock your life's greater purpose and the lessons you'll face in this lifetime.

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