What Is Mercury Retrograde?

See what happens when planet Mercury travels backward

mercury retrograde symbol and planet

Communication planet Mercury may be small, but it's capable of causing big problems! Have you heard about Mercury Retrograde? It's happening soon! Starting April 9, 2017, Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus, and will continue backpedaling into Aries until May 3, 2017. During this time mischievous Mercury takes a backward turn, and so do our daily lives!

Mercury goes retrograde about three or four times each year, for a period of about three weeks each time. But of course Mercury isn't really moving backward -- it just appears that way from Earth.

Mercury Retrograde is really an optical illusion, but the effect it has on our lives is very real. This is because when Mercury is so close to the Sun its powers are magnified in the areas it rules.

Slow down and reflect

Planet Mercury rules communication, travel and technology, so all of these things are often disrupted during Mercury Retrograde. People get stressed out and have misunderstandings and arguments. And technology and machinery breaks down, including everything from cars to computers.

Life slows down during Mercury Retrograde -- it has no choice but to slow down because the universe is blocking our forward momentum. We start reflecting and looking back instead of moving forward, and that's why Astrology dictates Mercury Retrograde is a bad time to start new projects, go on first dates, get married, travel, sign important papers or legal documents, or make big purchases.

That said, there is plenty you can do during Mercury Retrograde. It can be a very useful  time to rest and think and plan for the future.

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