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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini -- Here's What You Can Expect

See what happens when the planet of communication retrogrades... Staff

By now, you've probably already heard about the pesky astrological event known as Mercury Retrograde. It's usually written about as a very chaotic time when communication goes awry, and while that's true, there's so much more to what goes on during this retrograde period! Things like what sign it's in, the element it's in, and even what signs you have in your chart can impact how you experience Mercury Retrograde.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde happens about three or four times each year, for a period of about three to four weeks at a time time. Mercury slows down to the point that it appears to be moving backward, but it's really an optical illusion. The communication planet does still have forward momentum, it just isn't moving at its usual speedy pace.

Planet Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, so all of these things are often disrupted during Mercury Retrograde. Yes, things can get a bit chaotic, but there's also a lot of good that can come out of this time. This can be a time of reflection, reconsideration, and retreat. Just like the planet Mercury, we're being asked to slow down so we can revisit our beliefs, our thought patterns, and how we want to move forward in our lives

In 2021, every Mercury Retrograde period will take place in Air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Air signs are intellectual, preferring to view situations through a more objective lens. Because Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflection, this added gift of objectivity could mean we come out of the retrograde period viewing our current or past experiences from a much different perspective.

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When is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2021 are:

• Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: January 30 - February 20, 2021

• Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: May 29 - June 22, 2021

• Mercury Retrograde in Libra: September 27 - October 18, 2021

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

The next Mercury Retrograde period starts on May 29, 2021 in chatty and social Gemini, and the planet of communication will continue backpedaling until June 22, 2021. Because Mercury rules Gemini, this retrograde period could become even more of an annoyance than usual. If you have anything going on communication-wise that involves writing, speaking, teaching, or learning, this is a time when you'll want to double-check your work and think twice before blurting something out.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini could be especially problematic if you have personal planets in any of the Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. Communicating with clarity may be a problem, and it might feel as if you're getting nowhere, no matter how hard you work. Try to keep things in perspective -- this will not last forever.

And while Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rap for leading to chaos, this retrograde period could actually lead to profound clarity! It's all about how you navigate it, so discover how to get this cosmic event to work in your favor...get this cosmic event to work in your favor...

Mercury Retrograde Tarot ReadingMercury Retrograde Tarot Reading