The Quincunx Aspect

The Quincunx

A frustrating aspect between two planets

By Staff

Aspect angle: 150 degrees

Unavorable. When two planets form a quincunx, it's very difficult for them to get along and communicate with each other. Planets that form quincunx angles have no qualities or elements in common, so they often feel forced when trying to work together.

Let's look at Venus and Jupiter, for example: When the planet of desire and the planet of expansion create a quincunx aspect, instead of it being positive, overindulgence is the risk. You could become so overly optimistic and want so much of so many things that you extend yourself too far and burn out. But you can still work hard to make the most of this aspect if you can learn to set boundaries and limits.

Yes, a quincunx aspect is frustrating, but if you can learn to make adjustments in your behavior in response to the planets' energy, you can still make a quincunx angle work for you.

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