Asteroids in Astrology

Get to the rock bottom of Astrology's key asteroids

Asteroids in Astrology

Astrologers study asteroids in a very different way than astronomers. While scientists just think of these celestial bodies as big rocks that fall into orbit around the Sun, astrologers know that asteroids can impact our lives in a big way. And we're not talking about when they collide with Earth!

It's becoming quite common in Western Astrology to study the influence of asteroids when interpreting Astrology charts. There are too many asteroids out there to include them all, of course, so it's typically the five larger asteroids that you'll read about in your horoscope.

Master Astrologer Rick Levine said there are about 10,000 asteroids that NASA tracks carefully, and that if you go by the premise in quantum physics that everything in the universe is connected to everything else, it's logical to presume that even obscure asteroids could play a role in Astrology.

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Take a look at the five most common asteroids astrologers use when interpreting your horoscope, and find out how they influence people and events:


Astrologers refer to Chiron as "the Wounded Healer" because it is associated with wounds (both physical and emotional) and it has the healing power to transform our deepest hurts into something positive. Chiron has an erratic orbit, and it can point the way to where our greatest source of healing power lies.


Ceres is the largest and roundest asteroid, resembling the Moon, and its placement in the birth chart indicates what you need to feel loved and nurtured. In mythology, Ceres was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Demeter, goddess of agriculture.


Pallas was the God of Wisdom, and many astrologers interpret Pallas as an indicator of intelligence and healing through wisdom. It leads intuitiveness, and it can often point to strength in women overcoming abuse at he hands of men.


Juno is about compatibility, relationships, and marriage, and its position in your birth chart can show what kind of parter you need and what kind of mate you'll attract. Her dark side also rules conflict, jealousy, infidelity, separation, and divorce.


Vesta is the fastest asteroid to travel the zodiac, and some astrologers say it has special influence over the signs of Virgo and Scorpio. Vesta is said to determine what things you will be most devoted to, and your sexuality. It is about spirituality and cultural values.

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