Chinese Dragon Compatibility

Dragon Relationship Compatibility: The Dauntless One

Dragon's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon is confident, intelligent, and talented. You are used to getting your own way, and you are used to being acknowledged for your accomplishments at all times. In romantic relationships and friendships, this can be a challenge -- you expect others to always adore you, but that's not realistic. The solution is to surround yourself with strong, capable people who can hold their own and challenge you.


Dragon and Rat

Dragon and Rat Compatibility The Dragon and Rat are a joy to behold. The charismatic Dragon finds an appreciative audience in the Rat, while the ambitious Rat is spurred on by the Dragon’s fiery energy. These two love glamour and glitz, and enjoy dressing up and going out. Born entertainers, this couple will often host lavish get-togethers in their home. The Rat charms people with its wit and humor, while Dragons draw admirers with their sex appeal. Luckily, neither is jealous of the other. In fact, each is proud of their lover’s accomplishments, and can often be found bragging about them.

If they aren’t romantically inclined, the Dragon and Rat can be fast friends. The Dragon can benefit from the Rat’s strategic mind, while the Rat appreciates the Dragon’s ability to generate publicity. Often, the Dragon will come up with a brilliant idea that the Rat can execute in a profitable way. In exchange, the Dragon will spread word of the Rat’s gifts among their extensive social network. Yes, sometimes the Dragon will tire of the Rat’s various schemes, while the Rat will be aggravated by the Dragon’s giant ego. Still, these two get along wonderfully well for the most part. As far as sex is concerned, the Dragon and Rat are a perfect pair. Both possess healthy sexual appetites. If the Dragon is smart, he or she will express their desire for the Rat as much as possible. Otherwise, the Rat may feel insecure. It’s not easy living with the sexiest sign in the Chinese zodiac! A little reassurance goes a long way.

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Dragon and Ox

Dragon and Ox Compatibility This is a complicated alliance that requires lots of careful navigating. The dramatic Dragon is perplexed by the Ox’s impenetrable calm. Meanwhile, the shy Ox can’t understand the Dragon’s penchant for the spotlight. Still, the Dragon admires the Ox’s honesty and the Ox is impressed by the Dragon’s money-making abilities. These two like spending time at home, although the Ox prefers casual get-togethers to lavish parties. A happy home life is possible, provided each is willing to make allowances for the other’s idiosyncrasies. If the Dragon allows the Ox to keep its favorite beat-up chair, the Ox will be willing to decorate with the bright, dramatic colors that the Dragon loves.

As friends, the Dragon and Ox can have a difficult time. The Dragon is always building castles in the air, while the Ox has its feet planted firmly on the ground. The Dragon enjoys expensive clubs and restaurants, while the Ox is determined to economize. Fortunately, these two are very sensual, and may enjoy hobbies that involve getting their hands dirty. Gardening, pottery, and baking can draw these two together in a spirit of harmony. With regard to sex, the Dragon and Ox can satisfy each other. Both enjoy making love, but the Dragon may find the Ox’s approach a bit boring. Conversely, the Ox doesn’t enjoy the Dragon’s self-obsessed ways. If the Ox learns to expand their repertoire, the Dragon can be a little more giving and attentive. The secret to this relationship’s success is learning to give and take.

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Dragon and Tiger

Dragon and Tiger Compatibility The Dragon and Tiger emit sparks whenever they’re together. The magnetic Dragon excites the Tiger’s love of glamour, while the Tiger’s courage impresses the dashing Dragon. Each suffuses the other with energy, which makes this couple incredibly productive. The two could build a house, launch a business, or start a huge family together. These powerhouses could even make a success of all three ventures! Yes, they’ll get in colossal arguments, but this is just the Dragon and Tiger’s way of clearing the air. Fortunately, neither sign holds a grudge for long.

When the Dragon and Tiger become friends, it’s all in the name of adventure. Both have a deep-seated fear of being ordinary. They could team up to go on far-flung trips. Alternately, they may decide to take up a dangerous sport together. They even might form a creative partnership, specializing in cutting-edge work. When these two pals get together, they’ll have to take turns deferring to each other. The Dragon loves to be the one in charge, while Tigers want to march to the beat of their own drummer. These conflicting approaches can cause problems if the two don’t agree to compromise. Sexually, the Dragon enjoys the Tiger’s warmth and affection. The Tiger, on the other hand, enjoys the Dragon’s powerful sex drive. When these two get together, quantity is more important than quality. Their lovemaking is heated, frenzied, and quick. Quite often, they’ll enjoy three or four sessions over the course of an evening. Fortunately, both can get by on very little sleep.

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Dragon and Rabbit

Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility The Dragon and Rabbit are a tricky but workable combination. The larger-than-life Dragon may impress lots of onlookers, but only the intuitive Rabbit understands that this sign is a lot less confident than it appears. Quite often, the Dragon will go out and make a fabulous public presentation, only to turn anxiously to the Rabbit and ask, "Was that okay, honey?" The Rabbit will smile sweetly and offer compliments for a job well done. In exchange for these lovely acts of compassion, the Dragon will champion the Rabbit’s creative talents, submitting their work to publishers, gallery owners, and movie producers. Thanks to the Dragon’s extensive social network, the Rabbit could achieve a level of success he or she never dreamed possible.

As friends, the Dragon and Rabbit do fine. The Dragon can show the Rabbit how to make the most of their money, while the Rabbit can show the Dragon the tenets of style. At times, the Dragon’s overpowering presence will exhaust the Rabbit. At others, the Rabbit’s incessant fears will wear on the Dragon’s nerves. For the most part, however, this duo enjoys spending time together.With regard to sex, these two have some work to do. Dragons need to take a gentler approach; otherwise, they’ll scare the timid Rabbit away. In return, the Rabbit must guard against jealousy, as the Dragon can’t stand a possessive lover. Yes, the Dragon is an incurable flirt, but the Rabbit needs to know that their lover is more likely to be faithful if they feel trusted.

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Dragon and Dragon

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility Two Dragons make a fiery, passionate combination that is unsurpassed. Yes, there will be angry fights and flying objects, but there will also be sultry days and steamy nights. This couple’s sex appeal is unrivaled. The two enjoy going out to glamorous parties and flirting with everybody else, only to return home together. As far as their domestic life is concerned, it’s possible that Dragons will treat their lair as merely a place to sleep, eat, and wash. This pair is more interested in socializing than nesting. Dragons are famous for their money-making abilities. If they join forces, they’ll probably spend the majority of their funds on lavish vacations.

Dragons make interesting friends. Sometimes they’ll be supportive, and other times they’ll be competitive. Each wants to be the leader in this relationship, but of course that’s not possible. Realistically, they will have to take turns assuming the number one spot, or some noisy arguments will ensue. Happily, Dragons don’t carry resentments for long, so their friendship won’t be torn apart over silly matters like who should drive or which one should paddle. As far as sex is concerned, this couple is smoking hot! Each will try to outdo the other, resulting in mutual ecstasy. Dragons are able to canoodle anytime, anywhere. Both are born exhibitionists, and enjoy making love outdoors. They’re also very vocal lovers, and may want to soundproof their home. Then again, they might not, since neither is very modest.

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Dragon and Snake

Dragon and Snake Compatibility The Dragon and Snake form a mutual admiration society. The Dragon is drawn to the Snake’s sexy, seductive ways. Meanwhile, the Snake admires the Dragon’s star power. Neither one stands on ceremony when it comes to sex. When they’re in the mood, they’ll just go at it, without even exchanging a word. After the loving is over, they’ll draw back and assess each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The Dragon is entranced by the Snake’s philosophical nature, while the Snake is amused by the Dragon’s warm-hearted affection.

As friends, these two make an interesting pair. The Dragon has lots of energy, while the Snake likes to lounge around. If the Snake permits the Dragon to take them to a few parties, the Dragon will learn how to slow down and smell the flowers with the Snake. The Dragon must be aware that the Snake is very possessive about their friends. If the Snake starts acting snippy, it’s probably because the Dragon has been spending time with another group of pals. At that point, they should have an honest talk to sort out these differences, or the Snake will continue to simmer with resentment. With regard to sex, the Dragon and Snake get along wonderfully well. Granted, the Dragon is an aggressive lover, while the Snake is the more languorous one, but still, they appreciate each other’s strengths. If the Dragon can coax the Snake into making love in the morning, the Snake will reward the Dragon with some spicy role-playing games. The sheets won’t be cool for long in this household.

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Dragon and Horse

Dragon and Horse Compatibility This impetuous couple has no problem falling in love. The Dragon adores the Horse’s strong will, and the Horse admires the Dragon’s charisma. Neither one of them hides their feelings, which makes for a passionate -- and at times, tempestuous -- relationship. Of course, the domineering Dragon won’t have much success in bossing the independent Horse around. Meanwhile, the Horse won’t be able to intimidate the courageous Dragon. Each needs to find their respective spheres of authority. If they’re both strong or weak in the same area, they should draw straws to see who should handle the job. Otherwise, they’ll spend valuable time fighting when they could be making progress.

The Dragon and Horse also make good friends. They probably shouldn’t go to gambling together, though, as neither one has any financial restraint. These two are better off devoting their energies to high-octane sports or bold creative ventures. The Dragon needs to remember that the Horse isn’t as confident as he or she looks. If the Dragon gives the Horse praise and encouragement, the Horse will respond by working hard on the Dragon’s behalf. As far as sex is concerned, the Dragon and Horse have fantastic chemistry. Both have vigorous lovemaking styles that serve as a pleasant substitute for exercise. Neither the Dragon nor the Horse is particularly monogamous, so they may choose to have an open relationship. If not, they could fall into an on-again, off-again dynamic that lasts for years. Distance will only make their hearts grow fonder.

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Dragon and Goat

Dragon and Goat Compatibility The Dragon and Goat form a solid, loving partnership. The protective Dragon loves to fight battles for the retiring Goat. In return, the Goat works to make a beautiful home for the Dragon. Although the Dragon isn’t particularly interested in having a gorgeous abode, it will be a refreshing change to entertain friends in glamorous surroundings. It gives the Goat pleasure to provide a platform for the Dragon’s star power.

The Dragon and Goat make excellent friends. The Dragon enjoys bringing direction to their dreamy pal’s life. Organizing the Goat’s finances, closets, or work space proves an exciting challenge for the Dragon. Meanwhile, the Goat likes to fuss over the Dragon when he or she gets burned out. Often, the Goat can be found fixing soup, knitting sweaters, or making gifts for the Dragon. Both friends are aware of the other’s need to be appreciated and admired, and often trade extravagant compliments. In the bedroom, the Dragon and Goat get along famously. The Dragon does all the work, while the Goat lies back and enjoys it. This couple could enjoy a master and servant relationship. Both signs are very tenderhearted, and aren’t likely to take each other’s feelings for granted. This union mixes equal parts of physical pleasure and emotional fulfillment. These two would make wonderful parents, with the Dragon being the motivator and the Goat acting as nurturer. There’s a chance they might not have children, though, because they are so happy with each other that they don’t want to change things.

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Dragon and Monkey

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility The Dragon and Monkey are a joy to behold as a romantic couple. The Dragon’s fire burns brighter thanks to the Monkey’s delighted applause. Meanwhile, the Monkey’s ingenuity becomes even sharper thanks to the Dragon’s encouragement. This fun-loving pair loves the circus, zoo, and park. While the Monkey will sometimes scamper off on their own, he or she will inevitably return to the adoring Dragon. If the Dragon is smart, he or she won’t fret over the Monkey’s absences, knowing that this sign needs lots of freedom to thrive.

As friends, the Dragon and Monkey are a constant source of amusement for each other. The Dragon feels free to take chances with the Monkey around, knowing that their clever friend will find a solution to any unforeseen problems. Similarly, the Monkey is able to propose cutting-edge ideas to the Dragon, feeling safe that their pal will never dampen their enthusiasm with pessimistic predictions. The two should probably steer clear of doing business together, since neither is especially practical. Sexually, these two make a delicious combination. The Dragon knows how to light the Monkey’s fire, focusing on each and every erogenous area. The Monkey thrills the Dragon with their acrobatic abilities. This duo could probably run a clinic that showcases all the new sexual positions they’ve invented. When the lovemaking is over, the two will have fun cuddling, laughing, and talking. Their bedroom probably looks as though a tornado has hit it -- in addition to their athletic approach to sex, neither one is particularly neat.

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Dragon and Rooster

Dragon and Rooster Compatibility The Dragon and Rooster make a solid, if conventional, match. There won’t be much excitement here, which is good for the Dragon, who can benefit from a tranquil private life. The conservative Rooster is seeking a stable relationship and appreciates the Dragon’s ability to earn a good salary. Granted, the Dragon hates when the Rooster nags. If the Rooster is smart, he or she will keep their beak shut and give the Dragon free rein. In exchange for their silence, the Dragon will encourage the Rooster to create the stylish home of their dreams. It’s a pretty good trade.

The Dragon and Rooster make good friends. The daring Dragon can prompt the Rooster to take more chances with regard to their career and love life. When the Dragon dances too close to the fire, the prudent Rooster will pull their pal back. The Rooster is perfectly happy playing second fiddle to the Dragon, so there won’t be any arguments on this front. Sometimes, though, the Rooster will accuse the Dragon of stretching the truth. The Dragon will argue that the Rooster is a stickler for details. When it comes down to it, the Rooster is the more reliable source for facts, while the Dragon is the better storyteller. As far as sex is concerned, the Dragon can overwhelm the Rooster with its ardor. If the Dragon is going to win this sign’s heart, they may have to turn down the heat. The Rooster wants to be wined and dined before jumping into bed. If the Dragon gives satisfaction, the Rooster will reciprocate by releasing their sexual inhibitions.

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Dragon and Dog

Dragon and Dog Compatibility The Dragon and Dog form an uneasy alliance. While the Dragon is impulsive, the Dog is cautious. The Dragon loves crowds, but the Dog is a loner. When the Dragon wants style, the Dog prefers practicality. Is there any hope for this romance? Yes, provided the couple focuses on its mutual strengths. Both the Dragon and the Dog are very hard workers. When the money comes rolling in, the Dragon will want to spend it on clothes, jewelry and vacations, while the Dog will feel compelled to give it to charity. If each can spend a portion of their earnings on whatever they like, the Dragon and Dog will avoid nasty arguments.

With regard to friendship, the Dragon and Dog are suited for each other. Both signs are extremely loyal. These two know they can count on each other when the chips are down. The optimistic Dragon can help the Dog to look on the bright side, while the justice-loving Dog can enable the Dragon to take a more balanced view of the world. Sometimes the Dog’s modesty will wear on the Dragon’s nerves, while the Dragon’s bossiness will get under the Dog’s collar. Still, these two appreciate each other’s good points too much to dwell on each other’s flaws. Sexually, this is something of a mismatch. The Dragon’s lusty approach can make the sensitive Dog feel objectified. Conversely, the Dog’s need to be constantly cuddled and kissed could dampen the Dragon’s ardor. The Dragon’s wandering eye can also cause a problem for these lovers, since the Dog will not tolerate infidelity.

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Dragon and Pig

Dragon and Pig Compatibility The Dragon and Pig feel a natural attraction for one another. The Dragon’s dynamism makes a big hit with the Pig, while the Pig’s sensuality is a real plus for the Dragon. Although the Dragon will occasionally think the Pig is lazy, that won’t stop this sign from working hard to keep them both wealthy. The Pig is so grateful for the Dragon’s efforts that he or she will make sure that their home is a reflection of their lover’s flamboyant personality. The Dragon and Pig will throw terrific parties, but the Dragon should let the Pig sleep late the next morning, as the Pig isn’t an early riser.

When it comes to forming a friendship, the Dragon and Pig will have no trouble at all. The Dragon will take the lead in all matters, with the Pig following happily along. The only time the Pig will balk is when the Dragon tries to convince this ethical sign to do something shady. At that time, the Pig will give an indignant squeal. As soon as the Dragon hears that noise, he or she should beat a hasty retreat. Pushing the Pig to go against their principles will only end in disaster. As far as sex is concerned, these two are well matched. Both have healthy libidos, but the Dragon has to remember the Pig’s romantic bent. If the Dragon and Pig want to stay together, the former should spring for frequent candlelit dinners and walks on the beach, while the latter should show his or her thanks in the bedroom.

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