Chinese Horse Compatibility

Horse Relationship Compatibility: The Joker

Horse's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse is passionate, dramatic, and honest. In relationships, you are charismatic and amusing but easily bored -- so make sure to find a partner that will easily adapt to your changing moods and game playing. Don't worry, though, because with your sense of humor and independence, people are lining up to be your friend and/or lover!


Horse and Rat

Horse and Rat Compatibility The optimistic Horse and the opportunistic Rat have difficulty forming a romantic bond. These two have completely opposite views of the world. As far as the Horse is concerned, life is a grand adventure. The Rat, on the other hand, treats life like a complicated game. While the first is running head-long into the unknown, the second is carefully scheming their next move. This pair also has different expectations of love. The Horse seeks a partner who affords them plenty of freedom, while the Rat wants a mate who sticks close to their side. Can these two ever resolve their differences? Yes, if they focus on each other’s strengths. The luxury-loving Horse can’t help but admire the Rat’s ability for amassing wealth, while the sociable Rat enjoys the Horse’s ability to light up a room.

As friends, the Horse and Rat fare better. The Horse can show the Rat the beauty of throwing caution to the wind. The Rat, on the other hand, will help the Horse create strategies for building financial security. Both signs are very clever and enjoy swapping observations about people, places, and politics. The Horse should know better than to borrow the Rat’s possessions, while the Rat should learn to let the Horse’s insensitive remarks roll off its back. As lovers, the Horse and Rat feel an immediate pull toward each other. The Horse adores the Rat’s passionate yet sentimental nature. Similarly, the Rat is excited by the sexual surprises this partner always presents. The freedom-loving Horse may not fulfill the Rat’s desire for a loyal partner, though.

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Horse and Ox

Horse and Ox Compatibility The Horse and Ox face an uphill challenge if they’re going to enjoy a romance. Fortunately, both of these signs are capable of making sacrifices for the sake of love. The idealistic Horse is willing to overlook the Ox’s desire to walk the straight and narrow, provided the Ox is willing to stroke the Horse’s fragile ego. Before falling too deeply in love, these two need to understand the pitfalls involved with this relationship. The independent Horse will resent the Ox’s attempts to create a stable home life. Conversely, the no-nonsense Ox will bristle at the Horse’s flights of fancy. This couple must practice a lot of restraint if they’re going to stay together.

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Horse and Tiger

Horse and Tiger Compatibility The Horse and Tiger make an excellent match. The wild Horse feels an immediate kinship with the fun-loving Tiger. Both share a love of sports, nature, and parties. They are also extremely active, and will have no trouble skipping sleep in favor of fun. The Horse will probably follow the Tiger’s lead, but won’t fail to speak up when he or she disagrees with the big cat’s direction. The one thing that could potentially put a damper on this romance is the Horse and Tiger’s mutual love of freedom. The thought of settling down fills both signs with terror. If they can overcome their twin fear of commitment, these two could form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

As friends, the Horse and Tiger have tons of fun. These two make ideal travel companions, and will probably enjoy going to far-flung places that involve an element of danger. Since both signs love their freedom, they may want to keep separate hotel rooms, just so they can maintain a comfortable distance. When the Horse and Tiger get on each other’s nerves, it is explosive. The Horse kicks and bucks, while the Tiger snarls and claws. Strangely, most of their fights end in raucous laughter. Neither one of these signs can hold a grudge for long. Sexually, the Horse and Tiger are well matched. The Horse’s boundless energy allows the Tiger hours of pleasure. It’s easy for the Tiger to arouse the Horse, since this sign is famous for their sexual allure. Each of these lovers takes an imaginative approach to sex, so they’ll rarely be bored.

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Horse and Rabbit

Horse and Rabbit Compatibility The Horse and Rabbit make a strange union of opposites. Initially, the outgoing Horse is enchanted by the Rabbit’s timid ways. The shy Rabbit is equally entranced by the Horse’s larger-than-life personality. As a cock-eyed optimist, the Horse makes it his or her mission in life to put a smile on the anxious Rabbit’s face. While the Rabbit is touched by the Horse’s efforts, the Rabbit will quickly tire of the Horse’s antics. Ultimately, their difference in temperaments will be the greatest hurdle to the Horse and Rabbit’s future as a romantic couple.

When it comes to forming a friendship, the Horse and Rabbit do better. The ambitious Horse pushes the Rabbit to develop their creative talents, while the tasteful Rabbit helps the Horse tone down their act. Neither is very responsible as far as money is concerned, so joint business ventures should be avoided. Still, if each manages to celebrate each other’s gifts and underplay their weaknesses, they can enjoy a casual friendship. With regard to sex, the Horse and Rabbit don’t generate lots of chemistry. The impulsive Horse terrifies the shy Rabbit. While the former wants to hurry up and get naked, the latter wants to wait until marriage. If these two do manage to pair up, it will be because the compassionate Rabbit seeks to bridge the gap between their sexual styles. Admittedly, the Horse is aroused by the Rabbit’s hard-to-get routine. Usually, steeds don’t encounter lots of resistance in the bedroom. The Rabbit proves to be the refreshing exception to this rule.

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Horse and Dragon

Horse and Dragon Compatibility Instant chemistry draws the Horse and Dragon together. Both signs are considered remarkably lucky, and they will indeed feel fortunate to have met. The secret to this couple’s success is that they are in love with life. The Horse and Dragon do everything in their power to savor their experience here on Earth. They’ll spend most of their time making love, playing games, and exploring new vistas. Although the Horse is a hard worker, this sign is willing to scale back its schedule to spend more time with the Dragon. Granted, power struggles will occur in this relationship frequently. The Horse hates being told what to do, especially by a domineering character like the Dragon.

In the unlikely event that the Horse and Dragon aren’t attracted to each other, they could make excellent friends. The Horse likes carrying out the Dragon’s bold plans. Meanwhile, the Dragon knows that the Horse is one of the few friends capable of tackling complicated jobs. At times, the insensitive Horse will hurt the Dragon’s feelings with some callous remark. If the Dragon understands that the Horse is free of malice, these two can enjoy a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Sexually, the Horse and Dragon get along extremely well. The lusty Horse is extremely turned on by the Dragon’s star power. Meanwhile, the Dragon is thrilled by the Horse’s raw desire. At times, the insecure Horse will need the Dragon’s reassurance -- it’s not easy to be a sex symbol’s lover. Fortunately, the warm-hearted Dragon is willing to stroke the Horse’s ego, making for a satisfying union.

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Horse and Snake

Horse and Snake Compatibility The Horse and Snake have a complicated relationship. The forthright Horse finds the mysterious Snake a real challenge. The former will work hard to win the latter’s admiration. Secretly, the Snake is impressed by the Horse’s energy and bravado. When these two finally embark on a romance, they’ll have to constantly maneuver to meet each other’s needs. The Horse hates to stay in one place for long, whereas the Snake loves to curl up at home. Oblivious to social cues, the Horse will often hurt the Snake’s feelings without realizing it. Unless the Horse learns to tune into the Snake’s moods, resentment could set in.

As friends, these two could have lots of fun goofing off together. The Horse loves to jump from one hobby to another, and the Snake is willing to slither along. Although the Horse works hard, this sign also knows how to play hard. The leisurely Snake is more than happy to accompany the Horse on its latest adventure, provided they return home at a decent hour. These two should never borrow nor lend money, as their attitudes toward finances are completely different. The Horse keeps track of every penny, while the Snake takes a more lackadaisical view toward funds. Needless to say, these two shouldn’t do business together, either. With regard to sex, the Horse and Snake face a few challenges. Neither of them is particularly loyal, which is fine if they agree to an open relationship. This is hardly likely, however, given the Snake’s possessive attitude. Furthermore, the insecure Horse hates when the Snake slithers into someone else’s bed, fearing that their techniques will pale in comparison.

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Horse and Horse

Horse and Horse Compatibility Two Horses feel an immediate connection that is hard to break. Each loves the other’s free spirit, and is thrilled by the prospect of exploring the world together. Even though Horses aren’t fond of commitment, these two may make an exception for each other. That’s because they both know that life won’t be boring in the other’s company. When two Horses get together, the jokes and laughter flow more like foaming beer than fine wine. Die-hard optimists, each will serve as the other’s cheerleader. Together, these two can move mountains through the power of positive thinking.

As friends, Horses are remarkably well suited. This hard-working sign loves a challenge. It’s likely that these two will join forces for a creative project or volunteer effort. Neither one has to worry about doing more than their fair share. When two Horses work together, they break into a seamless trot that leaves everybody else in the dust. Yes, both are prone to losing interest in a given job, but if they set small, attainable goals for themselves, they can make a success of any task. Sexually, Horses burn a lot of calories. This sign is famous for its unbridled energy. While they don’t like to linger in bed for long, these lovers do like quick, frenzied sessions. The more unorthodox the location, the more heated the Horses’ encounter will be. If this couple wants to maintain their relationship, they’ll play plenty of hot-and-cold with each other. If there’s anything this sign hates, it’s a predictable relationship.

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Horse and Goat

Horse and Goat Compatibility This is a lovely partnership that proves that opposites do attract. The impulsive Horse is entranced by the Goat’s creative vision. Although the former likes to go out and the latter prefers to stay home, they are willing to compromise for the sake of their relationship. Quite often, the two will throw a party in their own home so that the Horse can mix and mingle with tons of people while the Goat retreats to a quiet room. Strangely, the diligent Horse isn’t dismayed by the Goat’s desire to rest and relax. On the contrary, the Horse will work hard so that the Goat can stay home and paint, write, and dream. In return, the Goat works to create a comfortable abode to which the Horse wants to return.

The Horse and Goat make good friends, as well as lovers. The optimistic Horse works to appease the Goat’s fears, while the Goat will help bolster the Horse’s confidence. These two need to be aware that the Horse’s love of freedom could undercut the Goat’s dependent nature. If they are going to get along, the first will have to be more considerate of the second. Meanwhile, the Goat must make allowances for the Horse’s extensive social network. It’s simply not possible for the Horse to spend all its time with one particular friend. With regard to sex, the Horse and Goat have some work to do. Both enjoy vigorous sex, but the Horse goes for instant gratification, whereas the Goat likes to linger in bed. Furthermore, the Horse doesn’t have the emotional attachment to sex that the Goat has. A little mutual understanding goes a long way here.

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Horse and Monkey

Horse and Monkey Compatibility The energy in the room fairly crackles when the Horse and Monkey make contact. These two signs are highly active and treat flirting like a game. The normally serious Horse takes delight in the Monkey’s antics and impersonations, while the gossipy Monkey adores the Horse’s blunt observations. Neither one of these characters is predictable, and can actually manage to astound each other with outlandish behavior. Although the Horse hates the idea of settling down, he or she may agree to commit to the Monkey, given that this lover is filled with surprises. Similarly, the Monkey loves the challenge of commanding the Horse’s attention.

As friends, the Horse and Monkey work well together. They make friendly competitors and may decide to join opposing sports teams, just as a means to keep each other’s game up. The Horse and Monkey also like vacationing together, with the Horse choosing exotic destinations and the Monkey learning everything about the place’s history and culture. At times, the Horse will run off for parts unknown, but if the Monkey keeps busy with a crossword puzzle or book, they’ll make excellent travel partners. Sexually, the Horse and Monkey have lots of fun. Both have healthy libidos. The Horse’s energy is raw and uncontained, while the Monkey’s spirit is inventive and exciting. Neither one of these signs is particularly faithful. If they do get bored with each other, they may decide to take a temporary break, and then return to the relationship at a later date. Often, these two will resolve arguments by jumping into bed.

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Horse and Rooster

Horse and Rooster Compatibility Weirdly, the Horse and Rooster make a good couple. Although the devil-may-care Horse seems at odds with the Rooster’s perfectionism, this won’t undermine their romance. On the contrary, the Horse finds it exciting to live up to the Rooster’s demands, while the Rooster enjoys the Horse’s ability to loosen up the crowd with a few clever jokes. Of course, the Horse’s wandering eye could pose a real problem for the Rooster, who wants a committed partner. If the Rooster can manage to hold the Horse’s interest with provocative comments and a stylish appearance, these two can form a lasting bond.

As friends, the Horse and Rooster have a harder time. Without the spice of sex to keep them together, the Horse can chafe beneath the Rooster’s constant criticisms. Meanwhile, the Rooster will find the Horse’s impulsiveness irritating. Hopefully, the Horse will stay focused on the Rooster’s keen intelligence and the Rooster will celebrate the Horse’s enthusiasm. By choosing to accentuate the positives in this relationship, the negatives will seem less serious. With regard to sex, the Horse may be a bit bored by the Rooster’s conventional attitudes. If these two are going to fulfill each other’s needs, the Rooster needs to open his or her mind. Similarly, the Horse must take a more thoughtful approach to lovemaking. The Rooster needs to feel pampered and protected in bed. A rough-and-tumble approach could result in a few angry pecks, followed by the silent treatment. As far as the Horse is concerned, slow and steady wins the race with regard to the Rooster.

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Horse and Dog

Horse and Dog Compatibility It’s not unusual to find a Horse and Dog together. They form a comfortable romantic bond that doesn’t take a lot of work. The outspoken Horse admires the Dog’s crusades for justice. Meanwhile, the honest Dog enjoys the Horse’s blunt observations. Although the optimistic Horse won’t understand the Dog’s tendency to brood, that won’t undermine their relationship. Horses will just work harder to cheer up their lovers. Similarly, loyal Dogs can’t understand the Horse’s wanderlust, but with faithfully follow their partner wherever he or she leads.

As friends, the Horse and Dog get along quite well. They both are happiest when they are busy, and may choose to launch a series of projects together. Things will go smoothly when they’re focused on painting the Horse’s kitchen or tinkering with the Dog’s car. Problems could set in if the Dog lends the Horse money. Horses spend cash like there is no tomorrow, having confidence in their earning abilities. The Dog, on the other hand, prefers to save funds for a rainy day, and can’t abide frivolous purchases. These friends had better keep their finances separate. Sexually, the Horse and Dog aren’t ideally suited. That’s because the Horse craves stimulation and excitement, whereas the Dog wants tenderness and affection. Furthermore, the Horse’s unwillingness to commit can really upset their loyal lover. If each treats the other’s needs with compassion and understanding, they can overcome their differences. That means that the Horse needs to be more gentle and the Dog must be less judgmental.

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Horse and Pig

Horse and Pig Compatibility The Horse and Pig feel a strong sexual attraction for one another. The lusty Horse appreciates the Pig’s sensual nature, while the fun-loving Pig adores the Horse’s jokes. After the initial attraction, these lovers will have to work to keep this relationship afloat. The hard-working Horse is aghast at the Pig’s seeming laziness. Meanwhile, the polite Pig is flabbergasted by the Horse’s penchant for gossip. If the Horse can cut the Pig some slack, the Pig will turn a deaf ear to the Horse’s rude remarks. Both love to socialize, and can often release the tension in their relationship by throwing a festive party.

As friends, the Horse and Pig work well for the most part. The Horse appreciates the Pig’s laid-back attitude, and enjoys making exciting plans for the two to follow. The Pig is perfectly happy for the Horse to take the lead, knowing their pal will protect them from harm. Of course, the Horse’s fickle behavior can cause problems for the Pig. If the Horse ever abandons the Pig for a more exciting group of friends, the snub won’t be forgotten. Pigs may be sweet, but they also have long memories, and never forgive a slight. With regard to sex, the Horse and Pig have lots of fun together. The Horse’s good looks never fail to excite the Pig, while the Pig’s earthy sensuality entrances the Horse. These two may make lots of noise while making love, but that’s part of the fun. Each finds it a relief to be with a lover who has so few inhibitions.

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