Chinese Pig Compatibility

Pig Relationship Compatibility: The Truth-Teller

Pig's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig is sensual, stubborn, and extremely honest. This honesty can be harmful to relationships: if someone lies to you, you never forgive them, and sometimes you tell harsh truths that are better left unsaid. You are logical and scientific, but also warm and charming -- a great combination in friendships and romance. Pigs are devoted to family, and make great spouses and parents.


Pig and Rat

Pig and Rat Compatibility As lovers, the Pig and Rat make a wonderful pair. The Pig’s sense of contentment puts the anxious Rat at ease. The witty Rat likes tickling the Pig’s funny bone. In addition to their emotional rapport, these two enjoy financial abundance. Prosperous Pigs attract money wherever they go, while clever Rats find ways to increase this fortune through investments and business ventures. Both of these signs love luxury, although it’s easier for the Pig to spend money. If the Rat gets over their tight-fisted ways, these two will enjoy a relaxing life filled with sensual pleasures. Their home is messy but hospitable, filled with comfortable furnishings.

Platonically, the Pig and Rat are well suited. These two are extremely sociable, and like going to parties together. These pals are a good influence on each other. The generous Pigs teach the Rats to spread their wealth around, instead of hoarding it. Meanwhile, the cunning Rat can alert the naive Pig to potential predators. The Pig and Rat are also good travel partners, as they both enjoy meeting new people and exploring unfamiliar vistas. As far as sex is concerned, these two get along like a house on fire. Sensual Pigs love how the Rat lingers over their erogenous zones. Energetic Rats, on the other hand, delight in the Pig’s enthusiastic response to their lovemaking. Both signs are loyal, so infidelity won’t be a problem. These two enjoy cuddling almost as much as the sex itself. They’re an affectionate pair who will last a lifetime.

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Pig and Ox

Pig and Ox Compatibility These two sensualists feel an instant attraction to one another. The Pig wins the Ox’s heart with home cooked meals, back rubs, and hand-knitted sweaters. The Ox enchants the Pig with its excellent taste in art, music, movies, and books. These two will create a beautiful home together that features great views and plush furnishings. Yes, Pigs can be stubborn about getting their way. Oxen, meanwhile, can become incredibly irritable when forced to change direction. If these two learn to become more flexible, their romance will feel like a perpetual honeymoon.

As friends, the Pig and Ox hit it off fine. Both of these signs enjoy nature, and may go on lots of hikes and camping excursions together. When they’re not exploring the great outdoors, the Pig and Ox are helping each other with various projects. The honest Pig will tell the Ox if a particular project is worthwhile or needs improvement. Similarly, the dexterous Ox can teach the Pig a whole variety of skills. These two are always pushing each other to go further. Together, they can fulfill their respective potentials. With regard to sex, the Pig and Ox find great satisfaction. The sultry Pig knows how to get a rise out of the Ox. Although Oxen aren’t as comfortable in their skin as Pigs, this sign learns to loosen up beneath a Pig’s influence. Both signs are faithful and won’t make each other jealous with flirtations or affairs. When the Pig and Ox team up, it’s for keeps.

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Pig and Tiger

Pig and Tiger Compatibility Although there are significant differences between the Pig and Tiger, these two can find love together. The peaceable Pig is mystified by the Tiger’s terrible temper. Similarly, the determined Tiger is bewildered by the Pig’s lack of ambition. Despite these differences, the Pig and Tiger are able to recognize each other’s strengths. For instance, the Pig is strongly attracted to the Tiger’s bravery, while the Tiger is turned on by the Pig’s sensuality. Basically, these two bring balance to each other’s lives, as well as a little spice.

The Pig and Tiger work well as friends, too. The Pig loves carrying out the Tiger’s imaginative ideas. The Tiger, on the other hand, enjoys the Pig’s humor. These two have lots of fun going to clubs and parties, with the Tiger holding center stage and the Pig bringing up the rear. While it’s true that independent Tigers will sometimes go off on their own, the self-assured Pigs won’t feel threatened. This is a friendship marked by warmth, affection, and generosity. Sexually, the Pig and Tiger generate plenty of sparks. The Pig loves nothing more than lavishing the Tiger with kisses, cuddles and praise. The Tiger is strongly aroused by this style of seduction, and pounces on the Pig at every opportunity. These two are energetic lovers who can burn lots of calories between the sheets. Although the Tiger has a tendency to stray, the placid Pig won’t feel too threatened. Maybe that’s why the Tiger always comes home after catting around.

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Pig and Rabbit

Pig and Rabbit Compatibility This sexy duo has no trouble linking hearts and minds. The sensual Pig appreciates the artistic Rabbit’s talent with color, texture, and form. The passionate Rabbit, on the other hand, is excited by the Pig’s zest for life. Yes, the Pig’s earthiness can sometimes offend the Rabbit’s delicate sensibilities. Meanwhile, the Rabbit’s pessimism can drag the fun-loving Pig down. Fortunately, both of these signs are famous for their compassion, which enables them to cope with each other’s weaknesses. In fact, these lovers can help each other overcome these problems altogether.

Platonically, the Pig and Rabbit are well suited. Both cherish their friends and family, and may blend social circles to double their pleasure. These friends bring other gifts to each other’s lives. The Pig’s calm demeanor soothes the Rabbit’s nerves, and the Rabbit’s intuition helps guard the Pig from danger. At times, the Pig will tease the Rabbit for being a snob, while the Rabbit will prod the Pig about being a slob. Still, these pals are usually too busy having fun to give each other grief. With regard to sex, the Pig and Rabbit have some work to do. Pigs are very comfortable in their skin, and don’t have any hang-ups with regard to lovemaking. Conversely, Rabbits are very shy, and have difficulty tapping into their sexual desires. With a little help from the Pig, the Rabbit can become more comfortable in bed. After their initial reserve has melted, Rabbits prove to be passionate and satisfying lovers for Pigs.

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Pig and Dragon

Pig and Dragon Compatibility The Pig and Dragon are extremely well suited as far as romance is concerned. While it’s true they are very different people, their disparities actually complement each other. For instance, the easygoing Pig has no trouble following the domineering Dragon’s lead. Similarly, the ambitious Dragon is happy to let the lackadaisical Pig stay at home. Pigs show their thanks by creating a lavish, beautiful home that is a reflection of their mutual love of luxury. These signs are lucky to have found each other, and are fully aware of it!

As friends, the Pig and Dragon are a bit more challenged. The Pig doesn’t approve of the Dragon’s loose morals. Meanwhile, the Dragon can’t abide the Pig’s stubbornness. If each cuts the other a little slack, they can be good friends. The Pig is happy to provide comfort and love for the brave Dragon, who often gets bruised in battle. Dragons, meanwhile, are eager to protect the Pig from opportunists that want to take advantage of their pal’s generous heart. Sexually, the Pig and Dragon are drawn to each other like magnets. The Pig is highly aroused by the Dragon’s fiery nature, while the Dragon enjoys sending the Pig into throes of ecstasy. Dragons aren’t the most faithful lovers in the world, but Pigs are pretty compassionate, and are willing to overlook their partner’s transgressions. That is, of course, if the Dragon continues to keep the Pig in style. Hey, fair is fair!

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Pig and Snake

Pig and Snake Compatibility If the Pig and Snake become lovers, they face a rocky road. The honorable Pig doesn’t approve of the Snake’s sneaky behavior. The Snake, meanwhile, is embarrassed by the Pig’s slovenly behavior. Although they both share a love of luxury, neither one of them is interested in slaving away at an office. Fortunately, the Snake is lucky at attracting wealth, and can create a beautiful home for them both. These two cherish their friends and family, and will probably entertain them with a series of sumptuous dinner parties. If the Pig stops questioning the Snake’s moral code, the Snake will cease pestering the Pig about their manners. Still, this restraint will create lots of tension between them.

As friends, the Pig and Snake fare slightly better. Both of these signs love luxury and have lots of fun shopping. They’re also capable of hard work, provided they’re busy with a project that interests them. Art, music, and psychology are all topics that intrigue this duo. These pals may decide to take a class on one of these subjects. Alternately, they could teach a course together, drawing on the Pig’s popularity and the Snake’s keen intelligence. Sexually, the Pig and Snake don’t do too badly. The sensual Pig appreciates the Snake’s sexual technique. The Snake, on other hand, is aroused by the Pig’s air of mystery. The laidback Pig won’t be intimidated by the Snake’s possessiveness. If the Snake slides into somebody else’s bed, though, things might not remain so pleasant, particularly if the Pig catches the Snake in a lie.

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Pig and Horse

Pig and Horse Compatibility The Pig and Horse can find love despite their differences. The Pig craves a quiet, comfortable home, but the Horse could care less about the domestic front. The Pig has a knack for attracting money, while the Horse has a penchant for throwing it away. The Pig takes a laid-back attitude to life, whereas the Horse assumes a combative approach. Even with all of these setbacks, these signs are highly attracted to each other. The Pig is turned on by the Horse’s warm nature and the Horse is excited by the Pig’s sensuality. As long as the sex is good, this couple can manage to overlook each other’s shortcomings.

As friends, the Pig and Horse do better. Both would rather take a job for love than money. Consequently, they could run a very successful business together. The Pig is best suited to working behind the scenes, while the Horse assumes the public role. If they don’t work together, these two can still bring wonderful things to each other’s lives. The Pig can provide the Horse with a welcome sanctuary from the big, bad world, while the Horse can take the Pig on a wild adventure or two. With regard to sex, the Pig and Horse have lots of chemistry. The Pig’s sensual touch helps the Horse slow down and enjoy the experience. The Horse’s unbridled passion has a great affect on the Pig. Of course, the loyal Pig won’t appreciate the Horse’s penchant for stepping out, but it will take something more than infidelity to pull these lovers apart.

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Pig and Goat

Pig and Goat Compatibility This blissful duo is made for each other. Pigs have a knack for attracting wealth, which allows Goat to stay home and develop their creative talents. The artistic Goat works to create a tasteful home filled with the creature comforts that the Pig adores. The tactful Pig knows how to handle the Goat’s mood swings, while the easygoing Goat can cope with the Pig’s obstinate behavior. If they continue to treat each other with kindness and respect, their love will last a lifetime.

Not surprisingly, the Pig and Goat make great pals, too. The Pig gives the Goat a welcome sense of emotional stability. In turn, the Goat can help the Pig develop his or her creative talents. Granted, the Pig will chafe under the Goat’s pessimism, while the Goat will groan at the Pig’s gullibility. For the most part, though, these pals are able to overlook each other’s shortcomings. Simply put, they have too much fun together! Sexually, this couple is a real hit. Pigs are happy to give the Goat the kisses, cuddles, and caresses they need to feel better about themselves. The Goat, meanwhile, enjoys creating a romantic atmosphere that speaks to the Pig’s sensual side. Normally the Goat is prone to sexual temptation, but the Pig is such a satisfying lover that cheating could be avoided altogether. If the Goat does happen to stray, he or she should admit that a tryst occurred. The Pig may be able to forgive infidelity, but this sign can’t abide lies.

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Pig and Monkey

Pig and Monkey Compatibility The Pig and Monkey aren’t especially suited to one another, at least as far as romance is concerned. The Pig is sensual and the Monkey is analytical. The former is a homebody and the latter is a wanderer. The first hates to be rushed, but the second can’t stand still. Can these two opposites ever find love? Sure, provided they don’t try to change each other. The Pig can benefit from the Monkey’s adventurous spirit, while the Monkey could be helped by the Pig’s serenity. Hopefully, they will see their differences as positives, not negatives.

As friends, the Pig and Monkey are better suited. The honest Pig can prompt the Monkey to be more truthful in their dealings. Similarly, the flexible Monkey can coax the Pig away from being too stubborn. These two do love to socialize, and enjoy exploring new clubs and restaurants together. They also love their friends, and enjoy attending parties together, the Pig playing yin to the Monkey’s yang. With regard to sex, the Pig and Monkey have work to do. The Pig likes to linger over lovemaking, savoring every kiss and caress. The Monkey, on the other hand, likes to move from one position to another, stunning their lover with amazing contortions. Each needs to adapt their style to fulfill the other’s needs. Still, these two are energetic lovers who aren’t averse to perfecting their lovemaking skills. Hopefully, the Monkey will stick around for a blissful cuddling session afterward. The Pig just hates being abandoned after sex.

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Pig and Rooster

Pig and Rooster Compatibility The Pig and Rooster have a good romantic rapport. The agreeable Pig admires the Rooster’s take-charge attitude. The traditional Rooster adores the Pig’s old-fashioned ways. Both will work hard to afford the sumptuous home they’ve always wanted. Somehow, these two are able to create an abode that is filled with the creature comforts that the Pig loves and the status symbols that the Rooster craves. Yes, the Pig will seem incredibly naive to the wily Rooster, and the Rooster appears to be overly uptight to the laid-back Pig. Fortunately, these differences only fuel this couple’s love for one another.

As friends, the Pig and Rooster find a natural affinity. Pigs are impressed by the Rooster’s bravery, and will jump to help their pal realize all sorts of dreams. Meanwhile, Roosters are humbled by the Pig’s honesty, and often finds high-paying assignments for their friend. Occasionally, the Pig bristles at the Rooster’s bossy behavior, while the Rooster takes umbrage at the Pig’s stubbornness. For the most part, though, these pals are able to downplay each other’s faults. Sexually, the Pig and Rooster are well suited. The Pig is thrilled by the Rooster’s masterful approach. Although the Rooster isn’t particularly fond of cuddling, this lover makes an exception for the Pig. Somehow, Pigs know how to stroke a Rooster’s feathers without offending their dignity. Once these lovers pledge their loyalty to each other, they’ll never stray from the relationship. Both of these signs are too honorable to betray one another.

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Pig and Dog

Pig and Dog Compatibility The Pig and Dog are beautifully suited, especially when it comes to romance. The peaceful Pig soothes the Dog’s anxieties, while the warm-hearted Dog lavishes the Pig with affection. Although this won’t be the most exciting relationship, it will be profoundly fulfilling. Neither one of these loyal signs will stray, and can feel confident that their bond will withstand financial shortages and emotional strains. Both of these lovers enjoy socializing, and may host lots of casual get-togethers for their nearest and dearest.

With regard to friendship, the Pig and Dog get along swimmingly. The sensual Pig encourages the Dog to relax and forget his or her troubles. With the help of this friend, the Dog can learn the pleasures of good food, fragrant flowers, and colorful artwork. The Dog, on the other hand, can show the Pig the importance of charity work. Together, they may work to feed the homeless, shelter stray animals, or beautify the community. As far as sex is concerned, the Pig and Dog can form a satisfying bond. Granted, the Pig is a lot more sensual, and may have to coax the Dog into bed with promises of back rubs and foot massages. Once the Dog has fallen under the Pig’s spell, however, this sign begins to lose its inhibitions and respond with passion and vigor. Infidelity won’t rear its ugly head in this relationship. Both the Pig and Dog wouldn’t dream of betraying each other, either emotionally or physically. For them, sex is a means to express their mutual devotion.

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Pig and Pig

Pig and Pig Compatibility When a pair of Pigs get together, get ready for some serious flirting. These two sensualists adore joking and laughing. If they make a date, it will probably be at some fancy restaurant that specializes in rich food. This sign doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to eating. Happily, Pigs are able to live lavishly, given their ability to attract money at every turn. If the Pigs decide to move in together, they will create a luxurious home that is comfortable but messy. These two love lounging in their pajamas on the weekend, munching bagels and slurping coffee, and exchanging kisses.

Naturally, the Pigs fare well as friends, too. These two love having fun and will accompany each other to concerts, museums, movies, and plays. Granted, they won’t accomplish much work together -- when Pigs are in each other’s presence, they’d rather relax than work. Still, there’s nothing wrong with slowing down to smell the flowers. Hopefully, these two won’t go into business together, as their trusting natures will make them vulnerable to theft. Sexually, the Pigs couldn’t be happier. This sign is famous for its earthy sensuality. Pigs don’t shy away from sweaty, steamy sex. Afterwards, they’ll run to the kitchen naked and scoop out enormous bowls of ice cream, laughing as they feed each other spoonfuls of the stuff. Then, when they’ve had their fill, they’ll go back to bed, curling comfortably in each other’s arms. These lovers may not have the most toned bodies, but that won’t stop them from enjoying a very vigorous sex life.

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