Chinese Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbit Relationship Compatibility: The Cautious Lover

Rabbit's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit is discreet, intelligent, and quick. In relationships, both friendly and romantic, a Rabbit like you is cautious and guarded. However, you are friendly and gentle once you open up. You dislike conflict and try to find compromise everywhere -- but remember, this isn't always possible. Don't let disappointment make you melancholy or pessimistic.


Rabbit and Rat

Rabbit and Rat Compatibility The Rat and Rabbit make a strange but compelling pair. The shy Rabbit is often overshadowed by the gregarious Rat, but that really doesn’t bother either one of them. The Rabbit is happy to putter behind the scenes, while the Rat occupies center stage. The Rabbit enjoys the great variety of friends the Rat brings home, while the Rat adores the beautiful domestic environment that the Rabbit creates. These two may become famous for their parties. When these two have a disagreement, the strong-willed Rat usually prevails, but this lover should take care that the Rabbit doesn’t harbor hidden resentments, or their relationship could suffer. As friends, the Rat and Rabbit get along swimmingly. The Rat appreciates the Rabbit’s brutal honesty, while the Rabbit is thankful for the Rat’s shrewd advice. The Rat is sometimes dismayed by the Rabbit’s snobbery, while the Rabbit will wince at the Rat’s nasty temper. These two pals need to be kind and compassionate toward each other if their friendship is going to last. If one has to reprimand the other, they should keep in mind that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

As far as sex is concerned, these two may enjoy playing master and servant. The timid Rabbit will happily follow the Rat’s lead. Of course, the Rat should take care not to push the Rabbit into any activities that make their lover uncomfortable. A little consideration goes a long way in this relationship. If the Rat works to protect the Rabbit’s fragile ego, the Rabbit will lend its undying love and support.

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Rabbit and Ox

Rabbit and Ox Compatibility The Rabbit and Ox make a lovely pair. The creative Rabbit finds an appreciative audience in the beauty-loving Ox. In turn, the ultra-practical Ox enjoys the touch of whimsy that the Rabbit adds to life. At first, it may be a struggle for these two to get together, as they’re both notoriously shy. Hopefully, the no-nonsense Ox will stop dragging its feet and ask the timid Rabbit for a date. After the first contact is made, these two will become inseparable. As friends, the Rabbit and Ox get along beautifully. Flexible Rabbits are nearly always willing to go along with the Ox’s plans, mostly because the Ox saves them the work of making reservations and travel arrangements. The Ox loves the Rabbit’s easygoing attitude, but should know that this sign is extremely tasteful, and may balk at going anyplace that is too grungy.

Both signs are extremely loyal, and can count on each other during times of trial. Furthermore, these pals will never forget each other’s birthdays, anniversaries, and special achievements. When it comes to making love, this couple gets along extremely well, provided they have a secluded retreat from the cold, cruel world. Fortunately, these two creatures enjoy the comforts of home, and will spend many hours making love in the privacy of their own bedroom. Granted, their sex life won’t be terribly heated, as the Rabbit and Ox are reserved. Still, their bedroom encounters will be loving, sweet, and satisfying for both parties.

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Rabbit and Tiger

Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility The Rabbit and Tiger are a pairing of opposites. The Rabbit is quiet and understated, while the Tiger is loud and brash. The Rabbit prefers to live modestly, while the Tiger needs to live large. While the Rabbit will be flattered by the Tiger’s warm attentions, this sign could wither beneath the big cat’s legendary temper. If the Tiger remembers to tread lightly with their timid lover, there is a chance that this romance will work. In return for the Tiger’s consideration, the Rabbit will be happy to attend to their partner’s wants and needs. When it comes to forming a friendship, these two can bring a lot to each other’s lives. The Rabbit can help refine the Tiger’s taste, while the Tiger can bolster the Rabbit’s ego. The truthful Rabbit won’t be afraid to tell their pal that zebra stripes clash with leopard spots. Meanwhile, the Tiger will convince the Rabbit to enter its latest designs into a fashion competition. The frugal Rabbit should guard against lending the careless Tiger money, as this could drive an impenetrable wedge into their friendship.

Sexually, the Rabbit and Tiger make an interesting combination. The shy Rabbit may be both thrilled and terrified by the Tiger’s ardor. Meanwhile, the Tiger will be enchanted by the Rabbit’s delicate modesty. If the Tiger puts the Rabbit on a pedestal, the Rabbit will loosen up and have a good time. Basically, the Tiger needs to treat the Rabbit like a delicate flower that needs to be nurtured and pampered in order to sexually thrive.

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Rabbit and Rabbit

Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Two Rabbits form a mutual admiration society that is tasteful and exclusive. Although this sign is notoriously shy, two bunnies find it easy to flirt and talk with each other. Both adore the finer things in life, and will pour most of their energies into creating a gorgeous home filled with beautiful furnishings and artwork. These two won’t have much trouble making money, as their creative talents will yield a pair of handsome salaries. No matter how well off they are, they will constantly worry about money. It’s probably a good idea for these two to meet regularly with an accountant who can put their financial anxieties at ease.

If a pair of Rabbits forms a friendship, they have to take care not to feed each other’s fears. Rabbits are notoriously pessimistic, and must work to adopt a more positive outlook. When one Rabbit frets about the job market, the other needs to dispel their doubts, and not commiserate about the lousy economy. Blessed with considerable artistic talent, these two can collaborate on some impressive projects together. As far as sex is concerned, these two get along like a house on fire. They both like to concentrate on foreplay, rather than intercourse. Kisses, cuddles, and caresses comprise a large part of this couple’s bedroom repertoire. They also adore holding each other in the afterglow of sex, and will enjoy raiding the kitchen for sweets after they’ve burned off a few thousand calories together. Having sex outdoors is not for Rabbits; they prefer making love in a five-star hotel room.

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Rabbit and Dragon

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility The shy Rabbit and flamboyant Dragon make a strange pair. The Rabbit prefers to stay home with friends and family while the Dragon wants to party the night away at some swanky nightclub or disco. After these two reunite and crawl into bed together, something magic happens. They’ll discuss their respective days and listen attentively to each other’s hopes, fears, and desires. The Rabbit will advise the Dragon to be more tactful with their customers, and the Dragon will offer to lean on their lover’s deadbeat clients. As friends, the Rabbit and Dragon can bring a great deal to each other. The Rabbit can show the Dragon that you can sometimes catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The Dragon will help the scatterbrained Rabbit get organized.

Yes, the refined Rabbit will sometimes find its pal vulgar, while the practical Dragon will think that its buddy is too fastidious. For the most part, however, these two celebrate each other’s strengths and downplay their deficiencies. Sexually, the Rabbit and Dragon aren’t a natural hit. Rabbits need to recognize and articulate their sexual needs, because Dragons won’t intuit them. Dragons need to train their wandering eye squarely on the Rabbit, as this ultra-sensitive sign won’t tolerate infidelity. The artistic Rabbit needs to remember that Dragons express their creativity in the bedroom. That means that this reserved lover should be prepared for some imaginative spins on time-honored techniques. The Dragon should be advised that the Rabbit is extremely self-conscious, and may benefit from gifts like beautiful lingerie and silk pajamas.

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Rabbit and Snake

Rabbit and Snake Compatibility The Rabbit and Snake are intuitively drawn to each other. The refined Rabbit admires the subtle Snake’s indefinable charm, while the philosophical Snake appreciates the Rabbit’s sharp intelligence. Although the Rabbit doesn’t understand the Snake’s desire to be the center of attention, this Rabbit is gently amused by it. What concerns the Rabbit more, however, is the Snake’s penchant for spending money. Although the Rabbit shares the Snake’s love of beauty, he or she worries constantly worries about going broke. These lovers will have to hammer out a budget if they’re going to stand the test of time. As far as friendship is concerned, The Rabbit and Snake hit it off famously. They share a love of intellectual pursuits, and may meet each other at a chess club, book group, or lecture series. These two will often swap book and movie recommendations, and might even decide to collaborate on a writing project. The Rabbit and Snake can also have fun shopping, with the Rabbit deliberating carefully over merchandise and the Snake piling their cart high with everything that catches their fancy.

With regard to sex, the Rabbit and Snake have lots of chemistry. The shy Rabbit can’t help but yield to the Snake’s seductive ways. Furthermore, the psychic Snake is able to hone in on the Rabbit’s desires, resulting in a mutual explosion of ecstasy. This is one of the few lovers with whom the Rabbit can feel completely uninhibited. The Snake finds the Rabbit’s modesty a real turn-on.

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Rabbit and Horse

Rabbit and Horse Compatibility A union between the Rabbit and Horse requires lots of work. The laid-back Rabbit can’t comprehend the passionate Horse, and the outspoken Horse is bewildered by the reserved Rabbit. Fortunately, the Rabbit is very compassionate and will work to find common bonds with the Horse. Both signs are very pragmatic and won’t stand for a lot of nonsense. The Rabbit always finds the quickest distance between two points, and the Horse perpetually discovers how to profit from this efficiency. Together, they can make a great deal of money, but the Rabbit will have difficulty spending it, while the Horse will indulge in frequent shopping sprees. These two can have difficulty forming a friendship, too. The ultra-conscientious Rabbit will feel hurt when a careless Horse forgets their birthday, whereas the Horse will wonder why the Rabbit makes a mountain out of such a molehill.

The Horse is also bewildered by the Rabbit’s lazy ways, while the Rabbit thinks the Horse is crazy for working night and day. Hopefully, the Rabbit will show the Horse the value of slowing down and smelling the flowers. Meanwhile, the Horse can show the Rabbit how to showcase their considerable creative talent. Sexually, these two won’t have much in common, either. The Rabbit likes to be wined and dined before being taken to bed. The Horse, on the other hand, just wants to cut to the chase. If the Horse is smart, he or she will listen to the Rabbit’s tips on becoming more romantic. The Rabbit, on the other hand, can become more sexually impulsive with the help of the Horse.

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Rabbit and Goat

Rabbit and Goat Compatibility This is one of those fated connections that is almost guaranteed to end in a serious commitment. The artistic Rabbit feels an immediate bond with the dreamy Goat. Meanwhile, the easygoing Goat loves the Rabbit’s ability to kick back and relax. Granted, the Rabbit’s methodical ways don’t sit well with the disorganized Goat, but the latter is willing to overlook them. That’s because the Rabbit is so romantic. The Goat can put up with color-coded closets for the sake of champagne and chocolates. With regard to friendship, the Rabbit and Goat make an equally compatible pair. The Rabbit is the more focused of the two, and can help the Goat develop their creative talents. In return, the Goat will put the Rabbit in contact with people who can advance their personal and professional lives. The Goat is notoriously lucky when it comes to finding golden opportunities, and isn’t afraid to share this wealth with their loved ones.

At times, the Rabbit will find the Goat hopelessly helpless, while the Goat will think the Rabbit is a nagging bore. For the most part, though, these two hit it off extremely well. Sexually, the Rabbit and Goat make a compatible pair. Both lovers are able to blend passion with tenderness. Onlookers may feel slightly sickened by all the sweet talk that is exchanged between these two, but the Rabbit and Goat will be oblivious to these stares of disgust. As far as they are concerned, they are the only two people in the world who matter. Everybody else can go jump in the lake!

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Rabbit and Monkey

Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility The Rabbit and Monkey have a meeting of the minds. These two intellectuals admire each other’s capacity to analyze facts and distill information. While the Rabbit is a more creative thinker, the Monkey has a better grasp of the facts. These two love exchanging flirtatious remarks at a party, and spend a long time on the courtship phase of their romance. Of course, the quiet Rabbit will sometimes despair that the Monkey will never shut up. Conversely, the Monkey will tire of teasing information out of the reticent Rabbit. For the most part, though, these two get along splendidly.

As friends, the Rabbit and Monkey have lots of fun. The Rabbit likes to give the Monkey decorating and fashion tips. In exchange, the Monkey will take the Rabbit to some rollicking parties. Normally, the shy Rabbit doesn’t like mixing with a large group of people, but this sign feels comfortable in the capable Monkey’s hands. Neither one of these signs is particularly organized, and may waste lots of time trying to coordinate their schedules. These two should probably steer clear of doing business together, as neither is very practical about money. With regard to sex, the Rabbit and Monkey need to alter their approaches to suit the other. For instance, the Rabbit should be more imaginative about their techniques in order to maintain the Monkey’s interest. In the meantime, the Monkey needs to slow their pace, lest the Rabbit is left unfulfilled. It takes a long time for the Rabbit to warm up to someone’s affections, but once they do, the result is pure bliss.

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Rabbit and Rooster

Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility Romantically, the Rabbit and Rooster face lots of challenges. The tasteful Rabbit is appalled by the Rooster’s brash behavior, while the forthright Rooster thinks the Rabbit is a real prude. The Rabbit wants to create a beautiful home, whereas the Rooster prefers to live out of a suitcase. Fortunately, the seeming opposites share a serious work ethic, and do appreciate each other’s ability to spin straw into gold. Furthermore, both the Rabbit and Rooster possess fine minds, and can have lots of fun discussing books, movies and politics.

As far as friendship is concerned, the Rabbit and Rooster can form a bond, provided each is patient with the other. The Rabbit doesn’t appreciate being shouted down by the Rooster. If this sign is willing to overcome their shyness and stand in their own defense, they’ll win the respect of the Rooster. The Rooster, conversely, has to put up with the Rabbit’s ever-changing moods. When these two stop being defensive, the Rabbit will help the Rooster become more open-minded, while the Rooster will assist the Rabbit in getting organized. Sexually, the Rabbit and Rooster make an uncomfortable pair. The Rabbit’s refined tastes could be offended by the Rooster’s heavy-handed approach. Meanwhile, the Rooster can get tired of placating the Rabbit’s fears -- all the bird wants is a satisfying roll in the hay. The Rabbit will have to summon their aggressive side when pairing with the Rooster, while the Rooster will have to cultivate sensitivity. Happily, these two are devoted lovers, so infidelity shouldn’t be a problem.

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Rabbit and Dog

Rabbit and Dog Compatibility The Rabbit and Dog make a sweet pair. The Rabbit dreams of making a happy home, and the Dog is intent on making this wish come true. The Dog will work to make a safe haven for the Rabbit, and the Rabbit will lavish the Dog with love and affection as thanks. Of course, every relationship has its flaws. This one will involve the Rabbit’s insistence on doing things quickly and efficiently -- even at the risk of ignoring the law. The virtuous Dog refuses to cut corners, and can badger the Rabbit for playing fast and loose with the rules. When this happens, the Rabbit should promise to play fair, so long as the Dog vows to stop nagging. It’s a happy compromise that can work.

With regard to friendship, the Rabbit and Dog get along very well, but need to beware of dragging each other down. Both signs have a tendency toward pessimism, and this can really put a damper on their bond. When Rabbits start worrying about money, the Dog needs to remind them that the best things in life are free. If the Dog starts fretting about the environment, the Rabbit must stress the human race’s ingenuity at solving problems. By acting as a counterbalance to each other’s worse fears, the Rabbit and Dog can enjoy a lifelong friendship. As far as sex is concerned, the Rabbit and Dog are destined to hit it off. The Rabbit is touched by the Dog’s attentiveness, and the Dog likes the Rabbit’s capacity for emotional intimacy. Sometimes Rabbits will find the Dog’s approach a tad predictable, while the Dog will yawn at the Rabbit’s preoccupation with its looks. For the most part, though, they’ll many blissful days and nights in bed.

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Rabbit and Pig

Rabbit and Pig Compatibility The Rabbit and Pig are a match made in heaven. The Rabbit adores the Pig’s sweet nature, and the Pig admires the Rabbit’s vivid imagination. It also helps that these two are homebodies. Some of their best times will be spent shopping for furniture and artwork for their beautiful abode. These two will also have fun throwing parties, although the Rabbit may spend the entire time whipping up delicacies in the kitchen while the Pig mixes and mingles with their army of friends. Fortunately, this is an arrangement they both enjoy.

As friends, the Rabbit and Pig are equally suited. Both are loving and forgiving, and may never argue for the duration of their friendship. The Rabbit loves the Pig’s generous nature, and is often a recipient of his or her beautiful castoffs. The Pig is touched by the Rabbit’s sensitive nature, and works to bolster their pal’s ego. The Rabbit may tire of the Pig’s messiness, while the Pig will despair of the Rabbit’s prissiness. Neither one will complain to the other, however, believing it’s better to overlook the flaws in their friendship. After all, nobody is perfect! Sexually, the Rabbit and Pig work wonderfully well. The Rabbit feels safe in the Pig’s calm presence, and can reach heights of passion they’d never imagined with this lover. The Pig loves putting the Rabbit in touch with their sensual side, and is excited to put their lover’s ideas into practice. Loyal and tender, these lovers will stand the test of time.

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