Aquarius Parents By Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Parenting Compatibility: Adventurous and Trusting

See what kind of parents you and your partner will be based on your zodiac signs Staff

If you’re a parent with your Sun sign in Aquarius, you might have some uncoventional parenting methods. You put a lot of trust in your children, which can lead to heavy responsibilities and expectations. While they’re most likely to succeed with a parent like you, it’s important to remember that they may need some coddling every once in a while. They’ll love and appreciate you for all the lessons you’ll teach them, but mostly all the adventures you’ll take them on!


Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility You Aquarius and Aries parents will have to add nurturing to your particular parenting formula. Aries’ desire to see just how much one child can do, combined with the Aquarian need to ensure that your child is helping to make the world a better place, could create excessive pressure. You both understand that you excel at different things. But in parenting, it will be important for you to develop new skills that you both were probably not born with. You will need to take time to make sure the baby gets enough touching, coddling, and pats on the back, even when it doesn’t seem to be warranted. The child raised by this couple will be ambitious and competitive, but if s/he is going to have the self-esteem that’s needed to get along in the hard, cruel world, you’re going to have to make sure that baby feels the love.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius parents create a demanding pair that could make life tough for your children. Taurus’ loving and generous nature comes with a price -- an exacting, demanding list of things your child will need to learn in order to earn his or her place in the household. First and foremost among them is a healthy respect for money and the things it can buy. They’ll be rewarded with treats from time to time, too. Meanwhile, your children will find the Aquarius parent is a lot less open-minded than they say they are. Aquarius will insist that children learn to be useful not just at home, but also in society. While other kids are running around the neighborhood chasing balls and jumping rope, your children could be learning about financial management and community service. Taurus will be much more authoritative than Aquarius, who prefers treating children as equals, if they’re as mature and independent as possible.

Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility Gemini and Aquarius are somewhat alike, but once you become parents, your differences may begin to show. Gemini is much more easygoing, and will delight in having someone to teach, love, and dote upon. Aquarius, on the other hand, will take the role of parent very, very seriously. The responsibility for another person could lead to a wide range of fanatical behavior -- from drastic changes in diet and environment to commitments to community service at a very young age. When it comes to discipline, Gemini will tend to explain to the children why they shouldn’t do certain things for personal reasons, while Aquarius will point out how their behavior can affect the world around them. There is much to be said for both points of view, but it will be important for you two to keep your ideas in context. Sometimes, the simplest lessons in life are the ones that have the most lasting value.

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Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility Aquarius and Cancer have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting. To Cancer, being a parent is an almost primal need, while to Aquarius it’s a duty that’s performed as part of being a productive member of society. Aquarius might often wonder why Cancer frets about the children, while you’re supposed to be out enjoying yourselves as a couple; and Cancer will be shocked when Aquarius suggests that it’s actually all right to do things without your children around. Cancer will probably default to the position of being the primary caretaker in this family, but Aquarius will also want to have a firm hand in the children’s upbringing. While Cancer does the day-to-day care (including discipline), Aquarius will be the one to encourage the children to each develop a unique style and find ways to make individual marks on the planet, as they make it a better place.

Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility Aquarius and Leo are at opposite ends of the zodiac, but that doesn’t stop you from making a great parenting team. You’re both strident leaders, and will work together to make sure your children learn how to work within the system. Even with Aquarius’ strident independence, teaching the children how to fit in will take precedence over molding them to match their parents. Should Aquarius begin to lead the brood away from the mainstream, Leo will bring the family back into the fold with regal authority. As a couple you form a perfect balance of self-assertion and concern for the community, and you have much to offer your children. Leo will excel at setting rules, while Aquarius will explain why they must be followed -- whenever it’s possible, that is! Lively dinner conversation and a solid sense that your children must do their best to achieve will be the staples of your household.

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility Aquarius and Virgo might not always see things the same way, but you can discuss your differences and work through them without too much trouble. When Virgo’s sensitive nerves go into overdrive, Aquarius can usually keep a rational conversation going, and flush out the issues that need to be dealt with. Virgo worries a lot, and begins many, many sentences with the words "What if..." Obviously, this can lead to problems when it comes to taking care of children. Virgo will have trouble trusting Aquarius when the children have to be whisked away to their next life passage. But whether it’s the first dentist appointment or the first day of college, Aquarius will try to teach the child about how he or she can make the world a better place. Of the two, Virgo will be the more practical disciplinarian, though Aquarius will always set high standards for the children’s behavior.

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Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility Aquarius and Libra make good friends, but you must struggle as parents to get beyond the realm of the theoretical. Although it can be a good thing to do research and gather a variety of opinions when it comes to raising children, you two will have to draw the line when you realize you have so many books lying around the house that there’s no room left for the family to sit together and enjoy a nice meal. Parenting is mostly a hands-on experience, and there could be a few struggles over who is going to get his or her hands dirty most of the time. Libra will be able to work a fair schedule that either involves both parents, or relies on a nanny or caring relative to jump in when needed. Aquarius will probably be the one to determine discipline in the household, but Libra will never hesitate to speak up when the punishment doesn’t seem fair.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility Aquarius and Scorpio make an excellent parenting team, because you both see the world the same way: yours. You both tend to fixate on an idea, and won’t stop until you convince everyone around you to believe in it as strongly as you do. This attitude allows you to make a stable environment for your children, but problems can come up when the children begin to feel stifled. Aquarius will handle the spirit of rebellion a lot better than Scorpio will. Scorpio will have to be convinced that separation is a normal part of child development. Aquarius can sometimes be too detached, on the other hand, leaving the child to believe the Aquarius parent doesn’t care what happens to him or her. Long conversations about how each parent handles relationships should give you each opportunities to swap skill sets and develop equally balanced parenting styles.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility As individuals you are both visionary in your own ways, and as parents you will push your children to make their marks on the world. This will ultimately be good for your children, but Aquarius and Sagittarius parents might want to consider (at least for the first few years) allowing children to take baby steps. Sagittarius will have an easier time with this, getting down on the floor to play with the children’s toys and teaching them about active sports. Aquarius can enjoy being involved in the children’s early lives by telling and reading stories, especially the kinds that tell tall tales of heroes and heroines that strive to make the world a better place. You two will struggle to find practical ways of establishing discipline with your children however. Your joint idealism could prevent them you finding punishments that suit the "crime", so you should consult an experienced, practical relative or friend for advice.

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Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility As Aquarius and Capricorn parents you will show your children two types of the same basic energy. You both have ideas about how to make sure you establish your authority, and will strictly enforce it. Capricorn’s tendency will be to set hard and fast rules, and to administer punishment when necessary. Aquarius will want to allow the children seek out their own paths in life, but not without a lot of guidance and approval. So, in essence, your children will have two parents with different ways of being rather restrictive. Both of you will have to struggle to remember that your children are more than mere extensions of yourselves. Children are individuals, and they will look to their parents for guidance, not dictatorship. Once you two get a more playful attitude about parenting, you’ll be able to enjoy it, and do a great job at it, too.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility As two Aquarius parents you will take an unconventional approach to raising your children. You may go out of your way to invent your own ways of parenting, from the kind of diapers you use to the diet and education you subject your children to. Although Aquarius has a reputation for being "anti-establishment", this only works when you’re not the ones in authority. As parents, you two can be as strict as they come. You’ll hold your children to extremely high standards, and expect them to take on active roles in their own upbringing. It will be important for you parents to remember that children don’t come equipped with all the knowledge adults have in their heads. Teaching, patience, and caring are all parts of parenting, too. You two will also have to work on showing affection and giving your children pats on the back "just because", whenever you can.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility Your children will definitely know what the idea of "good cop/bad cop" is all about! The Pisces parent does an all-too-convincing impersonation of a doormat, and all that coddling and praise can make your children think they can do no wrong at all. They won’t get away with that for long, though! The Aquarius parent will step in and make sure the children always strive to be and do better than they already are. At the same time, Aquarius’ demands will be non-traditional, and at times, lenient. As two very distinct individuals, as parents you rarely agree on what "the best thing to do" might be, but the good news is you’ll both want it for your children. Your best strategy would be to talk everything through thoroughly and with mutual respect, so you can become a united front. If you let your divergent views show too often, your children will learn how to play one of you off the other before they can say "Mama" and "Dada!"

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