Sexual Compatibility Cancer

Cancer Sexual Compatibility: Intuitive and Nurturing in Bed

See which signs are most sexually compatible with Cancer

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Cancers like you are not the type for one-night stands -- you need to be emotionally involved with your partner to fully embrace the physical aspects of a relationship. That said, once you've found a connection with another person, you are ready to give your all ... their satisfaction is all you care about. In bed, Cancers are caring, open, and intuitive. Be careful not to be too clingy, though, because that's not a turn-on for your partner.


Cancer and Aries

Cancer and Aries Compatibility Don’t be scared. This hot, passionate, all-or-nothing kind of partner isn’t nearly as ruthless as it might seem at first. In fact, when the two of you get familiar, you may find it pretty easy to stay together. You like to have someone to take care of in bed, and Aries is the perfect candidate to play into your parental alter ego. This strong-willed, assertive, and VERY sexy person has a soft secret identity that will curl up and melt in your arms. Of course, it’s always a turn-on when your lovers put themselves at your mercy. Feeling needed is the number one reason that keeps you coming back for more -- at least at first.

Beware of what can happen, though, when your relationship becomes a one-way street where you’re doing all the giving and not getting very much in return. You will probably have to point out to Aries that there’s someone else in the bed when you’re together. The best way to do this will probably be to stay still and stop whatever it is you’re doing to get your partner off. Aries isn’t mean about being selfish. There’s just a "me first" attitude that needs to be trained and refined. Try doing something sexy that you’re both involved in, like taking a long shower together or mutual stimulation. Playing is another way to keep Aries’ short attention span from getting to the good part a little sooner than you should. Once you set the parameters, Aries will take on pleasing you as the next challenge to rise to. What more can you ask for than that? As for your karmic lesson, Aries is also going to teach you to be a little bit more "me first" in your own life.

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Cancer and Taurus

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility This sweet and tender lover will make you feel great from the get-go. The ability to seemingly always have every possible material need taken care of will even almost ease your fear of going broke, while Taurus’ appreciation for the things you do (especially the cooking!) will gratify you greatly. In bed, the two of you are very compatible. You might find this hard-nosed person to be a lot less formidable when you’re cuddling in one another’s arms. Tickle or kiss Taurus on the neck, or nibble on the ears, and you’ll get a fierce response that will make you incredibly happy to have a Bull in your bed!

Taurus could even be someone you have the happily-ever-after kind of love with, the kind you dream about while making omelets and baking pies. The only trait of Taurus’ that may drive you mad is this sign’s tendency to find a comfortable place that they never move from again. The habit factor could also leak into your sex life, so you might be the one who has to come up with the little surprises that add spice to your life. Taurus will respond to new stimulation, but you might also have to pretend you weren’t the one who came up with the idea. You see, Taurus people like to think they’re the boss! You can play along, especially because you know you have a hold on this person that will be as difficult to break open as, er ... a crab claw. For your karmic lesson, try to emulate your Taurus love by trying harder to finish what you start -- in bed as well as in life.

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Cancer and Gemini

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility Oh, dear. You will be incredibly attracted to this charmer. Getting Gemini to bed isn’t always easy, though. Although there is enough flirting to make you think you might have to get a room on the way home, you might find that the talking goes on and on and on ... until you just lose your patience and go in for the attack. The mouth is the first orifice you want to deal with. You’ll want to make a transition from conversation to nonverbal communication at some point, or else the Sun will come up before you do.

If Gemini’s lovemaking style seems a little detached to you, that could be because this busy person spends far more time stimulating the mind than workin’ it with the body. This doesn’t mean that Gemini can’t learn. Certainly, once enveloped by your mind-body-spirit approach to melding with your lover, the idea that you want to be loved will get across. Well, maybe. In truth, you will probably scare Gemini to death because you seem to embody the perfect refuge for the two of you to -- GULP -- settle down. Gemini is not easy to corral by any measure, and this could be the obstacle to your unified bliss. Your fear of being left holding a cookie sheet filled with chocolate chip confections with no one there to feed them to could be justified in this case. If you can let Gemini have ample time away from you, though, you have a shot at making a long-term love affair work. Your karmic lesson from Gemini is to learn how to let go of someone long enough to give them time to figure out if they want to come back.

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Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility You’ll love cuddling, cooking, and cooing with your fellow Crab. Getting your Moon-ruled match to bed will be easy because you can both guess another’s feelings and figure out when and what you want from one another. You will both feel as though you’ve found your perfect mother, the one person who takes care of all your needs and also lets you get away with just about anything! This may be the case, but unless you can transcend your parental feelings for one another, your sex life could be much less exciting than you’d really like.

The other problem you might find is that, like you, your Cancer partner has trouble letting go of the past. By the time the two of you crawl into the sack with all your excess baggage, there might not be room for the both of you! You should talk to one another about how you can overcome the shadow of those ghosts that haunt you so that you can look to a happy and prosperous future together. That brings us to another thing: Which of you will bring home the bacon and which of you will stay home to cook it? You’ll probably insist on sharing the household chores, which means you’ll both also need to bring in some income. Your long-term prospects are great ... if you can manage to believe that you’ll always be there for each other. One of the biggest issues you both have is a dread of being abandoned. The karmic lesson you’ll learn from being with your fellow Cancer is that it’s hard to love somebody when they’re always so fearful about the future. Learn to trust and love will cover the rest.

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Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo Compatibility The magnanimous Lion, in many ways, is a great match for you. You’re ruled by the Moon, and Leo has the Sun for its sign ruler. Whatever gender, you each embody a parenting energy. You cuddle and nurture people like a mother, and Leo tests people, trying to bring the best out of them, as a father would. You have a natural attraction as a result of this, but there is a word of warning here for you. Before you run your fingers through that incredible head of hair while in bed, you need to know that Leo might not be able to reciprocate and coddle you with the level of sensitivity you might prefer. Depending on the maturity of your Lion, you could be dealing with a clinical narcissist ... or with a highly evolved, appreciative partner who values your skills and brags about you to all four corners of the Earth.

Back to the sex part, Leo’s roar is probably not really any indication of the way things will be between you. You are quite likely to find that most Leos are more focused on themselves, and are quite concerned with whether you find them attractive! You can assure your lover that this is the case just by getting down to business, and physically this will be a great connection for you. But, when it comes to the day-to-day care of this high-maintenance partner, you might not be getting the kind of satisfaction you hoped for. This is one of those cases where the other person’s ego can swallow you up to the point of losing your identity. Leo will demonstrate the karmic lesson that putting yourself first now and then can make a lot of sense.

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Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility You and uncomplicated, accommodating Virgo can get along really well, but because both of you are so centered on taking care of others, sex might not be the first thing that occurs to you when you meet. The Virgin is Virgo’s zodiac mascot, and you might find out why. While this person isn’t exactly the opposite of sexy, Virgo isn’t very forward about getting down to it. So, Cancer, even though you’ve convinced yourself you’re the shy and retiring type that you’re really not, you’re going to have to come out of the closet, bite the bullet, and make the first move with this one. Virgo will respond with enthusiasm, so don’t worry! The Virgin symbol is really about the Vestal Virgin -- the kind that saves oneself on a temporary basis. Virgo’s knowledge of anatomy and awareness of your erogenous zones will impress you.

You will also feel as though the two of you have a great deal of mutual respect. However, unless the two of you have some interesting contacts between the rest of your planets, the Cancer and Virgo Sun signs will not automatically ignite much passion. For Virgo, it’s hard to tend to the needs of someone who likes to take care of everyone else, and for you it’s hard to nurture someone who only wants to be of service. If you can work out a way to support one another for the great things you do, you can really build a refuge where both of you get a break from the crazies you deal with in the outside world. Virgo’s karmic lesson for you is that it’s really okay to be assertive and come right out and say what you want, and where you like to be touched, cuddled, and titillated.

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Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra Compatibility Romantic Libra might not seem like the kind of person you want to be with, but after you’re together for a little while, you’re bound to change your mind. You and Libra share a love of being in love, so the overtures between you -- roses for no reason or an e-card delivered playing your song -- are the kinds of things neither of you consider to be a waste of time. Either one of you could make the first move, but most likely you’ll be the one to do so. That’s because your sensitivity enables you to read Libra’s game right off the bat. These wily, playful, and passionate people want you to chase them down.

They also want you to share their fantasy-filled vision of your love. Fortunately, your active emotional imagination allows you to do this with ease. Once in bed, the two of you will enjoy demonstrating the ways you can show your love. Libra won’t mind being pampered -- oh, not at all! In fact, you might wonder when this less-than-highly motivated person is going to finally do something for you. Simply ask, and soon all the right spots on your body will be tingling with the sensation of being adored. To please Libra, keep pouring on the flattery and noticing all the things that are done to make this lover more attractive, whether it’s a new fragrance or their hair that’s styled just the way you like it. For you, love is all or nothing, but for Libra, love is ... love. You may or may not decide to stick together for the happily-ever-after part, but even if you don’t, Libra will teach you an important karmic lesson: Take your time and give your heart over only as your lover proves worthy to receive it.

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Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility You, Cancer, might be the only one in the zodiac that isn’t afraid to get too close to Scorpio. It could be that you’re both capable of the deep emotional attachment that comes from being Water signs. It may also be that you instinctively understand what Scorpio is really about, and realize that this person has as many weaknesses as anyone else you might know. In any event, the two of you will make love like it’s an Olympic sport. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be swinging off the chandelier. To the two of you, love is a mutual penetration that is as much emotional and psychic as it is physical. You will literally do everything you can to "become one," whether that means you rub one another down with sensually scented oils, or you take turns giving one another a soothing massage. This is the kind of match that could get the two of you to literally see fireworks.

The down side is that the moodiness the two of you share could block out many days on the calendar when neither of you is up for having sex. Try to look at your lovemaking as the healing exercise that it is, and you can make a point of getting together whether you’re in the mood for sex or not. Scorpio is sure to turn you on with a glance, a touch, or a kiss on the cheek. Scorpio’s karmic lesson for you is to show you how to be strong as well as supportive. Then, no matter what happens in your relationship, you get to keep your own individual identity.

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Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility You and Sagittarius will really like one another, and if you’re attracted in a sexual way, you’ll have a whole lot of fun. Before you start to think about getting involved on the heart level, though, you should make sure you understand who Sagittarius is. This gleeful, kind, and fascinating creature is the kind of person who needs a whole lot of leash. Sagittarius is as capable as anyone of being a loyal lover, but only if the other person is willing to tolerate occasional absences. It is in this wild and courageous person’s soul to roam free, searching for new adventures and experiences. They aren’t out looking to get laid everywhere they can -- they just want to have things to talk about when they get home.

In bed, Sagittarius will be incredibly demonstrative. As much as your lover seems to be off somewhere on some quest, Sagittarius will be very focused on you when you are alone. You will notice that YOU have become the quest, and most times, Sagittarius won’t stop until you have nothing left in you! You’ll love pleasing this enthusiastic lover, too, as you celebrate your inner beauty and bask in mutual admiration of your physical traits. The long-term prospects for this relationship are sketchy. Much depends on your willingness to put up with Sagittarius’ unpredictability, and not feeling abandoned when you get left behind. Sagittarius’ karmic lesson shows you that laughter is one of the things that will always keep love alive, and that being together every last minute of the day isn’t the only way you can live in a relationship.

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Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Like two peas in a pod, you and Capricorn are the perfect match. Both of you are prim and proper on the outside, but delightfully delicious when it gets down to making love. There is just one rule you must abide by with people who are ruled by the Goat: Capricorn is the boss. Luckily, you’ll gladly give up any and all responsibility for making big decisions, as Capricorn keeps you busy making sure the two of you have a healthy and balanced private life together. You will indeed want lots of privacy when Capricorn is around, because as conventional as this person is in real life, when the Goat descends down from the mountain to play with you, no holds (or positions) are barred. Your naughty side can also come out of hiding when this sexy person is around. Capricorn will, of course, expect you to work very hard at doing some of the pleasing, and you’ll be very diligent about exceeding expectations.

The two of you, with the right timing and similar goals for the future, could easily carry on a long-term relationship. Each of you has something the other one is missing. You have caring and nurturing energy, while Capricorn handles things like power and money. Since you’re both trustworthy, there’s rarely a dispute over anyone feeling like they’re being cheated. Your karmic lesson from Capricorn will be to accept and honor yourself for who you are, because that’s exactly what this lover wants.

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Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility You’ve heard that Aquarius is quirky and a little bit aloof, but if you’re willing to give this serious person a try, do it. Aquarius doesn’t go through a lot of machinations when it comes to making a move toward the bedroom. You will be expected not only to immediately decide whether this is something you want to do, but you may also be challenged to explain your justification for obtaining pleasure when you could be doing so much else for the world. Just jump on Aquarius’ bones, and soon your lover’s inner political activist will give it a rest.

Aquarius’ way of making love might surprise you, because you’ll probably sense that this person isn’t as strong and self-assured as they appear. Aquarius will love it when you administer your brand of tender loving care, so go ahead and lay it on! You will probably even be able to sense the way you can connect on the soul level together. However, when the lovemaking is over, this relationship will take a whole lot of work. The two of you see the world in entirely different ways. While you protect and take care of your own, Aquarius is far more concerned about the state of the world at large. Although not immune to having fun with you and even being a loyal, helpful friend, don’t expect Aquarius to lavish praise and affection on you all the time. Depending on your individual needs, you may or may not be able to deal with Aquarius’ emotional aloofness. Open your eyes and look in the same direction as your Aquarius pal -- you’ll see just how large your "family" really is. Aquarius will give you the karmic lesson that shows you the world really is a lot bigger than just you and the people you know and love by name.

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Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility This is your best buddy, the person you feel an immediate connection with from the moment your eyes meet. The two of you share a love of looking for a connection that goes far beyond the superficial. The only thing that will stop you from having sex right away might be the great conversation you have about the many things you both enjoy. With just one wink, you will probably take Pisces by the hand and find a place where you can be alone -- and all over one another. When you get to bed, you might think that the gods have finally heard your prayers. Here is someone who is as willing to please as you are to perform in a way that totally satisfies your lover. It won’t matter where you are, or whose toothbrush you have to use in the morning. The lovemaking you share will get down to those regions of your psyche that only someone that’s even more sensitive than you are can touch. Your body will tingle from the many almost trans-human feats Pisces will perform in an effort to ensure that the two of you have truly become one being.

In the real world, the two of you won’t be able to keep your relationship strong without doing some work. You could easily bore with the Fish’s wishy-washiness, while Pisces may not like the way you expect things like promptness and full awareness at all times. This wonderful person truly does live in some little world that only slightly intersects with what you know to be reality. Savor the times that you can be together, and you’ll learn Pisces’ karmic lesson: it pays to focus on the things that really matter.

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