Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo Sexual Compatibility: Selfish and Enthusiastic in Bed

See which signs are most sexually compatible with Leo

By Tarot.com Staff

Leo is a Fire sign, which translates to passion and eagerness in bed. Your lovers are lucky to be with you -- and you always remind them of this fact. Sometimes a superficial connection is all that's needed to get you between the sheets because all you really want is constant attention! This is attractive to some people, but others fear your need for praise will lead you to stray from committed relationships. While it's okay to focus on your own pleasure, make sure you are also aware of your partner's sexual and emotional needs.


Leo and Aries

Leo and Leo Compatibility The two of you will hit it off like old friends, as the fiery bond you share allows you to see most things in almost the exact same way. You’re both also up for fun in bed. In fact, you would probably enjoy the challenge of taming this wild one down. Here is what you need to know about getting down with the rambunctious Ram. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so these hot-blooded lovers like to at least believe they’re the ones who made the choice to have sex in the first place. Although they’re not stupid, Aries people have a childlike innocence that is very easy to out-maneuver. Just give Aries a sexy look, and if there is any interest, you’ll know within seconds. Aries is even more direct than you are, and will test your ability to find privacy before you’re in a compromising position.

Once you’re in bed, the two of you will wrestle around, trying to prove who the best lover is. Both of you have more than a healthy helping of self-esteem, and you both want to be the best lover anyone has ever had. Of course, this could get a little non-productive if you’re putting more energy into your competition than in enjoying what you’re doing. But, if you play this right, doing it as often as possible, trying to get more fulfilling every time could be a great recipe for sexual gratification on both your parts. In a long-term relationship, though, you’ll both need to learn how to compromise. There can’t be two captains on one ship. Aries’ karmic lesson for you is that change can be a good thing, whether it’s related to sex or another way of living your whole life.

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Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus Compatibility Taurus is a very interesting challenge for you, because although this comparatively shy and retiring type will admire your dynamic personality, Taurus will also want to be the boss. You’ll have to try this one out to see if you’re up for succumbing to this stodgy person’s yoke. To you, the sky is the limit, but to Taurus, there is a limit to the proportion of any resource -- from money to sexual energy -- that is available for sharing. This shouldn’t stop you from going to bed with Taurus, though, because you’ll definitely be turned on. Taurus will know just how to get to you, by showering you with compliments and giving you a lot of physical attention. Seduce the Bull by standing back and allowing yourself to be ravaged and adored. Taurus will enjoy the idea of you being willing to succumb to that iron will.

Sexually, the two of you will have to be inspired if you expect to keep the fire burning. You may or may not share a lot of interests in common, and even if you don’t, it can still work out. You’ll have plenty to talk about if you don’t see each other all the time -- and wondering what you’re up to while you’re away will drive Taurus wild. You might be surprised to find how well the two of you, despite your different temperaments, would do in a long-term relationship. Taurus is loyal, just the way you like your partner to be, and you represent the kind of person Taurus can respect and be proud to be with. No one knows more about acquiring and retaining resources than this calm yet assertive, beautifully sexy animal. That’s why Taurus’ karmic lesson for you is to curb your extravagant streak, because then you’ll never have to worry about going a day without your favorite chocolates.

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Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini Compatibility Gemini’s reputation as a talker is well-earned, as you’ll find when you first meet. Actually, you will probably enjoy the conversation that starts the instant you’re introduced. Gemini will ask you a battery of questions, and then (based on your answers) offer you a menu of talking points you might want to depart from. The bad thing might be that, just when your story is getting good, Gemini’s eyes and mind will wander off, and you will have become a victim of this very witty but not-so-attentive sign’s attention deficit. Now that you know that, you might want to take control of the situation from the get-go. If you see a Gemini that you like, say that you like nonverbal communication a lot more and you can talk later. Take it from there, and Gemini probably won’t say no. If you insist on total silence, though, this could be a very kinky thing for Gemini. Or, poor Gemini could totally panic, and report you to the police for administering cruel and unusual punishment.

Gemini isn’t sexless by any measure. If you build a working relationship with this partner, Gemini will realize that the pleasure you give out in bed is well worth staying quiet for as long as it takes. Obviously, though, the two of you have a lot of stuff to work out. It’s quite likely that if you voice your need to be listened to, Gemini will work harder to pay attention -- but it will always be a struggle. Gemini’s karmic lesson for you is that sometimes it pays to get to the point and to trim down your stories to suit the person you’re hoping to impress.

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Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer Compatibility You’ll like Cancer for a lot of reasons. Here is a person who not only caters to you, but seems to know exactly what you need before you do! Cancer will rub your feet with one hand and stroke your hair with another -- all while the most sumptuous dinner you could ever imagine is in the oven! (By the way, Cancer’s obsession with food and its preparation is almost equal in males as it is females.) Cancer is also a very kind, loving partner in bed. You will wonder how you got so lucky as to find someone who seems to show adoration not only with gestures of care, but also does it with some of the most nurturing sex you’ve ever had.

There is one rub here that you need to know about. Cancer openly gives to others, but don’t think for a minute that you don’t have to pay the tab. Cancer isn’t like you. This retiring (some would say manipulative) sign does everything for you and asks for nothing. Eventually, this is going to make you feel rather guilty! Unless you’re prepared to become more like Cancer, you might find yourself being conned into a relationship with a person who is very needy, although said person will have taken a long time to display this trait. Cancer’s karmic lesson for you is to be more sensitive and pay more attention to others’ feelings. If you can handle that, your biggest problem will be dealing with being loved beyond your wildest imagination.

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Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo Compatibility When you cross paths with another Lion, you will indeed meet your match -- and you’re really going to love it! Sure, you both have healthy egos, but you also understand why that is. Acting the part is at least 90% of being a leader. It’s going to be a real relief to be with someone who seems to understand so much about your need to lead, and is tolerant of your little personal grooming quirks. You probably won’t have a lot of trouble getting your fellow feline into bed, either. You know how sexy you are -- believe it when you figure out your Leonine partner isn’t any less sumptuous.

The two of you will have a great time while you primp and pose your way to fulfillment -- but this will only work if you avoid becoming competitive. When people are as ambitious as both of you are, it’s only natural for them to compete for their own little spot to shine. You will have to work your way through this at some juncture in your relationship. Unless your partner cooperates, this could definitely put a nasty damper on your passion. A long-term relationship with someone who shares your sign is a challenge, but you can make it work. The karmic lesson your fellow Lion has to teach you is that it’s possible for two people to shine at the same time. In fact, when you give someone as much praise as you want for yourself, your union becomes as precious and brilliant as a diamond. You’ll blind the rest of the crowd with that kind of bling.

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Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo Compatibility Don’t fall for the lore that tells you Virgo isn’t exciting enough for you, because that’s not always true. You and this focused person can get a lot of stuff done, both in and out of bed. The thing that makes you click is that Virgo lives to be of service to someone. Although this particular person likes to pick out little flaws, there is also always a lot of support there, right at your fingertips. No one needs to tell you how much you’d appreciate that. You’ll find out how magical this combination can be when you get into bed together.

Virgo is very particular about getting close to someone, and will admire your great grooming. Your hair, as usual, will be the main thing Virgo focuses on at first, and you may be treated to a light massage before things really get serious. If you want to turn Virgo on, you won’t have to say very much. Simply reach over and reciprocate, showing Virgo that you appreciate what’s being done to you so much -- you want to share it. This will endear you to this loving person, because you’ll prove that you have that huge heart everyone talks about! In a long-term relationship, you won’t find anyone more loyal than this true-blue soul. All you’ll have to do is live up to your part of the deal, and let Virgo’s knowledge of the human body dazzle you as you go from one climax to the next. Your karmic lesson here is to give back. When you do, Virgo will offer you more and more.

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Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra Compatibility You’ll be fascinated by the beauty and elegance of this lovely person, and Libra will be eager to please you from the moment you meet. Libra seems passive, at least at first, but don’t let this put you off. This is the kind of person who really appreciates your leadership and will (usually) pretend to welcome your dominant behavior. The thing with Libra is that the demure, passive personality is a front. Libra will play you like a violin, getting you to do exactly what makes this hopeless romantic coo the way legendary movie stars do in those soppy black and white movies. Libra likes to be pursued. This goes for the male as much as the female, and will apply to some degree for most of your relationship. This means that when you want to go to bed, you may have to try more than once. Showing that you’re broken-hearted and you’ll die if you don’t make your conquest will score you extra points. And hey, who can lay it on thick better than you? You’ll hit it before too long, and when you do, it will be like opening a flower.

You must be gentle with Libra, because this refined lover enjoys each and every step. The lower back is a particularly sensitive area, so if you want to speed things up that would be a great place to start. In the long-term, you and Libra can be rather successful. You’ll be equally proud of one another, and very pleased with what happens when you get together. Libra’s karmic lesson for you is to take it slow. The best love is the kind that lingers and lasts so that it can be savored.

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Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility Scorpio has that scary reputation, but you’re the courageous one in the zodiac, so you won’t be intimidated. On top of that, there will be something about this mysterious, emotional and sensitive sign that makes you feel warm and secure. You won’t be able to put your finger on it -- but no one can, so don’t worry. What you WILL be able to touch is that magic button that sets Scorpio off and on the path to showing just how sexually powerful this person is! You won’t have to ask Scorpio twice about getting into bed with you.

Once you get there, you’re also going to find that you know a lot less about what turns you on than you thought! Scorpio may appear to be trying to disarm you by knowing every last thing that pushes you to the brink of losing control over your composure, without ever breaking a sweat. This highly sexual being is capable of blowing your socks -- and several other things on and around your body -- completely off! You’ll reciprocate when you see the amazing reactions you get to the smallest touch or gesture you give. If there’s a human sex machine, that person is probably a Scorpio. This, happily enough, also happens to be the kind of person you can relate to on a long-term basis. Scorpio’s always striving for excellence, and so are you! The two of you also have the ability to finish what you start without making unnecessary or disruptive changes. Scorpio’s karmic lesson for you is that no matter how much you think you already know, there are always more secrets to learn.

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Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility You and Sagittarius are the original BFFs of the zodiac. Genial and energetic, Sagittarius is nearly as sunshine-like and spectacular as you are! When you first meet, you might fall instantly for this athletic, funny, and charming person. You’ll have tons of things to talk about and lots of things in common, particularly a confident and highly physical way of engaging in your lives. In bed, you can expect a lot of heat, because the two of you are each different forms of the same element: Fire.

You might notice one of the things that distinguishes you from your Sagittarius hottie, though. You are very much a creature of the here and now -- tactile, sensuous, and desirous of instant gratification. Sagittarius is always looking for fun, but often has a wandering eye and a mind that’s a million different places at once. If you want to keep this roving soul at peace, and more importantly, if you ever expect to get things started, you’ll have to make it interesting! Pull out all the stops here -- it will get Sagittarius excited. This active person has a definite animalistic side, and can be seemingly insatiable. If anyone can keep up with Sagittarius, though, it’s you. There will be marathons here. (Pass the aloe vera gel!) Even if it takes a day or two to recover from your sex sessions, it’ll be worth it! The karmic lesson you’ll learn from Sagittarius is that the world is a really big place, and in order for people to notice you, it pays to be someone very special.

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Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility This lover might not seem so interesting to you, especially if you’ve heard about Capricorn’s reputation for being a cold and calculating corporate drone, but if you take your chances, you’ll definitely see that you’ve found a winner! Before you go in here, though, expect Capricorn to take one look at you, size you up and then proceed to say something to take you down a few notches. Don’t take it personally! Capricorn is just the kind of person who likes to be the boss.

The other thing you share with this highly competent person, no matter your gender, is a way of being affectionate with others. You both like to bring out the best in everybody you know, and when you get into bed, that attitude has got to be a plus! If you think this is going to be a strict missionary thing, you’re in for some surprises. As it happens, most Capricorn people live a secret life. Under those gray flannel suits you could find anything from boxers to briefs to bikinis to leather thongs -- or fishnets! "Kinky" should be Capricorn’s nickname! This may or may not turn you on, but it will surely be interesting! In the long term, you might find Capricorn’s detached emotional life a little off-putting. If you can live with the fact that someone can love you without showing it every minute of the day, this can work. The karmic lesson you’re sure to learn from Capricorn is that there’s more than what meets the eye, so keep looking behind the facade.

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Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility This is a natural match! You and Aquarius will meet and instantly realize that both of you have so much to offer to one another. While you’re passionate and deeply involved in the here and now, Aquarius is detached and focused on the future. When you get together, you could come to realize that being with your polar opposite can be a real turn-on! Getting Aquarius into bed won’t be hard. The attraction you feel will be obvious to this generous and curious person, and Aquarius will feel drawn toward you as well.

In bed, you might find that Aquarius needs to relax before getting down to getting busy. The best way to do this is let your partner talk -- at least a little bit. Suggest that you take a bath together. Water can do a lot to bring your Fire and Aquarius’ Air into a neutral place where the two of you can meet. Once this is achieved, expect a whole new experience. Aquarius has quirks that might astound you! Doing it right there on the bathroom floor might appeal to this "anything goes" personality! You’ll also love the way Aquarius will listen to your stories and admire the way you can become so emotionally involved in the things that happen to you on a day-to-day level. This can also be a great long-term relationship -- but first you have to learn the karmic lesson Aquarius has for you. Never assume that one person has everything there is to enjoy in one package. Meeting your opposite can definitely introduce you to what you’ve been missing.

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Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces Compatibility Gentle, sweet Pisces can draw you like a moth to a fire, but when you go in and get up close, you’re going to find someone who’s way more fascinating! This watery and wickedly bewitching person will astound you with an uncanny ability to know what you’re thinking and what you want before you even think it yourself. That’s why it’s hard to be indirect with this seemingly shy person. This works out well with you because you like to be honest.

Pisces will be a little wishy-washy at first, but if you establish eye contact and let this fantasy-bound partner gaze into your soul, you can establish enough trust to get Pisces into bed. Making love to someone who’s so sensitive can be a transformative experience. You’ll truly enjoy being taken to a whole other world, but you may not be able to stay there for long. This is why you have to think carefully before letting Pisces give that fragile little soul over to you. If you don’t think you can deal with someone who gets lost in a daydream at the drop of a hat, don’t get too close. The heartbreak Pisces can experience is enough to put you on a guilt trip for the next 30 years! Pisces will also lean on you ... a lot. If you want to adopt this gentle soul like you would a little stray kitten or puppy, that’s fine. Pisces’ karmic lesson for you is to remember your strength in the material world may be no substitute for having the courage to let the lines between fantasy and reality get blurred now and then.

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