Leo Sibling Compatibility

Leo Sibling Compatibility: Prideful Playmate

See how your Leo astrology traits affect your sibling relationships
Tarot.com Staff

You're a protectival and playful Lion, Leo! As a sibling, you're the natural born leader of the family, always ready with a plan and activities to entertain your brothers and sisters. You have a lot of pride around your family and their achievements! You can be found front and center at any games, performances, or competitions that your siblings might be participating in.

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Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries Compatibility Leo and Aries are easy friends. You’ll get into the spirit of games and activities that keep you busy for hours, and will regale in the opportunity to act out the roles you were born to play. Aries will play the superhero and warrior, while you will be the royal presence that’s worth fighting for. There can be clashes of ego from time to time, but you two will understand the subtle differences in your personalities, working together to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. When you do argue (and you will!), remind yourselves that learning to share is an admirable trait you can both benefit from. You will be more possessive than Aries, but Aries will be more territorial. If you share a living space, define what belongs to whom in order to head off property disputes at the pass. Your sibling bond, built from genuine fondness, will endure long past the childhood years.

Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus Compatibility A Leo-Taurus sibling combination can work out well, as long as you have a clear understanding of your individual personalities. Taurus is solid, stable, and protective. You are also predictable, but a lot more dramatic and demanding. Both of you are able to keep yourselves entertained for hours at a time ... but will probably prefer to do things separately. Taurus will focus on building or nurturing, so your sibling’s activities will be centered around these themes. You need a stage, and if none is provided, the whole world might be used as a substitute. Despite your disparate paths to satisfaction, you will get along rather well. You’ll probably fight over attention and territory, so keep things even and clear between the two of you. As you grow, it’ll become clear that you admire and respect one another for your individual skill sets, and you’ll continue the conversation well throughout adulthood.

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini Compatibility Leo and Gemini share some personality traits in common, but you two may struggle with issues that involve domination and the desire for freedom. Of the two of you, you are more forceful and demanding. In most situations, Gemini will seem to fade into the background so you can take center stage. Gemini would rather allow this than suffer the effects of your intense jealousy, Leo. There’s no question that your fiery personality requires a lot of your parents’ attention (even into adulthood), but as long as Gemini feels listened to, things will be fine. However, if Gemini doesn’t get this from your parents, your relationship will quickly get out of balance and the fighting will begin. You will slam doors and Gemini will use icy avoidance to demonstrate how mad you are at each other. Finding common ground, no matter small, is essential. Deep down, you’ll always be very fond of one another.

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Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer Compatibility Leo and Cancer can be great friends, as long as your parents showed they loved you equally as you were growing up. Because your birthdays are close on the calendar, you will probably have little trouble finding some common ground. Cancer is the one who keeps things under control, while you are the "mover and shaker." Both of you are inventive and dramatic, so you’ll develop variations on traditional roles. Cancer and Leo embody "mother" and "father" energy, respectively, and because of that, you will have disputes from time to time. Most of the time you’ll be able to smooth out the kinks relatively easily. You and Gemini will be able to get your personalities to blend and make a cohesive whole -- and a partnership that will create lifelong family ties.

Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo Compatibility If people enjoy fireworks, they should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show that two Leos are sure to put on. Your dramatic auditions for the Oscar nod could begin in your bassinets. Leos are generally affable and generous -- but that is more the case when they aren’t challenged by direct competition. Putting two of you in the same room can be hazardous to everyone’s peace and serenity! No matter the gender, you’ll probably quarrel over lots of little things, especially the amount of attention you get from other family members and the outside world. Your fights can quickly go out of control, so try to avoid escalating into physical knock-down, hair-pulling bouts for supremacy. Fortunately, your dignity will usually incite you both to return to "normal." You’ll keep your rivalry under wraps most of the time -- even at family gatherings that take place years after you’ve left home.

Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo Compatibility Leo and Virgo can get along surprisingly well, mainly because of your differences rather than your similarities. When you were children, you would play the proud peacock to Virgo’s quiet ugly duckling, but in time, you both grew up to be attractive AND smart. Your theatrical personality will sometimes get on Virgo’s nerves, but your highly organized sibling will be grateful to know what to expect. You will probably not appreciate Virgo’s constant fretting and fussing, but will be grateful when Virgo helps you tend to details you might not ordinarily think about. Despite Virgo’s apparent meekness, the fights you two get into can become fierce, if only verbal. You might need to nurse a bruised ego, while underappreciated Virgo will need some comforting. However, when all is said and done, you will create a symbiotic relationship that will sustain you throughout their adult lives.

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Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra Compatibility Leo and Libra are both demanding, in your own individual ways. As siblings, you’ll have to work hard to gain one another’s respect. Leadership is your forte, and your dominating personality is likely to take the top spot in the pecking order, regardless of age. Libra is no weakling, but will acquiesce when you raise those dramatic fusses. Libra will probably work quietly, demonstrating to you that everything doesn’t have to be a huge deal. You will help introduce Libra to people outside the home, and together you’ll win a lot of people over. Your courage can rub off on Libra, and Libra can show you the useful art of diplomacy. When you fight, it might be because your individual styles can make one another uncomfortable. Try to be considerate rather than impulsive, and you’ll both learn a lesson that will keep you thick as thieves for a long, long time.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility Leo and Scorpio, despite having stubborn natures, will get along well. From the beginning, you will respect one another. Being so strong-willed, you will each try to get your own way ... and this is where the games begin. You will be far more overt about pushing Scorpio around. Scorpio may appear to give in; however, that won’t be what’s really going on. In most cases, Scorpio will find a way to sneak up on you, reverse what progress you thought you had made, and snatch the prize! Although this might seem like something to fight about, you two are likely to see it as a game. As long as you stay mindful of it and don’t take it too seriously, nothing terrible is likely to happen. Each of you will learn to anticipate what can happen if you cross one another, and avoid it whenever and for however long is necessary.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility Leo and Sagittarius will get along really well. You both have sparkling personalities and will make friends easily, both with one another and with people from outside the family. Your interests are similar, in that both of you like to perform. You like to show off talents in acting, dance, or music, while Sagittarius sticks to academics and sports. It’s fortunate that your main interests don’t coincide, because you’ll be less competitive that way. There will be some rivalry, though, and that will center on the attention you get from others. The both of you are sure to fill any space with laughter. And, with so much in common, you will happily remain friends throughout your lives, as you thrive on sharing further adventures.

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Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility Leo and Capricorn can have a hard time dealing with one another. Your flashy personality will be hard for Capricorn to understand, while Capricorn’s seriousness can possibly bore you. This might have been apparent from very early in your childhoods. Although you’re not total opposites, you’ll participate in different types of hobbies and activities. You will enjoy anything that other people will watch you do, while Capricorn will be attracted to strategy games and puzzles. Both of you seem to innately know how to prepare yourselves for success in life. When you fight, Capricorn will tend to dismiss (and injure) your feelings, while you insult and intrude on Capricorn’s private space. Although not the best of friends, you will learn a lot about yourselves through the exercise of learning how to get along with one another.

Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility Leo and Aquarius compliment one another and can work together to create some interesting things. Aquarius likes to come up with scenarios for you to act out and dramatize. Aquarius will always be looking for ways to make improvements in the way things are done in the world, and you will be eager to do anything that brings attention to what you’re doing. When you combine your efforts, you will add style and dignity to whatever Aquarius proposes. This gives you a noble purpose. Fights between you two are rare, but they will usually be about your different ways of showing emotion. You are much more overt about feelings, and although your Aquarius sibling is "cool," he or she is no less passionate. You two will always have ideas to bounce off one another, long into adulthood.

Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces Compatibility Leo and Pisces have a lot of fun together, even if you don’t see eye to eye on everything. Imagination is the thing that will bind you, so even as as small children, you probably found plenty of things in common. Between the two of you, you are more likely to be the spokesperson. You will describe the concepts and projects you both create with great detail -- and a lot of style. Pisces will work quietly, but make it obvious who really came up with all those ideas. Modesty is Pisces’ style, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure credit goes to where it’s due. Any deficit in this area could set off a rivalry that’s hard to deal with later. Barring this, there are plenty of reasons for you to stick together for a lifelong friendship.

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