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Remembering Astrologer Jeff Jawer

A tribute to our dear friend

By Staff

It is with heavy hearts that we announce to you the passing of Master Astrologer and dear friend Jeff Jawer. Jeff passed peacefully on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, under hospice care after briefly battling lung cancer. He was surrounded by an infinite flow of compassion, respect and positive energy from loved ones, including his wife Danick and two daughters, Laura and Lyana.

Jeff was born on May 16, 1946 -- a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon and Aries Rising. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts in The History and Science of Astrology, and began practicing as a professional astrologer in 1973. For years Jeff provided his insight to and worldwide in the form of horoscopes, birth charts, blogs, lectures, and the well-known Planet Pulse video series, co-starring fellow astrologer and close friend Rick Levine.

While Jeff can no longer bring us the astrological wisdom he's provided for years, the inspiration, knowledge, optimism, guidance, and spiritual awareness that Jeff brought to countless lives will never fade. His international impact is undeniable, and he received an endless stream of support and positive energy from people all across the globe as he moved through his last days with us.

Our sad hearts are comforted with the knowledge that Jeff passed in the same manner in which he lived -- with grace, understanding, and open arms. Daughters Laura and Lyana remind us, "...He was not at all scared of what's to come. If you know our dad, you know that he has a deeper understanding of the world than most."

Our lives have been made better by Jeff's presence. Please join us in wishing happy travels to Jeff Jawer, the brightest new star in our sky, and sending peace and light to those now struggling.

For more information on Jeff Jawer or to offer support, please visit The Jeff Jawer Fund.

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