Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo: Confident, Playful, and Proud

Nov 3, 2024 – Jan 6, 2025

By Staff

The heat turns up when Mars enters fun and fiery Leo! Mars is the planet of motivation and action, and while he moves through this sign of expression and enjoyment, our personalities surge and we seek pleasure in all that we do.

Leo is a take-charge sign who follows its heart and takes an active role in everything. We aren't willing to sit and watch the world go by while Mars is in Leo. We want to play a role, be active, and express our feelings in the most colorful ways!

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When Mars is in Leo

Leo the Lion knows that life without enjoyment is no life at all. All work and no play makes us all dull. So when Mars moves through this fun-loving sign, we’re encouraged to not just recognize the positive moments, but to actually make time for more happiness, excitement, and play.

Mars in Leo is also a time to follow your heart. Leo rules the heart, and his enthusiastic passion is rewarded during this transit. Adopting the Lion’s confidence and courage helps us pursue whatever it is that sets our souls on fire. Outside of Mars in Leo, there are few chances to reach this level of creativity and eagerness in our lives, which is why we must relish this opportunity!

While confidence is a good thing, overconfidence can lead to trouble ... and that’s definitely a risk while Mars is in Leo. We think we deserve the rewards without doing the work, and deserve unwavering respect whether we give it or not. Leo is a stellar performer, but acting the part isn’t enough. If you want to be admired, you must be admirable. If you want to be a leader, you must lead. If you want to be respected, you must be respectable.

Enthusiasm is contagious while Mars is in Leo -- but so is drama. We crave more attention during this transit, and when we don’t get it, we feel offended. Because Leo is the sign of expression, we won’t sit idly by. We need to roar to show how we feel, which could lead to one or two explosive situations.

The best lesson to learn while Mars moves through Leo is that the ego can be both a beautiful and a disastrous thing. We feel proud when our egos are fed, but offended when they are hurt or ignored. This transit offers you a chance to reflect on what ego means to you, and to balance the role it plays in your life.

If you were born with Mars in Leo

When you’re around, everyone notices! Being born while Mars was in Leo makes you a dynamic individual who lives to love, to play, and to express your spirit. Your personality shines, and others can’t help but be drawn toward your vivacious light.

You express your love through actions, and your generosity is limitless. To others you are full of life, big-hearted, and so much fun to be around. On the inside, though, you may struggle with confidence in these exact same areas. Because Leo is the sign of the ego, you’re especially attuned to every time your ego is stroked ... and every time it’s bruised. You are on a lifelong journey toward mastering your ego, and you’d be wise to be an active participant on this journey.

Your Mars in Leo wants to be loved ... no ... wants to be completely ADORED. But if you don’t receive the level of love and respect you feel you deserve, you’ll make your feelings known in the most dramatic way possible so that no one will be able to ignore you! This could make you come across as selfish or arrogant at times, but you’re not concerned. To people with Mars in Leo, any attention is good attention.

If there’s something you want, you know which tools to use to get it. You have a charming, magnetic personality, and a creative way of doing things. Where others look at the most logical or direct way of doing things, you look for the way that aligns with your heart. If you are not passionate or excited about something, what’s the use in wasting time on it? If something isn’t enjoyable, or it doesn’t feed your spirit directly, it’s just not for you.

Mars in Leo Traits:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Dramatic
  • Expressive
  • Fun-loving
  • Brave
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Colorful

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