Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo: Independent, Direct, and Proud

Aug 26, 2034 – Feb 15, 2035

By Staff

Leo the Lion is a fun, boisterous, and expressive sign -- so a planet transiting through this sign should mean good times, right? Wellll ... not when that planet is Saturn. Saturn is actually "at detriment" in Leo, meaning it's one of the most conflicting signs Saturn can be in. Saturn is cool, structured, and rigid, and he doesn't play nicely with Leo's exuberant energy.

Leo the Lion is a fun, boisterous, and expressive sign -- so a planet transiting through this sign should mean good times, right? Wellll ... not when that planet is Saturn. Saturn is actually "at detriment" in Leo, meaning it’s one of the most conflicting signs Saturn can be in. Saturn is cool, structured, and rigid, and he doesn’t play nicely with Leo’s exuberant energy.

Now this doesn’t mean we’re in for a few dull years while Saturn transits through Leo -- there are also a lot of positive opportunities in this combination that can help us become better people. While in Leo, Saturn will bring situations into our lives that challenge our egos, refine our attitudes, and strengthen our hearts ... but it’s going to take some work on our part, too.

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When Saturn is in Leo

When cold Saturn meets hot Leo, we’re in for some real lessons in how we present ourselves, how we treat others, and how we embrace the creativity and vitality within us. It won’t be easy -- Leo is a very proud sign, and is rubbed the wrong way by Saturn’s restrictive methods.

While Saturn transits through Leo, he diminishes the joyful side of Leo that helps to balance the Lion’s super-sized ego. Therefore, there’s a real risk of coming across as especially bossy or aloof during this transit. We’re more apt to act as the disciplinarian and rule with an iron fist rather than garnering respect by giving respect. But, as always with Saturn in the picture, there is a lesson here. When others perceive us as controlling and unpleasant, they eventually start to keep their distance. That’s Saturn’s way of teaching us a lesson about ego: We are free to act as we choose, but we are not free from the consequences. Once we realize people are dropping out of our lives, we are faced with the reality that we pushed them away and are then forced to do a bit of soul searching. In this way, Saturn teaches us that we get more with sugar than we do with salt, and that the way we express our feelings and opinions plays a major role in maintaining healthy, two-way relationships.

Leo is also the sign of creativity and can often get its ideas across best in some form of creative expression ... but not with Saturn casting his shadow here. During this transit we are likely to have some very unique and creative ideas, but feel stifled when we try to convey them. Most of this comes from fear of losing face. We are roaring like the Lion, expressing our power and leadership, and it feels like an artful, playful, or youthful demeanor will take away from this powerful image. We feel we must temper our vitality in order to come across as responsible and in control. Saturn’s lesson here is to force us to conquer this fear and embrace the courage of the Lion to express our personalities. Real power comes straight from the heart, not through restriction and force.

During Saturn’s transit through Leo, we come face-to-face with our own egos, and must learn to overcome our prideful tendencies and demanding ways. It’s time to embrace the generous, loving, and joyous side of Leo that not only draws others toward us, but also makes them want to stay there.

Saturn Retrograde in Leo

When the big boss Saturn moves retrograde each year, his lessons turn inward, and we are forced to face the fears and personal limitations that are getting in our way. Saturn Retrograde in Leo puts a mirror right up to us, and we may not like the cold or domineering face looking back at us. But instead of reacting with regret, disappointment, or anger, Saturn wants us to realize these negative feelings so that we finally feel a need to fix them at their source. We don’t want to feel disappointed in ourselves, and when we realize we are in total control of our actions and our presence, we realize we can change these actions to feel better about ourselves.

How can I show others that I am an enjoyable person? Why am I afraid to express my unique personality? How can I soften my rough edges? These questions and answers aren’t easy to confront, but they are the path toward greater happiness. During Saturn Retrograde, obstacles are not in your path, they are the path, and you are the one that must overcome them.

If you were born with Saturn in Leo

Being born with Saturn in Leo can bring both challenges and opportunities throughout your life. These challenges are not meant to make you feel defeated -- they are, in fact, the way you create the opportunities.

Expressing yourself doesn’t come easily or naturally to you. Chances are you are full of unique and innovative ideas, but you run into trouble when you try to express them. Fear gets in your way, and instead of making yourself vulnerable by putting your creativity out for the world to see and judge, you stick to a more direct way of doing things. When you tell others what’s what and leave no room for them to question you, you are only trying to protect yourself, but others probably don’t see it this way... Force and control will often make other people go along with your ideas, sure, but they probably won’t like you too much for it in the end. True power does not come by imposing limits and instilling fear in others. One of your greatest life lessons is to learn how to let down your guard and realize that others will actually respect you more for it.

Teamwork and parenting may be especially difficult for you, because you naturally fall into the role of commander and disciplinarian. As long as you continue to take on this role without questioning it, you will find that your relationships with others are one-sided and bring you little joy. But the more you allow the soft side of your heart to show, the better response you’ll see from others, which will in turn generate confidence within you. Instead of feeling confident because you forced everyone to do things your way, you will feel confident because you garnered love and respect from others, which influenced them to agree with you. You still have your power in the end, but you also have the love and support of those that matter to you.

Saturn in Leo Traits:

  • Powerful
  • Persuasive
  • Disciplined
  • Intense
  • Superior
  • Guarded
  • Strong
  • Prideful
  • Composed

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