Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio: Secretive, Resourceful, and Ambitious

Nov 11, 2041 – Jun 21, 2042 Staff

Saturn is usually a "make it or break it" planet. This means that the powerful emotions associated with Scorpio -- a Fixed Water sign -- are the field for critical personal work during Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.

Serious Saturn in survivalist Scorpio forces us to face the bottom line. Life and death, sex, power, and our economic well-being can be pushed to the limits during this transit. Concentrating our efforts where they are most needed may require eliminating ideas, activities, objects, or individuals that distract us from these essential tasks.

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When Saturn is in Scorpio

Scorpio is concerned with facing the truth, so part of Saturn’s work as he tours through this sign is helping us confront our fears about endings. Whether it’s letting go of a relationship, a job, or even facing mortality, recognizing the impermanence of all things is not meant to fill us with despair. Saturn in Scorpio helps relieve us of the burden of holding on to people, ideas, and obligations that will not bring us the fulfillment we seek.

While Saturn transits through Scorpio, we may continue to see more skeletons in the closet of humanity come out. We’ll be challenged to acknowledge them, process them, and, ultimately, heal from them. The only way to begin healing is to first acknowledge the pain. This transit requires us to go places in ourselves that can be so uncomfortable that we’ve hidden them away in the unconscious, where we keep secrets from ourselves. By facing them, we become empowered to make deep and meaningful changes.

We’ll all want to get the most out of our resources when Saturn is in Scorpio. Scarcity could be a collective problem but, ideally, will lead to more efficient systems of production and distribution. Cleaning up toxins in the environment and within our bodies and minds are other healthy expressions of this transit.

How money is handled, especially involving insurance and debt, grows in importance with Saturn in Scorpio. There may be even more abuses in the financial world, but that could be what it takes to make some significant reforms. Borrowing for well-defined purposes and with a realistic repayment schedule is the way to go during Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio

Saturn, the planet of discipline, limitation, structure, and responsibility, turns retrograde every year for about five months. Scorpio is a sign that isn’t afraid to plunge into the depths, and Saturn is a planet that isn’t afraid of doing what’s necessary. So this retrograde period is a time when we’ll face the shadow elements of ourselves and our lives that we’ve been avoiding.

During Saturn’s retrograde cycle in Scorpio, there will be an emphasis on revising the structures you have built around your financial and intimate life. Do you have a deep-seated fear of success or failure? Have you felt afraid to leave relationships that are no longer healthy? Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio is the time to identify patterns that might be sabotaging you, so you can finally move forward.

If you were born with Saturn in Scorpio

As someone with their Saturn in Scorpio, you are as hardworking as they come! You not only know what you want, but you don’t stop until you get it. You may eventually work yourself into positions of power, even though you would prefer to stay out of the limelight.

The downside to this ambition is that it can easily lead to ruthlessness or extreme secrecy. You might believe that professional interactions are like games of chess -- and you never want to give anything away for fear of "opponents" using this information against you. Remember, collaboration is key for long-term success, so it’s about picking the right confidantes rather than bottling it all up.

Having your Saturn in Scorpio means you are not afraid to "go there." You know how to step into the shadows of fear, willingly investigating topics others would consider taboo or strange. You know better than most others that this is where true healing and transformation begin. As such, you may end up pursuing a career in counseling or dabbling in metaphysical studies.

You are truly a force to be reckoned with! The same razor-sharp focus and iron will that you bring to your work you bring to just about every other area of your life. You know how to tap into an internal source of power that others can only dream of. If you can learn to channel this in a positive and healthy way, you will become unstoppable.

Saturn in Scorpio Traits:

  • Intense
  • Tenacious
  • Committed
  • Suspicious
  • Passionate
  • Mysterious
  • Powerful
  • Cunning
  • Unyielding

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