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Are You a Victim of Psychic Attack?

Protect yourself by reclaiming your life

By Staff

A Blog by Laura Day, Keynote Speaker at Intuition 2.0

Are you having trouble manifesting your goals? Are you physically and emotionally depleted? Do you suddenly look less attractive than you used to? Are you unable to bounce back from a failed relationship or a disappointment? 

If out of the blue and without cause you feel anxious, depressed, angry or otherwise out of sorts you may be under psychic attack. If you begin making mistakes or having situations and relationships in your life go wrong without reason it you may be under psychic attack and there are actions you can take right now to re-claim your life.

In my book How To Rule the World From Your CouchI teach people how to use their intuitive senses such as precognition (knowing the future), telepathy, medium ship and healing. One of the most important parts of that book, and one that initially my readers find less compelling, is how to block and defend those senses. This is the core of psychic self-defense. 

Over fifty years of research on parapsychology by major universities such as Duke and Stanford as well as government research in areas such as remote viewing has shown that non-locality is a fact of life not just for human beings but even for the smallest organisms.


We as human beings thrive by allowing our strengths to support our weaknesses. Psychic attack works by illuminating your weaknesses so that in essence you attack yourself emotionally, spiritually and by your behavior in the world. Psychic self-defense protects you and can even strengthen you by reversing this process. The key to psychic self-defense is to be scrupulous about releasing toxic thoughts, habits, energy, emotion and thoughts by redirecting your attention to the positives in your life and keeping maintaining healthy routines. Psychic attack works by getting into the “cracks” in your life, sense of self and routine.

During times of psychic attack it is important to do all of the earth reality things such as seeing your doctor if you are feeling physically ill or a therapist if you feel you can’t cope. If your malaise lifts and your life feels on track when using the above suggestions you were probably a victim of psychic attack! You may want to have one ritual you do every day to clear your energy such as mediation, blessing your food and drink or taking a salt bath just to keep intruders away!

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