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Robert Pattinson

Check out this Taurus heartthrob's Astrology birth chart

By Staff

Playing the hunky vampire Edward Cullen was not the first film role of Robert Pattinson's career, but it's the one that has made him famous. The actor was born in London on May 13, 1986, putting his Sun in earthy Taurus. Interestingly, Robert has been a long-time admirer of fellow Taurus Jack Nicholson, and he may well follow in the great star's footsteps. The handsome young Jack succeeded far beyond expectations, proving that he was much more than just another pretty face. A long career is likely for Robert too, as his chart shows the persistence and commitment to his craft to keep him growing as an actor when his boyish days are over.

Macho Mars, the planet of action and method, was in hard-working Capricorn when Robert was born. This is a powerful placement for this energetic planet because it enriches it with discipline and a strong sense of purpose. There's no chance that Robert will rely on his looks alone to carry him -- this is essential in Hollywood, as there are always younger and prettier people on the way up.

Robert's Mars is especially well positioned with harmonious angles to his Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, and his Sun, adding drive to his personality. This gives him tremendous energy and a bit of an edge like his hero Jack. Yet sensitivity, a vital quality for an actor, is also strong in his chart. The Moon is the primary symbol of feelings and Robert's is in Cancer. This is the watery home sign of the Moon, providing him with a rich reservoir of emotion. Cancer can be cuddly and caring; it's the sign of the protector. Robert's Moon brings layers of complexity that make him more interesting, with its oppositions to Mars and Neptune adding both menace and imagination (sounds like a kindly vampire role might be right for him!). The Moon's supportive trine to potent Pluto brings a dash of danger, too -- another asset for his chosen profession.

It's possible that a Taurus with the Moon in Cancer could become overly cautious or conservative. Fear not: Robert has Venus, the planet of love, in lively Gemini and opposite revolutionary Uranus. He needs constant change, which is atypical for both Bulls and Crabs. This means that he's well adapted to the shifting roles he will play throughout his career. Joyful Venus in playful Gemini gives him a twinkle in the eye, a sense that he doesn't take himself too seriously. This magnetic planet's connection with unconventional Uranus makes him unique and able to provoke strong responses from his fans. Besides, with Robert you always get a sense that he knows more than he's saying. That's verbal Mercury's opposition to mysterious Pluto, packing his messages with extra punch even when he's not saying a word. Audiences may never quite figure out Robert, making him a constant source of fascination.

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