Astrology Links Solar Flares to Earth's Energy

Massive Solar Storm Flares

Can you feel the vibrations of the largest solar storm in years?

By Staff

Solar flares affect Earth physically, of course, especially in high latitudes. Many planes on polar routes are redirected to avoid the threat of radiation, and solar storms can knock out satellites, cause blackouts, and make the northern lights more visible in lower latitudes.

In addition to affecting Earth, solar flares also affect each of us on a deeply personal level. In Astrology, the Sun is our primary influence. The Sun shapes our character, our behavior and our moods on a daily basis. So during these times of high solar flare activity, it's normal to feel a bit "off."

As the largest solar storm in years hits Earth's electromagnetic field this week, don't be surprised if you become short-tempered and moody, or if you feel a little dizzy or amped up. Try to eat healthy and keep physically active to combat that "wired" feeling, and know that you're not alone.

Because while solar flares are amazing to watch, what's even more amazing is that many of us can feel them. And according to SolarIMG, a team of folks dedicated to studying how "spaceweather" affects our bodies and brains, these solar flares connect the dots between the Sun and the energy on Earth.

"When the human system starts to feel this energy, it's significant," said John D. Riley, a researcher with Zero Point Research (an affiliate of SolarIMG) in a YouTube video about a previous solar event.

The video details a significant Earth-facing solar event that took place on March 3, 2011, and Riley said even though it took place 93 million miles away, many of us could feel a surge of energy or vibrations in our physical bodies immediately.

Riley said this is significant because it really illustrates the cause and effect of the Sun and the energy on our planet, which affects us all on a mental, physical and spiritual level. It's a meeting of metaphysics and science that can't be ignored.

Riley says "This is really important to these times, to understand the importance of the Sun and how it's going to affect everything on the planet."

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