Planetary Transits vs. Aspects

Transits vs. Aspects

What's the big difference?

By Staff

They're both terms used frequently in Astrology. They're both related to the planets. So what on earth is the difference between a "transit" and an "aspect?"

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First let's talk transits. Think about the word transit: It's like transportation. It's about movement. Specifically, "transit" means "to pass across or through an area," and that's exactly what it means in Astrology. When a planet passes through a zodiac sign or moves from one zodiac sign to the next, that's a transit. That planet is transiting. Venus moving through Leo is a transit, Saturn shifting from Libra into Scorpio is a transit. It's about movement.

Aspects are not about movement. Aspects are about one planet's relationship to another planet. An aspect is the angle created between two planets in the 360-degree zodiac circle. Like, if two planets are on exact opposite sides of the zodiac, they are 180 degrees apart, so they're creating a 180-degree aspect called an "opposition." Depending on the aspect, the two planets' energies can work together or against each other, creating either harmony or stress.

When you hear about a transit, it'll be a planet and a zodiac sign mentioned -- Uranus in Aries, Jupiter moving into Cancer. When you hear about an aspect, it'll be two planets that are mentioned -- Uranus square Pluto, Venus opposite Mars.

So there you have it! Transits are about movement; about one planet moving through the zodiac. Aspects are about angles; about two planets creating a relationship with each other.

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