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Transits vs. Aspects

What's the big difference? Staff

They're both terms used frequently in Astrology. They're both related to the planets. So what on earth is the difference between a "transit" and an "aspect?"

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First let's talk transits. Think about the word transit: It's like transportation. It's about movement. Specifically, "transit" means "to pass across or through an area," and that's exactly what it means in Astrology. When a planet passes through a zodiac sign, or moves from one zodiac sign to the next, that's a transit. That planet is transiting. Venus moving through Leo is a transit, Saturn shifting from Libra into Scorpio is a transit. It's about movement.

Aspects are not about movement. Aspects are about one planet's relationship to another planet. An aspect is the angle created between two planets in the 360-degree zodiac circle. Like, if two planets are on exact opposite sides of the zodiac, they are 180 degrees apart, so they're creating a 180-degree aspect called an "opposition." Depending on the aspect, the two planets' energies can work together or against each other, creating either harmony or stress.

When you hear about a transit, it'll be a planet and a zodiac sign mentioned -- Uranus in Aries, Jupiter moving into Cancer. When you hear about an aspect, it'll be two planets that are mentioned -- Uranus square Pluto, Venus opposite Mars.

So there you have it! Transits are about movement; about one planet moving through the zodiac. Aspects are about angles; about two planets creating a relationship with each other.

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