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Uranus Direct in Astrology

Change erupts as the rebel planet moves forward ...

By Tarot.com Staff

Revolutionary Uranus forces an uncomfortable calm when it goes retrograde, preventing us from making the important changes that are brewing beneath the surface.

Once Uranus is turns direct, however, all of those urges that have been suppressed during the retrograde can erupt on a personal and global scale.

Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, but it's inhibited while in the relatively quiet retrograde period. When this planet turns direct, on the other hand, we can experience both brilliant and disturbing ideas and events.

The sign that's hosting Uranus during its retrograde and direct periods can indicate what kinds of upheaval to expect. For example, Uranus in Taurus might represent sudden and unexpected events, including revolutionary ways of handling and dealing with money, both nationwide and worldwide. Uranus in Aquarius might set the stage for big changes around friendship and community. If Uranus is hanging out in Cancer, we should be on the lookout for shifts around home and family legacies.

Uranus's movements can reveal even more if you know where it lands in your birth chart. Reveal which area of your life will see the biggest surprises when Uranus is direct »

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