Planetary glyphs: Moon aspecting Jupiter and Venus Symbols in front of a Horoscope chart in space.

The Void-of-Course Moon

See what happens when the Moon goes "Void-of-Course!" Staff

Our daily horoscopes often refer to a "Void-of-Course Moon," an Astrology term that might confuse some of us -- even though it happens quite frequently. What exactly is a Void-of-Course Moon, how often does it happen and what does it mean?

The truth is, the Moon goes Void-of-Course (VOC) every time it changes signs. The VOC term simply refers to the period between the Moon's last major aspect to a planet in one sign and her entry into the next sign. This can last as little as two minutes or more than 24 hours, and it happens every time the Moon passes into a new sign every two to two-and-a-half days.

A Void-of-Course Moon is really only astrologically significant when the period lasts long enough to make an impact. Astrologers typically don't bother mentioning a Void-of-Course Moon in the daily horoscopes if it's only to last a period of several minutes, but on certain occasions the void lasts long enough to merit attention.

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Two sides of the Void of Course Moon

And when it happens, we can choose to look at the Void-of-Course Moon period from both a positive and negative viewpoint.

Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer says "The negative interpretation is that events occurring during the VOC will not produce meaningful results. It's as if the Moon loses the ability to make things stick, thus creating a void."

On the up side, however, Jawer says "the VOC Moon can be a time of freedom when we go beyond the limited conditioning of the past and produce new models of who we can be."

So how can you best use your Void-of-Course hours? Traditional Astrology recommends not initiating new activities during this time, such as starting a new project or going on a job interview or first date. But we say never underestimate the power of human imagination and free will. Do as you please, and have fun!

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