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October 2011 Taurus Love Horoscope

Due for a change

There are two significant planetary moves that can affect your relationships this month. On October 8 your romantic ruling planet Venus emerges from the bottom half of your chart and enters your 7th House of Partnerships. This occurs in the passionate sign of Scorpio where there's very little room for mixed emotions. Feelings are strong with either a powerful sense of attraction or repulsion. This is likely to reflect your state of mind, but could also be expressed by someone close to you.

Discontent is the downside as you or the other individual desires more from your union. While constant complaining and negativity are not helpful, an honest assessment of needs and a willingness to discuss them with kindness are plusses. The bottom line is that you're due for some type of change, whether you're single and seeking or in a relationship.

This theme of addressing deeper issues can intensify when the Sun enters Scorpio and your 7th house on October 23. It is possible that you will attract a manipulative person or, less likely, that you will be seen that way. Mistrust, jealousy and power struggles may ensue. Yet if you're willing to be honest with yourself, these transits offer unique opportunities to restore romance within your current partnership or to empower your capacity to find a new one.

The key to making this magic happen is a willingness to change. This isn't easy for your sometimes stubborn sign, but moving from an unfulfilling situation to one that can fulfill your physical and emotional needs is worth the price of trying.