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3-Card Past Life Tarot Reading

Use this Past Life Tarot spread for lessons from your past...

By Gigi Santella

Hi, I'm Gigi Santella, a 4th generation Tarot reader. I'm here to teach you how to use Tarot to explore your own past lives!

Do you ever get a sense of déjà vu? Do you ever see something and have a sneaking suspicion it’s not the first time you’ve experienced it? Maybe you’ve wondered who you were in a past life... If so, this Past Life Tarot reading spread can help you gain insight into the person you were, and help you understand how the past is still affecting you today!

The concept of past lives can be overwhelming, or even scary. But we can glimpse our past lives without delving into mysticism by using the power of the Tarot cards. From these previous lives, we can carry traumatic or positive experiences into our present life. So our goal is to use the Tarot cards to illuminate these experiences to help us become healthier and happier people!

Do your own Past Life Tarot Reading

For this Past Life spread, we’re going to look at three different card positions. I have included examples from a friend’s reading so you can see how easy it is to intuitively read the Tarot card meanings.

Card 1: Past life

This first card in the Past Life Tarot spread represents pending issues from a past life. This may not necessarily be a conflict, but can often just signify a challenge or unbalanced energy that you have carried with you and not yet resolved.

Example: For this first position, we pulled The Chariot. This card represents a youthfulness and free spirit, with no responsibility or obligation. For this reading, I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness that can come with this type of lifestyle. The problem here seems that all material possessions were available, but no real emotional connection existed.

Card 2: Current life

This second card in the reading represents how the issues brought to light in the first card are still affecting you today, in your current life. This card will reveal how your past life influences your present choices, emotions, thoughts, and outlook -- helping you understand yourself in deeper ways.

Example: The second Tarot card we pulled is The Hermit. To me this is like a lonely old man, stuck on the same road looking back at his glorious past. The issue apparent to me is that the querent hasn’t taken appropriate measures to build a life of substance in this current life, as the Hermit is old, tired and still wandering.

Card 3: The lesson or recommendation

The last card in this spread represents the direct course of action needed to resolve the conflict or resolve the matter for this life and your next lives. Now that you can see the connection between your present and your past, it’s time to look at the next steps. This card gives you clues about how to more forward for your best reincarnation yet!

Example: The third Tarot card is what we can do to get to a better place. We’ve pulled The Hanged Man. Now, let’s help these travelers (The Chariot and The Hermit) find a home. It’s so clear what we need to do. We need to lift ourselves off the same road we’ve walked through many lives into this life. The Hanged Man is an inversion of The Chariot, who has left his crown and material possessions to look for something of true value. So the next step is to find what really matters and makes you happy.

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