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Approach Change Confidently with a Mandala Changes Tarot Reading

Use this mandala spread to find comfort in transitionary times

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Dealing with change can be challenging, especially when it involves detaching yourself from people or situations that have brought you comfort such as a breakup, job loss, or moving to a new place. Whether a change is prompted by you or factors outside your control, how you transition can be an important catalyst for personal growth and bringing forth new opportunities -- and our Mandala Changes Tarot Reading provides the rich insight needed to help you move forward with confidence and find fulfillment in your new chapter!

This 4-card variation of the full Mandala Tarot Reading combines Astrology principles by corresponding each position to one of the four zodiac signs considered to be most adaptable and the category of life they represent: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The resulting guidance you receive from this Mandala spread will steer you in the right direction and empower you to recognize and have full faith in your capability to learn, adapt, and flourish from this!

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Position 1: Sacrifice

The card in the house of Sacrifice is your response to outer influences beyond your control and your skills utilizing psychic and emotional acceptance to find inner peace.

Let's face it, reality can sometimes be harsh and unavoidable no matter what we could've done differently. Whether it be on a personal level like the loss of a loved one or on a macro scale like a global pandemic, we each cope with changes we didn't have a choice in. The first position in this Tarot reading illuminates the subtleties behind how you process your circumstances and gently prompts you toward the approach that will get you closest to your most fulfilling outcome.

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Position 2: Extending Boundaries

The card in the house of Extending Boundaries is how you communicate what you know to others and how flexibly and effectively this enables your creative potential.

How you communicate is more than just the words you use and the channels you transmit those words through -- it's also the vibes that you give off. The second position in this Mandala spread analyzes how your energy and ways of transmitting information affect others and their perception of you, advising you on where to focus your awareness and efforts to foster creativity in your sphere.

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Position 3: Body-Mind

The card in the house of Body-Mind represents mental versus physical habits and how their integration determines your health and working relationships.

Have you ever looked back and realized that the way you expressed yourself in a situation contradicted your true feelings? Whether intentional or not, perhaps you laughed at a joke you didn't find funny in order to win favor with someone -- or maybe you've been in situations where your outward actions were misinterpreted by others based on their own biases. The Tarot card you pull in this position examines how in sync your inner and outer selves really are, and it shows you how you can balance the two and ensure that the impression you leave others with is true to your intent.

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Position 4: Core Beliefs

The card in the house of Core Beliefs represents the religious and philosophical beliefs of your worldview and how they connect you with the world.

Your core values and beliefs show themselves the most when you leave your comfort zone and encounter challenging situations -- but it can sometimes be tricky to recognize them since they're so deeply ingrained into who you are. The final position of this Mandala Tarot reading shows you how to find fulfillment in your situation while staying true to yourself.

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Change can be scary but only if you let it be. Find comfort and optimism in the unknown with a Mandala Changes Tarot Reading NOW!

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