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Use the Yes or No Tarot spread for your most pressing question

Making decisions is NOT an easy task! We've all struggled with questions like, "Should I..." or "Will I..." or "Am I..." from time to time, and knowing that even the smallest choices can change the entire course of your life makes choosing a path even more difficult!

Our Yes or No Tarot Reading was created with this in mind, specifically designed to give you straightforward answers to questions just like these ones. Each of the cards in this advice Tarot spread examines the complex factors influencing your situation, helping you turn your confusion into clarity!

Keep reading to learn more about this Tarot card spread for decisions or choose your cards to get straight answers to your questions NOW...

Yes No Tarot Reading

Possible outcome #1: Yes

Indicates a positive outcome

If you receive the "Yes" outcome in your Yes or No Tarot Reading, you are being given a clear indication that you can move ahead in the direction indicated. Sometimes receiving a "Yes" answer isn't what you hoped for, but regardless of whether or not this is the desired result, rest assured that you should experience a speedy solution to whatever it is that concerns you.

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Possible outcome #2: Yes, Maybe

Encourages you to exercise caution if you choose to move forward

A "Yes, Maybe" outcome indicates you may proceed but that it'd be wise to do so carefully and thoughtfully. This is because you could experience delays and frustrations or that the situation may work out somewhat differently than you had initially imagined. Patience is advised -- the situation is progressing in its own time and own way. You'll have a better chance of success if you don't try and force the issue -- instead, let things unfold in due time.

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Possible outcome #3: No, Maybe

Specific obstacles need to be overcome before proceeding

When you receive a "No, Maybe" response in this reading, it means difficulties are present in your situation. You can still move forward, but you must be willing to put in the hard work to overcome whatever obstacles you end up facing. Even still, success is not guaranteed. It may be wise to wait for the situation to progress naturally for a period of time, and then consult the cards again.

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Possible outcome #4: No

Indicates that major roadblocks are present, and it is not advised to move forward

When you receive a "No" answer in your reading, this is signaling that it is not wise to make progress with this area of your life as there are major roadblocks in the way of a harmonious solution. But not to worry, no answer is completely set in stone. This answer could change at some point in time if significant life or attitude shifts take place.

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