tarot spread for the future tarot spread for the future

Take Control of Your Future with a Timeline Tarot Reading

Reveal what's coming your way and how to prepare

We all wish we could know what's coming our way -- and now you can! Your past and present hold crucial clues as to how things play out for you, and our Timeline Tarot Reading helps you pinpoint these unfolding issues so you're prepared for anything your future holds.

This 5-card Tarot reading is one of the most effective Tarot spreads for the future, because each card position looks at the flow of events in your life -- from the past to the present to the near future and beyond -- to see how they are impacting your outcome. The unique guidance in this reading will minimize uncertainty and arm you with the clarity needed to take control of your future TODAY.

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Timeline Tarot Reading

Position 1: History card

Influences from your personal history that could be affecting your life now

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain situations the way you do? Understanding your circumstances and natural instincts from an objective lens can be very challenging, to say the least. The first position in this 5-card reading gives you the perspective needed to see what factors in your early upbringing or personal experiences have influenced who you are today. This insight will help you move away from the things you don't want, so you can move closer to what it is you do want.

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Position 2: Recent Events card

Events that are just receding -- recently influential but now diminishing in power

It's not just your distant past that affects you! While you may have recently encountered setbacks or issues that felt so intense you thought you'd never get over them, there was something you gained, even if you didn't know it at the time. The Recent Events card provides you guidance on how experiences in your near past have shaped your current perspective toward your situation. It also serves as evidence of the lessons you're learning that will bring you closer to the outcome you desire.

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Position 3: The Present card

How you perceive yourself right now

With the hundreds of conscious and subconscious decisions we make every day, it can be exhausting to know the best way to proceed in the present moment. The Present card in this Timeline Tarot spread analyzes where you are right now and what you can do or the tools you have at your disposal that would be of greatest benefit to you. The advice you receive from this card will help you make your next move with greater confidence.

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Position 4: Near Future card

Any self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, or where you could get stuck

Could you be confusing what you think you should want with what you truly want? Are your subliminal tendencies unknowingly sabotaging you? The fourth position in this Tarot spread brings to light areas where you could meet resistance within yourself in dealing with your situation. You may be presented with suggestions you hadn't thought to consider before, ones that will move you closer to a positive outcome.

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Position 5: Far Future card

Unknown circumstances that are still taking shape

Wouldn't it be useful to have foresight into what's brewing in your future? This Tarot card reading does just that! The fifth and final position of this spread provides you with a rare chance to see what's unfolding in your distant future, revealing hidden opportunities for you to optimize and prepare for whatever it is that's headed your way.

What you do today influences what happens to you tomorrow, so get your Timeline Tarot Reading NOW!

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