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Restore Your Relationship with a Reconciliation Tarot Reading

Restore and strengthen your connection

Mending a broken love connection can be a tricky matter. Whether you're having a major disagreement with your partner, going through a breakup, or contemplating getting back together with your ex, it's difficult to find the clarity needed about the future of your relationship. Fortunately, powerful insight is available to you!

Our brand-new Reconciliation Tarot Reading was designed to pinpoint the unique factors at play in your partnership, offering personalized advice that empowers you as you attempt to reconcile with your loved one. You'll no longer need to ask yourself, "Can we repair this relationship?" or "Should I give my ex a second chance?" because this reading will provide you with the answers you've been searching for!

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Reconciliation Tarot Reading

Position 1: You card

How you perceive yourself right now

Every relationship you have begins with yourself, which is why the You card looks at the energies surrounding you as you consult the Tarot. Because all partnerships are 50/50 endeavor, it's critical to understand your half of the equation. By understanding your motivations and contributions in this situation, you take the first step toward reconciliation.

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Position 2: Your Loved One card

How you might perceive someone you are now or soon to be involved with

Not knowing what your significant other is thinking can be one of the most difficult and painful parts of any challenging relationship situation. The second position in this reading gives you a glimpse into what your partner may be thinking or feeling at this moment in time, helping you better understand the influence he or she brings to your partnership.

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Position 3: The Challenges card

How to turn your obstacles into opportunities

Every relationship is going to have its fair share of obstacles, and it's the not what happens to you but how you work through them that makes all the difference. The third card in this spread focuses on the challenges you and your partner are facing right now, offering advice on how to let this situation work for you rather than against you.

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Position 4: The Solutions card

This Tarot card suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible

Sometimes the hardest part of any complicated love situation is knowing what to do next. When circumstances are so fragile, worrying about making a misstep could prevent you from making a move at all. The Solutions card eliminates uncertainty by providing specific advice that will help you steer your relationship in the right direction.

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Position 5: The Future card

Unknown circumstances that are still taking shape

We all wish we could wave our hands over a crystal ball and see what the future holds! The last position in this reconciliation Tarot spread gives you the opportunity to do just that, offering you a sneak peek into what is yet to come in your love life. By understanding what's unfolding, you can dodge any challenging obstacles and focus on strengthening your relationship.

Get the insight needed to reconcile with the one you love »

With the right tools, reconciliation IS possible! Use the insight of the Tarot to put your relationship on the road to recovery now!

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