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2023 Astrology: The Biggest Events of the Year

Discover the most impactful Astrology dates headed your way in 2023.

By Tarot.com Staff

With slow-moving planets like Saturn and Pluto entering new signs in 2023, you know we're in for a cosmic shakeup! Take a look at the most important astrological dates of the year ahead ... and how you can make them work for you.

Saturn moves into Pisces

Date: March 7

During his stay in Aquarius the past few years, the father in the sky taught us that concrete action is necessary to effect positive change in our communities, and that starts with each one of us. The pandemic has already tested us to sit alone with ourselves, but Saturn in Pisces asks us to look inside without reaching for the bottle, doom scrolling, or resorting to spiritual bypassing. What’s left is likely our own unresolved pain. In order to move through it, we must surrender to the reality that individual and collective healing takes work, discipline, and personal accountability.

Pluto moves into Aquarius

Date: March 23

After revealing the patriarchal corruption and power struggles that exist in our families and political systems, the planet of deep transformation has shaken the foundation of society while in Capricorn. For the first time since the 18th century, Pluto arrives in Aquarius, but whether that means evolution or revolution is yet to be determined. If we think technology is ahead of its time now, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Many communities will come together to further progress humanity toward a shift in consciousness that prioritizes equality, justice, and social change. Will those in power get on board? That’s another story.

Mars moves into Cancer

Date: March 25

The planet of action typically spends about a month or two in each sign, but after a 7-month trek in chatty Gemini, we could all use a time out from information overload. If we’ve felt scattered, nervous, and a little bit jittery, Mars moving into Cancer will help get us out of our heads and into our feeling bodies. After recently having considered all our options and then some, we can now let our emotions move us toward what we really care about. While moodiness and outbursts could arise, this may be a welcome change after so many months of running around with our heads cut off.

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Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

Date: April 20

Whether you like it or not, this solar eclipse is all about you. Eclipses illuminate things we didn’t see before, and this time, that thing might be ourselves. If we have a tendency to hide in the shadows, then it’s wise to pay attention. We might get insight as to what’s motivating our desire to stay unseen. Fear, insecurity, and laziness have all passed their expiration dates. Where might we be holding onto anger and resentment for putting others before us? May the messages we receive be fuel to fire our transformation.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Dates: April 21 - May 14

With the trickster planet doing its retrograde thing in Taurus, we might want to hold back on making big purchases, buying a home, or shifting where our income comes from. It’s likely that we won’t have all the information we need to make the best choices. However, it’s a great time to assess our values and get clear on what’s important to us. Do we speak from a lack mindset and low sense of self-worth? Our words can be seeds of abundance if we use them wisely.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Date: May 5

The good news is that this is the last of the Scorpio eclipses for a little while. The bad news is that there might be some more karmic sludge stirred up from the bottom of our pots. Whatever comes up for us just wants to be seen deeply. There could be a temptation to stew in the sadness or even obsess about people who betrayed us in the past, but our job is to keep things moving. Feeling our feelings fully helps put them to rest.

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Jupiter moves into Taurus

Date: May 16

Jupiter has spent the past year giving us the confidence we need to do things our way, whatever that means. Whether we started a new business or committed to putting ourselves first for once, those seeds need watering. In Taurus, the planet of good fortune helps us find practical ways to build financial wealth and personal worth. While the blessings may be abundant, Jupiter has also been known to go a little overboard. Cancel the credit card if you have to, because the temptation to treat yourself will be real.

Jupiter in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius

Dates: May 17

As soon as Jupiter settles into Taurus, it makes the first of three major aspects this year. Square Pluto, it wants us to take it to the limit. We’ll be following our ambitions with confidence … perhaps a bit too much. With the planet of blessings on our side, we can surely win big, but if our bids for power aren’t grounded in ethics and morals, we could lose even bigger. Once we’re aligned with the collective good, these planets will support us in taking leaps toward our true potential.

Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus

Date: June 1

The planet of blessings makes its second key aspect this year, joining the point of destiny. This auspicious meeting in the sky helps illuminate our purpose and reveal the meaning of life. Our outlook has dramatically shifted these recent years. What have we learned is really valuable to us? And how does that shift the direction we’re headed in? People who come into our lives now may affect us forever. We’d be wise to take note of it all so we can stay on the right track. Psst: our Timeline Tarot Reading would be a perfect match for this energy.

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Pluto Retrograde enters Capricorn

Dates: June 11

After a quick introduction into Aquarius in March, Pluto turns retrograde on May 1st and steps back into Capricorn on June 11th to take care of some unfinished business for the remainder of the year. The changemaker wants us to take our power back from those who never should have had it in the first place. If our career, reputation, business, or authority figures do not come from a place of integrity, this is the time to set the record straight before the rug gets pulled out from beneath us.

Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces

Date: June 19

The last of Jupiter’s key transits for the year brings us back to Earth. We’ve tapped into where we want to go in life but are more realistic about the hard work needed to get there now. Jupiter sextile Saturn means practical expansion. It’s time to take the hard lessons learned and move forward on our plans with no nonsense. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and our plans are no different. Taking ambitious yet pragmatic steps now will pay off later. Psst: if you're struggling to figure out those next steps, our 20/20 Vision Tarot Reading could offer some needed clarity.

North Node moves into Aries

Date: July 17

We live in an individualistic society, and yet at the same time, so many of us don’t even know what it means to truly care for ourselves. As the point of destiny shifts into independent Aries, we may explore what sovereignty really looks like. Acting on our instincts should not entail ignoring the effect on those around us, and being in relationship with others does not require abandoning our sense of self. How can we live in harmony with others while boldly being true to ourselves? The North Node’s presence in Aries over the next couple of years will give us the chance to answer this profound question.

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Venus Retrograde in Leo

Dates: July 22 - September 3

Leo season brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us this year with Venus going retrograde in this passionate sign. We want to be seen, adored, and appreciated, but that desire could have us feeling extra vulnerable this go-around. Old lovers could come knocking at our doors, but that doesn’t mean we should answer. Instead, we might reflect on how we were loved in past relationships and how we’d like to be loved in the future. Focusing on the people that bring out the best in us is a good place to start. Psst: our Love Quest Potentials Tarot Reading is a great support in moments like these.

Pluto in Capricorn squares the North and South Node

Dates: July 23, July 25, and July 28

Pluto is back in Capricorn, wrapping up old business before it moves into Aquarius and stays there for roughly two decades. A square between this transformative planet and the nodes urges us to resolve missed steps in our healing journeys so that growth can occur. Have we been giving our power away? Or are we using our power at the expense of others? Guilt, shame, and regret may arise from the subconscious as we are asked to face these truths once and for all. If we continue to dodge our responsibility in these stories, the karmic debt could be pricey.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Date: August 23 - September 15

The usual Mercury Retrograde precautions are extra pertinent during this time around as the trickster planet rewinds in the perfectionistic sign that it rules. Things will probably not go as planned, and maybe that’s for the best. Whatever stops working was probably on its way out anyway, so back up your data and don’t take any of it too personally. Overanalyzing things now will only result in unnecessary anxiety.

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Solar Eclipse in Libra

Date: October 14

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Without expressing ourselves to others, can we really know who we are? This eclipse invites us to reexamine how we relate to the world around us. A New Moon Solar Eclipse often marks an ending and a new beginning, and in the cardinal sign of Libra, something is wrapping up. If a relationship or way of relating has reached its grand finale, don’t wait around for an encore. Let it go with gratitude and reverence.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: October 28

Over the past couple of years, many of us have been reminded that our bodies are indeed our temples that must be cherished and protected … or else others will try and mark them as their territory. This eclipse highlights the way many of us have been living in survival mode for way too long. What practical steps can we take to ensure we don’t just survive, but thrive? While some use their resources for power and personal gain, we must remember that there’s enough to go around for everyone.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius

Dates: December 13 - January 1

The final Mercury Retrograde of the year might just be the system reset we need. As long as we double-check our travel plans and hold our festivity expectations lightly, we could all use a little downtime to reflect on the year and how far we’ve come. Our typical go-go-go attitude needs to be put in check once in a while. Best we slow down, enjoy the holidays, and avoid having any heated discussions at the dinner table since communication mishaps could be plentiful.

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