A couple is just about to kiss against a rosy background for the 2023 love horoscope.

Your 2023 Yearly Love Horoscope

Uncover your relationship and romance predictions.

Fiery attraction, soul-shifting sensuality, and pining for past partners make 2023 a year for swooning. With three major planets shifting signs between March and May, a new series of eclipses, and love goddess Venus turning retrograde in July, change is in the air for our relationships. This might feel destabilizing at first, but taking a deep dive into our own heart space can make our romantic relationships even stronger.

Jump in with both feet alongside Venus and Pluto on January 1

The message is clear on the very first day of the year as Venus and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn: we can be extremely serious about our love lives and are willing to work hard to integrate our partners into our personal transformations in the coming 12 months. As Saturn shifts into psychic Pisces on March 7, relationship boundaries can melt, reminding us how necessary they are for stability. Creating space for emotional growth on our own terms is necessary before we can establish tight, healthy bonds. With Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23, embracing universal love should enrich our individual love lives.

Aries hosts Jupiter through May, giving us a boost of fiery joy

Jupiter sizzles in assertive Aries for the first half of the year, making us brash, bold, and brave in romance. If we're single, this can bolster our bravado, bolstering us as we charge ahead and chase what we want. With an intensely powerful total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th, pure, unbridled desire is there for the taking! Next, Jupiter glides into sensual, steadfast Taurus on May 16, reminding us that sometimes what our lovers really need is slow, careful attention. This can heighten and deepen sexual relationships -- both new and casual or long-term and steady.

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Remember your romantic history during Venus Retrograde in July through September

Venus pitches in when she enters lavish Leo on June 5, shortly before beginning one of the most notable relationship transits of the entire year -- a Venus Retrograde from July 22 to September 3. The Love Planet retrogrades every 18 months, but the last time it appeared to travel backward in Leo was in July and August of 2015. We might find ourselves returning to that period eight years ago to see what's in store for our relationships this time around.

The potential for unfinished romantic business to erupt in July and August is high, whether it echoes experiences from Venus’s last retrograde in Leo in 2015 or another part of our history. Ex-lovers, old crushes, or anyone we've had affection for, requited or not, could show up in our dreams or waking lives. We might get an unexpected message or run into an old flame while we're out and about. Try to remember that romances that begin under Venus Retrograde may not last after the love planet has gone direct. The big caveat of 2023 is that getting back together with an ex while Venus is out of phase can bring closure, but not necessarily long-term commitment. Yet the same goes for breakups that happen during this retrograde -- they may also be temporary.

October’s eclipse gives us a second to breathe

By the time the Solar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of relationships, happens on October 14, we should have figured out most of our pressing romantic ruminations. All in all, 2023 will have us more besotted, bothered, and bewildered than any recent years -- but we can get to the bottom of it rather than repeating unhealthy patterns.

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