The Conjunction Aspect

The Conjunction

A harmonious aspect between two planets

By Staff

Aspect angle: 0 - 8 degrees

Favorable. When two planets form a conjunction, they are very close to each other in the sky, and are operating together as a team. They are like two peas in a pod, and because they are so close to each other, they are usually in the same sign and house in your birth chart, or in the current sky. Conjunctions can create either positive or negative results, depending on which two planets are involved.

For example, if love planet Venus and lucky planet Jupiter are conjunct, it's one of the best aspects of all and the result is a fun time. But if warrior planet Mars and transformational planet Pluto make a conjunction, it can create a dangerous and volatile energy.

Just remember, planetary conjunctions are favorable because the planets' energies are working together, but the way they play out can change dramatically -- making them the most versatile Astrology aspect.

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