The Trine Aspect

The Trine

A harmonious aspect between two planets

By Staff

Aspect angle: 120 degrees

Favorable. When two planets are trine, they are understanding and supportive of one another. Trines form between two planets that are in the same element in the zodiac (Air, Fire, Earth or Water), and they communicate well together. But because they get along so well, they are at risk of becoming so comfortable and easy together that they wind up lazy and need help getting into motion.

Take Venus and Neptune, for example: When the planet of love and beauty forms a trine with the planet of spirituality and dreams, it's very pleasant -- but it's also very difficult to get anything done. This aspect is all about fantasy, daydreams and escapism, which is great for creative purposes, yet can also create some foggy delusions about real life.

Yes, planetary trines are mostly wonderful -- they inspire easy expression and creativity, but you do have to use your own energy to get them going! 

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