Preisident Obama's Astrology birth chart

The Astrology of Barack Obama

Expore President Obama's Astrology birth chart

By Jeff Jawer

U.S. President Barack Obama has been a figurehead of change since he first began competing for the Democratic presidential nomination years ago. Demonstrating his role as unifier, his Astrology birth chart suggests that his presidency will prove him to be a transformative leader as the Chief Executive.

Obama is a Leo, born August 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Uranus, the planet of surprises and breakthroughs, at a highly significant point in his horoscope. It was conjunct the Moon's North Node in Leo, indicating Obama's karmic path as a change agent. But as his presidency has shown, he's a cautiously bold builder who is likely to be a competent innovator, not a reckless revolutionary.

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Obama has the charisma and personal power of his Leo Sun, but the sometimes autocratic nature of this sign is tempered by his Moon, symbol of emotions, in adaptable Gemini. He is not a rigid man with fixed ideas; he is a flexible pragmatist whose plans are carefully measured to include the input of others. The Moon in airy Gemini is often cool and sometimes appears aloof, yet this position also reflects his dislike for personal drama among his staff.

Some individuals with Leo and Gemini are all show and no go, but that's not the case with President Obama. You don't make it through Harvard Law School with sloppy work habits or a superficial mind, and you don't run the country without a strong sense of strategy and an eye for detail. Barack was born with Mars, the action planet, in efficient Virgo, where results count more than appearances. His Mars is strengthened by a harmonious 120-degree trine to responsible Saturn in well-organized Capricorn, reinforcing his image as a highly competent manager.

Aquarius Rising indicates that he is, in some ways, a man who may be free of narrow prejudices, dedicated to innovation and individual rights. We're unlikely to see fear-based repression of speech under Obama's watch. Still, his earthy efficiency and charismatic cool are nicely balanced with the emotional depth of his Venus in Cancer. The affection this planet of love inspires in his family is not an act. It is an honest expression of a desire to nurture and protect, as demonstrated by his work as a community organizer in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.

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