Beyonce's Astrology


Put a ring on this diva's driven Astrology

By Jeff Jawer

Nobody does sexy as innocently as Beyonce Knowles. Her physical heat is contained in such a cool way that she's been able to appeal to an extremely wide audience. Her pristine Virgo Sun and passionate Scorpio Moon explain how she can pull this off.

Looking as sexy as Beyonce while keeping a pristine reputation is a difficult trick. The former lead singer of Destiny's Child has found a way to capitalize on her bootylicious good looks while maintaining an image of wholesomeness, though. She's the religious girl who is sultry yet spiritual, the main squeeze of hip hop giant Jay-Z, and still her daddy's little girl -- even though she and Jay-Z have a little girl of her own, these days. No matter how hot she appears on stage or screen, or how elaborate her costume, Beyonce somehow seems like a regular person -- the modest girl next door who just happens to be rich, famous, gorgeous and an amazing singer.

What makes it work for Beyonce is that she's being totally real, and the proof is in the stars. Born September 4, 1981, Beyonce has the Sun in Virgo, the crisp, clean-cut sign of modesty. But her Moon -- which represents moods and habits -- is in the smoldering sign of Scorpio. This passionate Water sign often evokes erotic feelings and strong emotional responses from others. There's often a sense of danger about these individuals, but we don't get that from Beyonce. She feels trustworthy and in control of herself. The astrological evidence lies in a conjunction of Mercury, the mentally-oriented planet that rules her Virgo Sun, with Saturn, the planet of responsibility.

Beyonce's mind is sharp and clear, and her inner guidance is unambiguous. We understand that she is performing on stage and doing her job as an entertainer, instead of seeing her as a needy person using manipulation to make us love her. Her Venus -- the planet of love and beauty -- is serene in its airy home sign of Libra in Beyonce's Astrology chart. On one side is generous Jupiter, which gives her exceptional grace and style. On the other side is Pluto, the lord of deep desire, which accentuates her sensuality. We feel safe with Beyonce because she takes us right up to the line of eroticism but never crosses it -- in precise Virgo fashion.

Some fans of Destiny's Child blame Beyonce's solo career for the disbanding of the group. While that appears to be true, her birth chart shows that she made the right choice. This is based on the Nodes of the Moon, two opposing points formed by the intersection of the Earth's orbit with the Moon's. Her South Node -- associated with old patterns -- is in the group-oriented sign of Aquarius. Staying on the South Node is a way to avoid growth and development in all areas of life. Her North Node, though, which indicates a positive direction for development and fulfillment, is in the soloist's sign of Leo right next to her Mars, the planet of independent action. Breaking away from Destiny's Child was not only good for her career, but also positive for her psychological and spiritual growth. It's both the best way for Beyonce to pursue her art, and for us to enjoy her performances for years to come.

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