Chinese Monkey Compatibility

Monkey Relationship Compatibility: The Prankster

Monkey's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey is ambitious, clever, and reckless. Your friends love your pranks and how you are always ready to try new things -- you make everything more fun. Your intelligence can be intimidating, and your constant need to get to the bottom of every mystery can be hard for more private signs, but as long as you recognize your tendency toward arrogance, you will find the love and family that will bring you happiness.


Monkey and Rat

Monkey and Rat Compatibility The Monkey and Rat make a fun-loving couple that adores laughing. The clever Monkey delights the Rat with uncanny impersonations and witty wordplay. The Rat returns the favor by playing wicked pranks on both friends and enemies. Both signs are competitive, but these two use their ambition to push each other to new heights. Whoever emerges as the victor will be rewarded for a job well done, while the loser will be praised for their brave efforts. These chatterboxes will enjoy talking into the wee hours of the night, and may not get much sleep in each other’s company.

As friends, the Monkey and Rat are also well-suited. The Monkey likes to propose plans, and the Rat enjoys making all the practical arrangements to realize them. Sometimes the Monkey will tire of the Rat’s tendency to challenge every single statement, while the Rat will become exasperated by the Monkey’s sarcastic responses. Still, these pals can never stay angry at each other for long, and are usually off on another adventure before resentment can set in. Sexually, the Monkey and Rat find great fulfillment. The Monkey’s limber body is a revelation to the Rat. Meanwhile, the Rat’s sexy talk makes the Monkey’s eyes sparkle with excitement. Problems could arise if the Monkey steps out with someone else. The faithful Rat doesn’t like the idea of an open relationship. If the Monkey is smart, he or she will satisfy their desires through role-playing and fantasizing. With this couple, there’s a creative solution to every problem.

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Monkey and Ox

Monkey and Ox Compatibility If these lovers maintain open minds, they can bring great gifts to one another. The free-wheeling Monkey can show the Ox how to loosen up and have a good time. Meanwhile, the sensual Ox can demonstrate the benefits of savoring physical pleasures like good food, fine wine, and rich fabrics. Of course, their different styles can be a source of annoyance. The versatile Monkey can’t understand the Ox’s insistence on doing the same things in the same way, day after day. Conversely, the steadfast Ox thinks that the scatterbrained Monkey is something of a flake. Still, these two manage to overlook each other’s idiosyncrasies for the sake of harmony.

As friends, the Monkey and Ox enjoy a solid bond. The sociable Monkey invites the Ox to be more giving with their talents. In return, the Ox shows the Monkey the benefit of developing their hobbies into money-making endeavors. When the Monkey gets sick or overwhelmed, the Ox is quick to respond with a pot of homemade soup and some juicy reading materials. When the Ox becomes depressed, the Monkey hauls him or her to a rollicking party. It’s a good friendship characterized by give-and-take. With regard to sex, the Monkey and Ox have very different approaches. The Monkey likes to laugh while making love, while the Ox wants to sigh with pleasure. Fortunately, the Ox has a very earthy sense of humor, and may not mind the Monkey’s spicy jokes. If this couple is going to stay together, though, the Monkey must get serious about learning the Ox’s sexual likes and dislikes.

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Monkey and Tiger

Monkey and Tiger Compatibility As far as romance is concerned, the Monkey and Tiger don’t make a natural match. The eager-to-please Monkey wants a partner to cling to, which doesn’t sit well with the independent Tiger. Meanwhile, the Tiger wants to be praised and pampered, but the Monkey refuses to feed this sign’s vanity. Can these two make a success of this relationship? Yes, provided that they stay focused on fun. Both of these signs love parties, games, and trips. As long as these two remain in the courtship phase, they’ll be satisfied.

When it comes to friendship, the Monkey and Tiger fare better. Each possesses an impressive intellect. These two enjoy discussing current events, pop culture, and philosophical questions. They also appreciate each other’s strengths. The Monkey is impressed by the Tiger’s bravery, while the Tiger is amazed by the Monkey’s cunning. They would make great bridge or tennis partners. Of course, the Monkey hates it when the Tiger gets bossy, and the Tiger can’t stand when the Monkey flakes out. Still, these two can enjoy a comfortable platonic bond. Sexually, the Monkey and Tiger are well suited. Neither one is particularly possessive. Therefore, these two may enjoy being friends with sexual privileges, or have an open relationship. In the event that these two decide to physically commit to one another, they will work to keep the passion fresh and alive. The Monkey and Tiger are the types of lovers who need to constantly explore new sexual vistas. As soon as the lovemaking gets predictable, both will head for greener pastures.

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Monkey and Rabbit

Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility The Monkey and Rabbit have an affinity for each other that could lead to a rewarding romance. Both are extremely bright, and enjoy stimulating talks together. Beyond their intellectual connection, though, there are few points of contact. The outgoing Monkey sometimes feels shunned by the Rabbit’s reserve, while the quality-conscious Rabbit can’t abide the Monkey’s preference for whatever is cheap and convenient. If these two are going to settle down together, the Monkey needs to honor the Rabbit’s love of luxury, while the Rabbit must become more affectionate.

As friends, the Monkey and Rabbit face problems, too. The Monkey loves whatever is new and different, but the Rabbit prefers the familiar comforts of home and family. Additionally, the Monkey doesn’t take anything seriously, whereas the Rabbit thinks certain subjects should never be smiled at. If these two are smart, they’ll use this friendship to become more balanced people. The Monkey can learn tact and discretion from the Rabbit, and the Rabbit can discover how to loosen up. With regard to sex, the Monkey and Rabbit get along fine. The Monkey has a stronger libido, but can easily talk the Rabbit into some afternoon delight. The Rabbit responds well to the Monkey’s clever compliments and feels safe sharing their most intimate self with this lover. Of course, the Monkey’s wanderlust could throw a wrench into this relationship, but for the most part, Rabbits are kind, compassionate lovers who strive to understand their partner’s motives. Monkeys appreciate this broad-minded attitude.

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Monkey and Dragon

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility The Monkey and Dragon make a fabulous match. These two love to party, and won’t spend much time at home. In fact, their household may resemble something of a hotel room, with dirty clothes strewn on the floor and dishes piled in the sink. Who needs to lie around the house when there are restaurants to dine at and clubs to explore? Although their household won’t be featured in any glossy magazines, the Monkey and Dragon do know how to provide comfort for each other. The Monkey attends to the Dragon’s day-to-day business, while the Dragon works hard so that the Monkey won’t have to spend their days at a stuffy office. The Monkey is dazzled by the Dragon’s star power, while the Dragon is impressed by the Monkey’s intelligence.

Together, they make an impressive team. In fact, the Monkey would be a very good talent agent for the Dragon. Ultimately, these fun-loving signs think that pleasure is more important than business, and will spend most of their time playing games, romping in the park, or dancing at clubs. Sexually, the Monkey and Dragon find lots of success. There is a playful aspect to their lovemaking, and their bedroom may be a tangle of sheets and clothes. These two love rolling around, laughing, and nuzzling, and will probably knock over quite a bit of furniture during their trysts. The neighbors may not get much sleep, though, for these two are vocal and acrobatic lovers.

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Monkey and Snake

Monkey and Snake Compatibility The Monkey and Snake make an unusual pair. These two have to expend a lot of time and energy on their relationship to make it work. For while the outgoing Monkey shares the sociable Snake’s love of people, each have very different emotional needs. The Monkey yearns to go exploring, while the Snake wants to stay home snuggling. The Monkey craves freedom, but the possessive Snake isn’t willing to grant it. Monkeys base decisions on logic, while Snakes trust their intuition.

The Monkey and Snake fare better as friends. The Monkey’s cheerful outlook can rub off on the pessimistic Snake. When the latter feels discouraged, the former will offer support. The Snake, on the other hand, can warn the trusting Monkey of potential enemies. The Snake also enjoys imparting fashion advice to the Monkey. Whether or not the Monkey accepts these tips is another question, though. Ultimately, Snakes respect the Monkeys’ determination to stay true to their own style, even at the risk of looking uncool. Besides, there’s the added advantage of being the more eye-catching member of this duo. With regard to sex, the Monkey and Snake feel an intense attraction for one another. The Monkey loves the Snake’s sinewy movements, while the Snake is delighted by the Monkey’s boundless energy. The open-minded Monkey doesn’t mind if the Snake strays into somebody else’s bed, but the jealous Snake won’t extend the same consideration to the Monkey. Fortunately, the Monkey won’t be intent on demanding the same rights, provided the Snake continues to satisfy their sexual needs.

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Monkey and Horse

Monkey and Horse Compatibility The Monkey and Horse can make a good pair if they focus on their common interests. Both are interested in current events, share an adventurous spirit, and enjoy wild parties. The Monkey likes the Horse’s optimism, and the Horse adores the Monkey’s wicked sense of humor. Yet, once this romance gets underway, problems could occur. The Monkey can’t abide the Horse’s workaholic tendencies, and the Horse doesn’t want to cope with the Monkey’s neuroses. If these two are going to commit to one another, they need to curb their more extreme behaviors. The Horse needs to leave work at the office, and the Monkey has to have faith that everything will work out for the best.

As friends, the Monkey and Horse are better suited to one another. Monkeys like contests of all kinds, and Horses share this interest. The two will enjoy going to sporting events and casinos. These buddies also love a party, and often make the rounds of various festivities together. Yes, the Monkey will sometimes accuse the Horse of being a wet blanket, while the Horse will occasionally call the Monkey a blabbermouth. Despite these occasional skirmishes, this pair can enjoy a strong friendship. With regard to sex, the Monkey and Horse hit it off splendidly. The energetic Monkey can satisfy the Horse’s strong libido, while the affectionate Horse makes the Monkey feel irresistible. Neither one of these signs is particularly steadfast in love, but if they do break off their sexual relationship, the Monkey and Horse will probably remain friends.

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Monkey and Goat

Monkey and Goat Compatibility Monkeys and Goats make fun-loving couples that feel a genuine fondness for each other. The free-wheeling Monkey appreciates the Goat’s laid-back approach to life. Meanwhile, the imaginative Goat admires the Monkey’s problem-solving abilities. Granted, the Monkey works harder than the Goat, but the former doesn’t mind keeping a job while the latter keeps the home fires burning. Their romantic styles are a bit different: the Monkey likes verbalizing their affection, whereas the Goat prefers to show it through actions. Still, these two get along quite well, considering their differences.

Platonically, the Monkey and Goat face a rockier road. Without sex to gloss over their dissimilarities, these two tend to grate on each other’s nerves. The Monkey wants the freedom to explore new vistas, but the possessive Goat demands that friends stay close. Monkeys might be content to stay home and play Scrabble one night, but will refuse to skip parties for the sake of their friend. The Goat will feel hurt by the Monkey’s snubs, and will find it hard to forgive these slights. As far as sex is concerned, this couple faces similar challenges. The Monkey doesn’t associate sex with love, whereas the Goat needs to have an emotional stake in their partner. The Monkey’s detached attitude toward sex is a real turn-off for the Goat. Meanwhile, the Goat’s powerful emotions can scare away the free-spirited Monkey. If these two are going to make their affair last, the Monkey needs to become more sensitive, and the Goat must develop a thicker skin.

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Monkey and Monkey

Monkey and Monkey Compatibility Nobody adores each other like a pair of Monkeys. Both of these lovers detest mushy sentiment. Their connection is intellectual. The two could meet in a chat room, at a book club, or at a card game. They’ll run up a fearsome phone bill, as Monkeys love nothing more than to chatter to one another. Both are very skillful, and can get chores done in record time. These folks are doers, not dreamers, and can accomplish a great deal together. Monkeys love their freedom, and are apt to give each other plenty of room to express their creativity or explore their interests.

As friends, the Monkeys also hit it off. The two are perfectly suited to taking a road trip together. Monkeys love to be on the move, and will enjoy exploring unfamiliar towns and faraway places together. Of course, they will occasionally argue about the best way to get to a place or whether Coke is better than Pepsi. Still, these arguments will be a lighthearted form of play, rather than a struggle for power. If these two need to pick up a little extra cash, they could enter a karaoke competition. Monkeys are born performers that rise to dizzying heights when a prize is at stake. Sexually, Monkeys have a good time together. Strangely, making love isn’t a huge priority for this couple. That’s because they satisfy each other intellectually. When they do express physical affection for each other, Monkeys are incredibly athletic. This is the kind of couple that installs a swing in the bedroom.

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Monkey and Rooster

Monkey and Rooster Compatibility The Monkey and Rooster aren’t naturally suited to each other. The first is adventurous and the second is cautious. The Monkey is easy-going and the Rooster is fastidious. The former is liberal and the latter is conservative. Is there any way these two can form a romantic alliance? Yes, provided Monkeys prompt the Roosters to laugh at themselves, while Roosters helps the Monkeys perfect their skills. Each can balance the other, provided they treat each other with kindness, compassion, and, above all, respect. Platonically, the Monkey and Rooster face similar problems. The Monkey can’t abide the Rooster’s hen-pecking. Similarly, the Rooster is driven mad by the Monkey’s flighty behavior. Both constantly struggle for supremacy in this relationship. If the Monkey is willing to admit that the Rooster is a better judge of character, the Rooster can allow that the Monkey is better at dealing with people.

As friends, the Monkey can give the Rooster advice on human relations, while the Rooster can alert the Monkey to potential manipulators. As far as sex is concerned, the uninhibited Monkey can show the Rooster a thing or two. Too often, self-conscious Roosters have difficulties tuning into their sensual side. With the help of a Monkey, Roosters can learn to embrace their sexual desires without shame or fear. In exchange, the Rooster will work to become the kind of inventive lover the Monkey really enjoys. When things get cold in the bedroom, the Monkey would be wise to warm up the Rooster with kisses, cuddles, and caresses.

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Monkey and Dog

Monkey and Dog Compatibility The Monkey and Dog, though not completely compatible, can enjoy a lasting romance. The intelligent Monkey sees the wisdom in the Dog’s social crusades. Meanwhile, the anxious Dog is able to relax in the Monkey’s fun-loving presence. If the independent Monkey yearns for space, the understanding Dog will encourage his or her lover to take a trip or go out with friends. The grateful Monkey will return the favor by helping the Dog raise funds for its favorite charity. Yes, the Monkey’s sarcasm can cut the Dog like a knife, while the Dog’s criticisms get under the Monkey’s skin. Still, these two are willing to take the bad with the good.

As friends, the Monkey and Dog get along very well. The Monkey can introduce the Dog to all sorts of people in positions of power. This is very useful to the Dog, who is always looking for help in backing various social causes. Dogs can help Monkeys fulfill responsibilities when their friend bites off more than they can chew. These pals love going to parties together, especially casual get-togethers where the Dog can flop down and bask in the company of loved ones. Sexually, the Monkey and Dog are a bit challenged. The Monkey is energetic and experimental, whereas the Dog is slow and sensual. If these two are going to last as a couple, the Monkey has got to work on foreplay, while the Dog needs to develop more imagination. Fortunately, neither one of these lovers is adverse to compromise.

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Monkey and Pig

Monkey and Pig Compatibility Although the Monkey and Pig are sociable creatures that love to mix and mingle, they aren’t well suited. That’s because the Monkey wants to meet new people, whereas the Pig prefers the company of family and old friends. Ideally, these two will hold parties in their home, which will be a cozy, comfortable place filled with books, games, and amusing artwork. At times, these lovers will fight, since the perpetually busy Monkey has a hard time relaxing with the leisurely Pig. If they vow to resolve their arguments through calm, thoughtful talks, they can forge a lasting romance.

Platonically, the Monkey and Pig fare better. The Monkey can lure the Pig into trying new things, while the Pig can show the Monkey how to slow down and smell the flowers. At times, the Monkey will grow tired of the Pig’s perpetual lateness. Similarly, the Pig will chafe at the Monkey’s sarcasm. Still, these two are far too sensible to let little grudges chip away at their friendship. Neither sign wants to put the other on a pedestal, and that’s a very good thing. In terms of sex, the Monkey and Pig have some work to do. The Monkey likes frenzied lovemaking, followed by a refreshing shower and romp through the park. The Pig, on the other hand, wants long, languorous sex that ends in marathon cuddling sessions. The Monkey can’t wait to get out of bed, but the Pig wants to linger there. If the Monkey can refine their approach to foreplay, the Pig won’t sulk when the Monkey has to leave for work.

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