Chinese Zodiac: The Monkey

The Monkey never stops acting and reacting!

By Marie Diamond

Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Monkey

The Monkey’s personality

He is clever and full of ideas and pranks, always entertaining his or her friends, of which he has many. Everything is competition, and the Monkey wants to be the fastest at everything. Ambitious and resourceful, Monkeys can sometimes be reckless and secretive about what they want to do. They prefer to rely only on their own resources and talents. The Monkey never stops being busy ... even if it is only the mind that’s at work.

This funny animal sign is loved by everyone for his humor, wittiness and inspired ideas. The only thing he lacks is the time to make everything he thinks about happen. Monkeys are curious about all aspects of life and will ask the questions everyone else takes for granted -- in fact, they are so driven that they will ask questions over and over until they are satisfied they have solved the mystery. Monkeys will show great respect to anyone who has the answers, but those who don’t "know" may get overlooked by the inquisitive, discerning Monkey. They are very smart, so don’t try to win an argument or prevail in a discussion with a Monkey -- they will have the final say either through their wisdom or because of their humor. Monkeys need to work on being more humble, as they can become egocentric and arrogant due to the constant success they manifest in their lives.

The Monkey in love

The Monkey woman in love: Monkey women take time to find the right partner and will persevere for a long time until they do. However, they tend to have a short passion span. But you can inspire a Monkey woman by taking her interesting places, like the theatre, and showing off your knowledge of music or the arts. Helping her to decorate can also court her favor. It’s important to follow a Monkey’s rhythm -- she can be very up and down emotionally, but once you have children together, she will be devoted to you for the rest of her life -- Monkey women love to take care of family and children. Make sure you keep up a lively social life and go out together often. Your Monkey woman needs to tap into the excitement and glamour of life for as long as she lives.

The Monkey man in love: Before they settle down, male Monkeys like to play the field and meet many different types of people. They attract partners with their humor and by sharing their fantasies about how great marriage with each other can be. The Monkey man will decide quickly that you two should move in together, but don’t be deceived ... he may be your main squeeze, but he will still behave like a single guy. Monkey men tend to marry late because partying is such great fun. As a father, your Monkey man will be loyal but it’s wise to allow him his weekly night out with friends. He needs a lot of social freedom to be satisfied and to keep feeling like a young monkey. Welcome him home with open arms, don’t ask too many questions about where he’s been or what he’s done, and he’ll be your mate for life.

The Monkey and money

Monkeys know how to accumulate wealth, although they sometimes acquire money in ways that are not perfectly legal or honest. They want some financial comfort even if it means sacrificing personal freedom to secure it. The monkey feels it is better to have a basic living than none at all. Monkeys are great teachers and great storytellers.

Using their imagination at work will bring them great fortune. They can take a failing company and turn it around through the sheer force of their ideas. Unfortunately they are quickly bored and need a lot of new stimuli to keep going. Monkeys can also be stubborn and invest in the wrong cause if, in their fantasies, they are convinced it will turn out well.

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More facts about the Monkey

Fixed element: Metal
Season: Autumn
Positive traits: Enthusiastic, social, self-assured, innovative, witty, intelligent, curious, clever, lively, opportunistic, and personable
Negative traits: Jealous, thoughtless, suspicious, phony, selfish, and arrogant
Born in: ...1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028...

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