Chinese Ox Compatibility

Ox Relationship Compatibility: The Shy Lover

Ox's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

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Whether pursuing a romantic relationship or just new friends, the Ox is shy, reserved, and sometimes seem boring. This is not the case; once others take the time to get to know you, they will see that an Ox like you is sweet, honest, and very caring. You are dedicated to your friends and have many long-term friendships that can turn into romance if you keep your natural tendency toward jealousy in check.


Ox and Rat

Ox and Rat Compatibility The Ox and Rat make an odd duo. The shy, retiring Ox seems like the sociable Rat’s complete opposite. While the Ox enjoys a quiet evening at home, the Rat prefers a rollicking night on the town. When these two are together, the Ox is often eclipsed by the Rat’s larger-than-life personality. Fortunately, this doesn’t pose a big problem, as the Ox could care less about occupying the spotlight. The Rat appreciates the Ox’s deferential attitude, and rewards this lover with undying loyalty and respect. Both the Ox and the Rat put heavy emphasis on relationships. They love entertaining friends in their home. Although the Ox will sometimes tire of the Rat’s messy habits, he or she is happy to create a comfortable domestic environment that they can both enjoy.

The cheerful Rat has a way of coaxing the retiring Ox out of his or her shell when the occasion demands it. Conversely, the Ox can soothe the Rat’s troubled mind when finances run short or deadlines loom. Ideally, the Rat will work in the public sphere while the Ox operates out of the home. These lovers are extremely compatible. The sensual Ox enjoys the energetic Rat’s ability to make love all night. Sex is a high priority for both of these signs, so they’ll spend lots of time in bed together. Happily, the Ox and Rat are extremely loyal, so infidelity won’t be a problem. If the Rat focuses more on foreplay, these two will enjoy a healthy sex life that last well into their golden years.

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Ox and Ox

Ox and Ox Compatibility "Slow and steady wins the race" could be this couple’s motto. The Ox wants a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Consequently, this sign won’t rush things on the sexual front, or propose moving in together on the first date. On the contrary, he or she will take the time to befriend their love interest. When this love interest happens to be a fellow Ox, both breathe a sign of relief. These two are content to linger over the courtship phase, which lends a depth and richness to their bond that is enviable.

If these two decide to combine households, they will create an environment that is peaceful and uncluttered. Comfortable furniture, a few quality pieces of artwork, lush plants and family photos will abound. One or two pets are also likely to join the mix, as the Ox is extremely nurturing. In time, these two will conceive or adopt children, but not before they are financially able to do so. This couple isn’t the type to put the cart before the horse. One of the few sources of contention in this relationship is property. The Ox is quite possessive, and may not enjoy sharing their favorite belongings. It’s probably best for this team to have two of everything, if only to avoid arguments. As far as sex is concerned, the Oxen will enjoy each other’s slow, sensual approach. Granted, there won’t be many surprises in this couple’s bedroom, but that’s the way they both like it. The Ox is famous for its staying power, so these two could enjoy marathon lovemaking sessions.

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Ox and Tiger

Ox and Tiger Compatibility This is a tricky relationship that has its rewards. From the outset, the Ox and Tiger are very different people. The Ox is cautious and quiet, while the Tiger is wild and brash. One wants security, and the other craves adventure. The Ox enjoys building lasting structures over time, while the Tiger strives for overnight success. Although both of these signs are notoriously stubborn, this is obviously not a common bond that’s conducive to harmony. Still, this relationship can be salvaged with a little clever maneuvering. Obviously, the Ox can bring structure to the Tiger’s wildly chaotic life. Coaxing this big cat into a routine can actually uncover some hidden creative talents, for which the Tiger will be eternally grateful. In exchange, the Tiger can help the Ox to get in touch with their inner child. If the Ox follows their friend’s playful example, he or she could actually become even more productive. As the Tiger so wisely says, "All work and no play makes for a very boring life."

If these two signs are friends, the Ox can provide the Tiger with a welcome oasis of stability, while the Tiger can add a dash of color to the Ox’s neutral palette. When it comes to sex, the Ox and Tiger need to adjust their techniques to meet each other’s needs. The Ox has to broaden their sexual repertoire, while the Tiger needs to wear down the Ox’s reserves. Happily, these two are very lusty creatures, and will find kinship in the bedroom.

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Ox and Rabbit

Ox and Rabbit Compatibility This is a fated match that feels as comfortable as an old pair of slippers. The solid, dependable Ox loves protecting the timid Rabbit. Meanwhile, the affectionate Rabbit adores lavishing the Ox with TLC. Onlookers may find this couple slightly sickening, especially when they lapse into baby talk and make endless inside jokes. As far as these two are concerned, though, they are a perfectly matched set. Of course, the Ox can be a little bossy at times, but that doesn’t faze the laid-back Rabbit. Besides, the normally reserved Ox is willing to put up with the Rabbit’s PDAs, so it’s not like the sacrifices are one-sided.

If these two are friends, the Ox will probably push the Rabbit to become more assertive. Meanwhile, the Rabbit will encourage the Ox to see the funny side of life. This is the kind of friendship where each party will treat the other’s house like their own. Yes, the Ox can be a bit possessive, but they’re willing to relax their rules about borrowing money for their sweet pal who is always so accommodating. Often, the Ox will financially back the Rabbit’s creative efforts, which is gratifying for both friends. These two treat sex as something more than just a physical release. Whispered words of love, tender caresses, and happy sighs will be part of this couple’s repertoire. Both adore cuddling, and may enjoy the afterglow even more than the act of love. Their bedroom serves as a welcome oasis from the harsh realities of daily life.

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Ox and Dragon

Ox and Dragon Compatibility This is a volatile mix that will keep both parties on their toes. The Ox is notoriously stubborn, while the Dragon is famously bossy. When the two team up, a stalemate is bound to occur. The Ox is incapable of making a move until he or she has explored all the angles. Meanwhile, the Dragon is intent on moving forward at the speed of light. If the two happen to agree on a course of action, they can move mountains together. More often than not, however, they end up quibbling over trivial details while valuable time is wasted. If these two are going to succeed in the romantic arena, the Ox needs to acknowledge the Dragon’s knack for spinning straw into gold, and stop questioning their brilliant ideas. Meanwhile, the Dragon must admit that the Ox’s cautionary measures can actually save time and money in the long run. Secretly, the Dragon admires the Ox’s work ethic, while the Ox is impressed by the Dragon’s accomplishments.

If this is a platonic relationship, the Ox will keep the Dragon’s feet on the ground, while the Dragon will add a dash of excitement to the Ox’s daily routine. Sexually, these two couldn’t be more different. The Ox likes slow, sensual lovemaking, while the Dragon wants to swing from the chandelier. Jealousy could be a real issue here, as the Ox prizes fidelity, while the Dragon is always seeking greener pastures. Exploring each other’s attitudes toward lovemaking can help this couple forge a healthier bond.

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Ox and Snake

Ox and Snake Compatibility At first glance, this couple seems hopelessly mismatched. The straightforward Ox couldn’t be more different than the subtle Snake. The Ox likes to deal with facts and figures, while the Snake depends on intuition. However, a little more probing reveals that these two make a very loving couple. Maybe it’s because they both enjoy working behind the scenes. You won’t find either one of these folks clamoring for the spotlight or getting caught up in superficial details. Rather, both seek authenticity in everything they do. At times, the Snake will make the Ox jealous. The best way to keep envy at bay is for the Ox to have plenty of time-consuming interests. When the hard-working Ox is busy, he or she won’t have time to notice the Snake’s seductive behavior. Furthermore, the Snake won’t get much satisfaction from flirting if it fails to get the Ox’s attention. Sexually, the Ox needs to expand their repertoire, or boredom could set in. The adventurous Snake likes to explore new territory, and won’t settle for a predicable lovemaking routine.

As far as public life is concerned, the Snake will occupy center stage, while the Ox plays a supporting role. The Ox enjoys showcasing their friends’ talents, which prompts the Snake to reciprocate with plenty of hugs, kisses, and lavish gifts. These signs make great pals as well as compatible lovers, and are sure to enjoy a lasting bond. As far as money is concerned, the Ox should concentrate on earning a salary, while the Snake invests it.

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Ox and Horse

Ox and Horse Compatibility The Ox and Horse have a challenging relationship that needs lots of work. While the Ox is dependable and constant, the Horse is wild and impulsive. Consequently, it’s hard for the Ox to have faith in the Horse, especially when it comes to love and money. If these two are going to get along, they may want to maintain separate bedrooms. Such an arrangement may not be as difficult as it sounds. As far as sex is concerned, the Ox and Horse may prefer to have a passionate encounter in a neutral location, and then retire to their respective rooms. That way, the Ox can slip into their neatly made bed, while the Horse can retire on the tangled nest of sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Compromise is the key to this affair’s success. Financially, it’s probably best that the Ox and Horse maintain separate bank accounts, too. The frugal Ox wants value for their money, while Horses have an "easy come, easy go" attitude regarding funds. So long as the Horse honors the household’s financial obligations, the Ox should refrain from commenting on this lover’s seemingly frivolous purchases. Similarly, the Horse should take care not to insult the Ox’s penchant for savings and retirement accounts. As far as this couple’s friendship is concerned, the reassuring Ox can really bolster the insecure Horse’s ego. In exchange for the Ox’s unconditional love, the Horse will inject a welcome sense of adventure to their pal’s life. If the Ox is smart, he or she will follow the Horse to unfamiliar pastures.

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Ox and Goat

Ox and Goat Compatibility The Ox and the Goat form a marriage of opposites. The ultra-practical Ox feels comfortable with facts and figures, whereas the dreamy Goat relies on intuition as their guide. Ideally, the Ox will celebrate the Goat’s creative talents, and help their lover to make hard-earned cash from their efforts. In exchange, the Goat will share the fruits of their labor with the Ox, whose love of luxury is legendary. At times, the Ox will mistakenly think that the absent-minded Goat wants guidance, and will offer unsolicited advice. When this happens, the Goat will make a rare display of anger. If there’s anything this sign hates, it’s being told what to do. The best way for the Ox to maintain the Goat’s friendship is to make subtle hints. Over time, the Goat will internalize the idea and then present it as their own. By entering into this little charade, the Ox will enjoy an affectionate bond with this impressionable sign.

Despite their differences, the Ox proves an ideal companion for the Goat when the latter gets their feelings hurt. Nothing makes the Goat feel better than the calm, steadying influence of the Ox. Conversely, the visionary Goat can convince a skeptical Ox that their dreams really can come true, given a little work and a lot of faith. Sexually, this is an interesting duo. Although the sensual Ox enjoys making love, this sign isn’t very inventive. With a little help from the imaginative Goat, these two can come up with some positions and techniques that defy gravity and test endurance.

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Ox and Monkey

Ox and Monkey Compatibility The hard-working Ox and playful Monkey seem like a match made anywhere else but heaven. Before writing this couple off, though, their relationship merits a second look. There’s a reason these two signs are drawn to each other. The Ox has been blessed with a wonderful sense of humor, and secretly enjoys the Monkey’s crazy antics. Similarly, the frenetic Monkey admires the Ox’s ability to slow down and smell the flowers. Together, these two can bring a welcome dose of pleasure to each other’s lives. If the Ox lets the Monkey bring him or her to a rollicking party or two, the Monkey can look forward to being pampered with a home-cooked meal or a sensual massage. What bliss! As friends, the Ox and Monkey can help each other, too. The Ox reminds the Monkey to take their intellectual talents seriously, and may prompt this sign to get an advanced degree or professional training. The Monkey helps the Ox use their practical gifts for charitable efforts. With the Monkey’s help, the Ox can help build long-lasting structures like schools, parks, hospitals, or housing for the poor.

As far as sex is concerned, the Ox and Monkey need to work to meet each other’s needs. The conservative Ox may need to develop a more open-minded attitude about sexual practices, while the flirtatious Monkey needs to cultivate loyalty. If the Monkey strays from this union, it could be over forever, as the Ox can’t abide infidelity. That being said, the Monkey should be glad to know that the Ox will be true through both good times and bad.

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Ox and Rooster

Ox and Rooster Compatibility The Ox and Rooster go together like strawberries and cream, peanut butter and jelly, and Bert and Ernie. Both are wise enough to be content with what they have, instead of yearning for what they haven’t got. The Ox admires the Rooster’s precision and discernment. Meanwhile, the Rooster appreciates the Ox’s refusal to back down when the going gets tough. Together, these two can move mountains. Make no mistake, though. The Ox and the Rooster won’t sacrifice themselves for the sake of work. These two signs understand that love can’t thrive without play. Fortunately, these two are both very loyal creatures, so they never have to worry about infidelity. Granted, the Ox doesn’t like to socialize as much as the Rooster, and will have to spend some nights alone while their lover enjoys time with friends. In return for this freedom, the Rooster should set aside evenings to devote exclusively to the Ox. Domestic pursuits like fixing dinner, gardening, decorating, and watching DVDs give both of these signs lots of pleasure.

With regard to sex, the Ox and Rooster are very compatible. The Ox needs to heap the Rooster with praise and encouragement in the bedroom. The more appreciated the Rooster feels, the greater their staying power becomes. The Ox likes to take their time in the bedroom, preferring slow, languorous lovemaking to the fast, frenetic kind. If the Rooster takes care to linger over the Ox’s erogenous zones, they’ll be rewarded with kisses, cuddles, and a few lavish gifts.

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Ox and Dog

Ox and Dog Compatibility The Ox and the Dog need to develop a healthy respect for each other before embarking on a love affair. The Ox’s love of material wealth makes the charity-minded Dog a bit uncomfortable, but this is a problem that is easily remedied. The Ox respects the Dog’s compassionate stance, and is likely to adopt a few of their lover’s pet causes. In return, the Dog will forgive the Ox for his or her occasional indulgences, recognizing that this sign needs luxury like most people require food and water. Eventually, the two will strike a nice balance between enjoying and sharing their wealth. Both appreciate each other’s strengths, and downplay their respective differences.

The Ox loves the Dog’s quest for justice, while the Dog adores the Ox’s practicality. The two can form a harmonious, comfortable household, either as friends or lovers. And while it’s true the Dog’s pessimism will sometimes get on the Ox’s nerves, this will be a minor flaw in their friendship. After all, the Dog has to cope with the Ox’s passive-aggressive tendencies. It seems like a fair trade-off. Sexually, these two are very compatible. Both are loyal, loving, and sensual. While these are not the most creative signs in the zodiac, they are both quite passionate. The Ox will probably take the lead here, with the Dog happily playing along. These two have earthy sensibilities, and probably delight in dirty jokes and bathroom humor. This relaxed outlook leads to a healthy, unrestrained sex life that is most satisfying.

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Ox and Pig

Ox and Pig Compatibility Sparks will fly when the Ox unites with the Pig. These two signs are extremely physical, and enjoy abandoning themselves to sensual pleasures. In fact, it may take a great deal of effort to get them out of the bedroom! When they do emerge from their pleasure den, the Ox and Pig will work to create a comfortable, sociable household. The Ox will spare no expense on quality furnishings and beautiful artwork, while the Pig will ensure that the door is always open to visitors. Granted, the Ox may grumble about their lack of privacy, but in general, this sign is content so long as their lover is happy. If the Ox ever becomes truly angry, the Pig should just slip into the kitchen and whip up some comfort food. The Pig is famous for his or her culinary skills, while the Ox is renowned for having a healthy appetite. No wonder this is an unbeatable combination!

As friends, the Ox will encourage the Pig to become more organized, while the Pig will tempt the Ox into being more outgoing. The Pig can take comfort in the fact that the noble Ox would never take advantage of his or her good nature. Meanwhile, the Ox knows that the Pig appreciates his or her hard work and dedication. Of course, some sacrifices are necessary to keep this relationship alive. The Ox will be able to retain the dominant role, except when social gatherings are concerned. At these times, the Ox should always defer to the Pig, who is a master party planner.

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