Chinese Zodiac: Meet the Ox

The Ox thrives in a world of peace, harmony, and beauty

By Marie Diamond

Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Ox

The Ox’s personality

Oxen can be strong willed, and behind their beautiful, serene faces can be a great temper and a critic that reacts angrily to anyone who threatens or harms them. They love family life but tend to be quite traditional in their values. Oxen only deeply trust a handful of people throughout their lives. They hate fussy or chaotic types -- for the Ox, life has to be easy. With their logical minds and creative hands, Oxen can produce the most perfect artworks and innovations.

Oxen walk through life without making many changes, which they avoid whenever possible. The traditions of his or her region or family will remain high in the Ox’s mind. Oxen are hardworking and strong willed, and because of this they will go far in life. Respect the Ox and he or she will respect you. Once you lose an Ox’s respect never try again -- you are no longer welcome. The Ox masters perseverance. Almost stubborn to a fault, the Ox will hold firm to his beliefs even at risk to his own comfort.

The Ox in love

The Ox woman in love: Give this woman the freedom of running the household and it will be perfect, charming and warm. But you need to let an Ox do what she wants. Trust her and she will always do the right thing. Ox women love to love with humor and laughter. Very faithful, they expect the same from their partners. The best combination for an Ox woman is the Ox man. Sexuality is important for her, and she is more sensual than her Ox man. She is traditional in her lovemaking and needs a lot of tenderness.

The Ox man in love: An Ox man loves 100 percent. He will not have many serious partners in his life, just one or two, because Oxen tend to be very faithful. Their humor and charm will make the partner of their dreams very happy. But if you are in a relationship with an Ox man, beware ... you are his possession. The Ox will show his horns when someone else shows an interest in you. As long as you do as he wants, he will love you dearly -- otherwise he can show anger. Tender and soft for the love of his life, the Ox makes a great father but will insist on having the final word when it comes to decisions.

The Ox and money

Oxen love to live in a big way. They need money to spend as they don’t like cheap things. Therefore, they will work hard and start making money from an early age. They are not satisfied will a small income and will have multiple income streams. But an Ox can also quit a job when he or she is not respected there. The Ox will give 100 percent but wants to be paid 110 percent. Be generous towards an Ox and they will be loyal and respect you.

The best thing for Oxen is to make money doing something they have a passion for and which utilizes all of their many talents. They do well being self-employed or having people working under them. Oxen make good lawyers, architects and doctors but also artists, manufacturers, craftspeople, inventors and beauty specialists.

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More facts about the Ox

Fixed element: Earth
Season: Winter
Positive traits: Generous, patient, determined, dependable, honest, loyal, and level-headed
Negative traits: Stubborn, critical, obstinate, materialistic, and possessive
Born in: ...1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021...

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