Chinese Rat Compatibility

Rat Relationship Compatibility: The Ambitious Player

Rat's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat is romantic, optimistic, and very loyal once they find their perfect match. You may like to play the field initially (giving you a reputation as a player among your friends), and may have trouble seeing past your partner's financial worthiness, but eventually your charm and ability to work hard in your relationships will result in lasting love!


Rat and Rat

Rat and Rat Compatibility When two Rats find each other, they inevitably kick up a cloud of dust. These two love being together, because they can actually double their output. Much of this love affair will be spent working on projects, as Rats can’t stand to be idle. When they’re not busy working, they’re hard at play -- Rats are sociable and popular. There’s a good chance that these two will host many lavish parties and casual get-togethers. They love to be surrounded by company. As can be expected, their home may resemble a rat’s nest. These folks care more about creating a festive environment than a sterile one.

When these two argue, they really go at it. Rats are extremely opinionated, so when two of them get together, sparks are bound to fly. Fortunately, this sign doesn’t hold grudges. The best way for this pair to resolve arguments is to go for a run together. Rats are extremely active, and need plenty of exercise to keep their spirits up. These workouts will often be followed by vigorous lovemaking sessions. Rats are extremely passionate, and enjoy sex that is heated, insistent, and intense ... provided there is plenty of cuddling afterward. When the going gets tough, the Rat can rely on this partner for unconditional support. That’s because Rats are naturally sympathetic and know how to uplift and encourage each other. These folks are friends as well as lovers. If one is struggling with depression, sickness, or unemployment, the other will rally to their side. Rats stick together through both good times and bad.

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Rat and Ox

Rat and Ox Compatibility The outgoing Rat and the shy Ox make an enchanting pair. While the Rat enjoys the Ox’s serene, loving influence, the Ox appreciates the Rat’s joie de vivre. Together, they balance each other nicely -- but this relationship does have its challenges. At times, the Rat thinks the Ox is being a wet blanket, and resents this sign’s refusal to endorse the Rat’s bold plans. At others, the Ox resents the Rat’s pushiness, and needs occasional distance from this sign’s nags and nudges. For the most part, however, these two enjoy each other’s company, and especially enjoy entertaining their friends and family together. As far as both of these signs are concerned, friends are the greatest gifts life has to offer.

If this couple is smart, the Rat will let the Ox show them how to enjoy the finer things in life. Too often, the Rat is hyper-focused on work, and forgets to enjoy the fruits of its labor. On the other hand, the Ox can learn to become more creative under the Rat’s influence. A little push from their lover will allow this cautious sign to experiment with paint, clay, and paper. Sexually, this is a very compatible match. The Rat’s boundless energy and the Ox’s incredible stamina can lead to marathon lovemaking sessions. If the Rat’s approach proves too aggressive for the Ox’s taste, a gentle request can solve the problem. The Ox is a born diplomat, and can make suggestions in such a way that won’t offend the ultra-sensitive Rat.

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Rat and Tiger

Rat and Tiger Compatibility This charming pair may form a mutual admiration society. The Rat’s wit and cunning personality are seductive bait for the Tiger, while the Tiger’s warmth and enthusiasm act like a magnet on the Rat. Together, they light up a room and could very well form a power couple. If one gets more attention than the other, though, there could be trouble. The Rat wants to be first in everything, while the Tiger thinks of themselves as royalty. At times, the Rat will resent the Tiger’s sense of entitlement, while the Tiger will turn up its nose at the Rat’s endless wheeling and dealing.

Fortunately, these two are both very smart, and have a strong intellectual bond. Talking things out is preferable to shouting, as the Rat and Tiger are both capable of hammering out sensible compromises. The Rat may have to resign themselves to holding down a steady job while the Tiger pursues a more uneven career path. In exchange, the Tiger can inject a welcome dose of glamour into the Rat’s life. If these two decide to launch a business, the Rat should be the one working behind the scenes, while the Tiger handles the public relations end of things. As far as sex is concerned, the Rat and Tiger get along swimmingly. The Rat should keep in mind that the Tiger appreciates a more sensual approach, while the Tiger needs to remember that the Rat needs lots of verbal encouragement. If they can keep these simple rules in mind, the two will form a very satisfying physical partnership.

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Rat and Rabbit

Rat and Rabbit Compatibility These two homebodies are naturally drawn to each other’s domestic natures. Both need a secure household to be happy, and have no trouble committing to one another. However, there are some significant challenges to this relationship. The Rat’s forceful personality can eclipse the shy Rabbit’s, causing hidden resentments. Similarly, the Rabbit’s high standards will seem impossibly high to the ultra-practical Rat. If this bond is going to blossom, the Rat needs to let the Rabbit have its pick of movies and restaurants from time to time. Similarly, the Rabbit needs to relax its standards and let the Rat do the chores in his or her own way.

A die-hard optimist, the Rat can help the Rabbit look on the bright side. By putting their trust in the Rat’s methods, the Rabbit may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can actually pave the way to success by adopting a positive outlook. In exchange, the Rabbit can give the Rat renewed appreciation for craftsmanship and creativity. One of the best gifts a Rabbit can give is showcasing their lover’s unique talents. When it comes to sex, this couple needs to tread carefully. The Rat’s bold, energetic approach may terrify the timid Rabbit. If the Rat remembers that slow and steady wins the race (as far as the Rabbit is concerned), their lover will eventually loosen up and have a good time. Once the Rabbit becomes comfortable with the Rat, he or she will work to hone their lovemaking techniques to a diamond-like brilliance.

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Rat and Dragon

Rat and Dragon Compatibility Talk about a match made in heaven! The ambitious Rat loves the Dragon’s praise and encouragement, while the dashing Dragon adores the Rat’s cunning plans. These two can spur each other onto greatness, since the Rat has plenty of confidence in their lover’s ability to spin straw into gold. Similarly, the Dragon has faith in the Rat’s hard work and diligence. Together, these two could run a very profitable business, so long as the Rat focuses on the day-to-day operations while the Dragon concentrates on advertising and public relations.

Of course, any relationship has its drawbacks. This one may involve the Rat’s jealousy of the Dragon. Everything seems to come so easily to the Dragon, while the Rat has to scurry and scrape for every crumb. Conversely, the Dragon may not like their lover’s self-centered approach, particularly when it conflicts with their own goals. Fortunately, the Dragon is perfectly happy to relieve the Rat of dreaded chores. In exchange, the Rat will put aside his or her needs for the sake of their partner’s happiness. If this spirit of cooperation continues, this pairing could last a lifetime. Sexually, this is a very pleasing bond, since both signs have strong libidos. The Dragon should remember that the Rat needs plenty of praise in the bedroom. Otherwise, this lover may start to question their desirability. The more loved and appreciated the Rat feels, the more effusive they will become in the sexual arena. As far as the Dragon is concerned, this lover needs the freedom to express passion as loudly and vigorously as possible.

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Rat and Snake

Rat and Snake Compatibility Although this isn’t a particularly easy pairing, the Rat and Snake can make a lasting love connection. The secret to this couple’s success is their impressive brain power. Both the Rat and the Snake are incredibly intelligent, and can use logic to overlook their fundamental differences. Yes, the active Rat will be impatient with the deliberate Snake. It’s also true that the philosophical Snake will find the Rat a tad shallow. However, if each lover decides to embrace the other, warts and all, they’ll get along fine. Finances could be a source of contention for these two, unless they acknowledge that each makes money in different ways. The Rat earns his or her keep through hard work and perseverance. This sign needs to squirrel away a good portion of their income for rainy days. The Snake, on the other hand, earns money through investments, inheritances, prizes, and court settlements. These folks attract money through faith.

If the Rat and Snake do decide to form a partnership, they should have one joint bank account for shared expenses, and private accounts for individual needs. When it comes to making love, the Rat and Snake have very different approaches. The Rat enjoys active, vigorous sex, while the Snake prefers long, languorous lovemaking. If the Rat learns to tune into the Snake’s physical desires, the Snake will respond by taking a more athletic approach to bedtime pursuits. Unlike many other signs, the Rat isn’t jealous of the Snake’s sex appeal; on the contrary, this sign is proud to have such a desirable mate.

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Rat and Horse

Rat and Horse Compatibility This is a prickly pairing that is guaranteed to generate lots of sparks. Both the Rat and the Horse are superstars. Therefore, it can be hard for one when the other is getting the lion’s share of attention. Still, the Rat can’t help but be buoyed by the Horse’s optimism, while the Horse admires the Rat’s emotional honesty. One thing is for sure: this is a very passionate pairing. Neither one of these signs takes life for granted, each intent on enjoying every precious minute of their time here on planet Earth.

When they argue -- and these two invariably will -- it will probably be about lifestyle choices. The Rat loves familiar surroundings and faithful friends, while the Horse craves adventure and new faces. Ideally, these two could work out an arrangement in which they stay home for the majority of the year and travel during the summer. Alternately, the Rat may decide that it’s easier to let the Horse go off on occasional jaunts of their own, with the understanding that their lover will return on a set date. Sexually, this is an interesting pairing, as the Rat and Horse both enjoy vigorous lovemaking. However, the Horse easily tires of a single lover, and may develop a wandering eye. If this couple is going to withstand the test of time, the Rat would be wise to vary their techniques and be open to experimentation. Meanwhile, the Horse would be wise to develop a more mature attitude regarding commitment in order to maintain the Rat’s trust.

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Rat and Goat

Rat and Goat Compatibility The purposeful Rat and the laid-back Goat make a curious pair. While the Rat is out dancing and partying, the Goat is home cooking and cleaning. When the Goat is creating beautiful works of art, the Rat is devising new ways to make money. So why are these two attracted? Precisely because each has what the other lacks. The Rat shows the Goat the benefit of structure and discipline, while the Goat demonstrates the importance of daydreaming and relaxing. At times, the Goat may need to head off to a quiet retreat. When this happens, the Rat need not be offended. Instead, he or she should take these opportunities to socialize.

Of course, there will be times when the Rat becomes frustrated with the Goat’s lack of ambition. At other times, the Goat will accuse the Rat of being obsessed with money. When these arguments erupt, the Rat needs to remember that the Goat needs to have certain hobbies that are performed for sheer pleasure. Similarly, the Goat must remember to shoulder some of the financial burdens, even if it means selling the fruits of their artistic labor. Problems can often be resolved by throwing a fun party. Both these signs enjoy spending time laughing with their nearest and dearest. As far as sex is concerned, the Goat will set the tone. Once the Rat understands what kind of lovemaking their partner desires, sparks will fly. The Goat loves creating fantasies, and the Rat adores fulfilling them.

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Rat and Monkey

Rat and Monkey Compatibility Life is never boring when a sociable Rat teams with a fun-loving Monkey. These two thrive in the company of others, and often throw rollicking parties. When they’re alone, this couple nicely balances each other. The lighthearted Monkey helps Rats laugh off their financial fears, while the clever Rat enchants his or her lover with fascinating bits of trivia. These two are infamous chatterboxes, and will call and e-mail each other constantly when they’re out of shouting range. Hard working and energetic, these lovers can pull in lots of money in a short period of time. It’s unlikely that either of these signs will retire early, though. Both the Rat and Monkey need to keep busy. This is fortunate, as they won’t have to defend working overtime. The Rat and Monkey would be wise to combine business with pleasure, and could run a successful hotel, dance club, or restaurant.

Being steeped in a social environment only deepens their love for each other. Granted, the Monkey has a tendency to flirt with everyone, but so long as the Rat continues to engage this sign’s intellect, the Monkey’s affections will remain constant. Sexually, this is one of the most dynamic duos around. The sheets won’t stay cool for long in this household. Both the Rat and the Monkey have voracious sexual appetites, and enjoy role-playing and heavy petting. Monkeys aren’t prone to jealousy, but Rats can be possessive. If each is sensitive to the other’s romantic expectations, this couple will feel as though they’re on a perpetual honeymoon.

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Rat and Rooster

Rat and Rooster Compatibility The Rat and Rooster make an uneasy alliance that can be smoothed by mutual respect. So long as the Rat can recognize the merit in the Rooster’s honesty, the Rooster will be prone to honor the Rat’s cunning personality. Quite often, the Rat can alert the Rooster to sneaky opportunists that would have otherwise slipped beneath the straightforward bird’s radar. Similarly, the Rooster can tell the Rat when it’s essential to take the high road, if only to protect this sign’s professional reputation. The Rooster can thrive beneath the Rat’s romantic attentions. If there’s anything Rats know, it is how to treat their loved ones. Happily, the Rooster is a trustworthy lover, which puts the Rat’s anxious mind at ease.

Both of these folks are thrifty, and can work together to build a sizable nest egg. These two should confer before making any large purchases. If each is apprised of the other’s material needs, they’ll avoid the nasty arguments that plague so many other couples. When it comes to chores, the Rat should resist the urge to micromanage the independent Rooster. As far as making love is concerned, the Rat and the Rooster must tread carefully. Often, these signs will use sex as a means to exert power over each other. It’s probably a good policy for these two to settle any arguments before getting into bed. Resolving arguments through sex can be extremely healing for the Rat and the Rooster. That’s because physical intimacy makes apologies unnecessary. Actions speak louder than words in this relationship.

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Rat and Dog

Rat and Dog Compatibility The Rat and Dog make a satisfying pair. Granted, this won’t be the most exciting relationship in the world. The Rat’s desire for financial security, coupled with the Dog’s need for emotional stability, will prevent either one from taking chances. These two thrive on making schedules and budgets. When it comes to money, the Rat must make allowances for the Dog’s charitable instincts. As far as time is concerned, the Dog needs to permit the Rat to explore new social vistas, as this sign thrives on stimulating company. A little compromise is all that’s necessary to keep both parties happy.

Both the Rat and Dog are extremely loyal. Infidelity won’t rear its ugly head in this relationship. That doesn’t mean that this couple should rest on its laurels. Too much of a good thing can be terribly boring. Each lover needs to work to win the other’s heart. Impromptu dates, surprise gifts, and spontaneous lovemaking will keep this union alive. If the Rat becomes snappish and irritable, the Dog should inquire about problems and lend a sympathetic ear. When the Dog becomes pessimistic, the Rat should crack a few jokes and do some celebrity impersonations. A careful balancing act allows both parties to maintain a happy, healthy, and positive outlook. When it comes to sex, the Rat and Dog are something of a mismatch. The Rat’s ardor can be really intimidating to the shy, sweet Dog. If the Rat takes a gentler approach to lovemaking, Dogs can be encouraged to explore their earthier desires.

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Rat and Pig

Rat and Pig Compatibility The Rat and Pig make an adorable couple. Everybody acknowledges that this couple is a match made in heaven. Sure, the Rat is a bit tight-fisted for the luxury-loving Pig, and the Pig is rather naive according to the worldly Rat, but these differences don’t undermine this bond. In some cases, they actually strengthen it. The thrifty Rat can prevent the Pig from going into debt, while the trusting Pig can chip away at the Rat’s cynicism. Blessed with tons of pals, these two are happy to blend their social circles. As far as this couple is concerned, friendship is the most precious commodity.

Although Rats may grumble at the Pig’s lavish expenditures, they can’t deny that their lover has good taste. Even though the Rat has a reputation for being frugal, this sign is willing to lavish the Pig with a breathtaking array of expensive baubles. Still, the Pig should keep in mind that the Rat needs a hefty savings account to be happy. If it comes down to a choice between buying a new car and putting money into a retirement fund, the Pig would be wise to follow the Rat’s lead. Then, when their financial picture is looking up, the Rat will be happy to mark the occasion with a sumptuous gift. Sexually, these two go together like strawberries and cream. The Pig adores the Rat’s lustful nature, while the Rat appreciates the Pig’s sexual enthusiasm. These two adore kissing, cuddling, and laughing between the sheets.

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