Chinese Zodiac: The Rat

When a Rat wants something, they'll work hard to get it!

By Marie Diamond

Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Rat

The Rat’s personality

Rats are very conscious and measured, but under their calm, charming veneer, aggression may be lurking. The Rat uses intellectual power for critical decision-making and is a mastermind when it comes to small details. Practical, but sometimes lacking vision and courage, the Rat can block his or her success because of greed and conservatism. Inner fear makes Rats unpredictable -- so don’t let their charm fool you.

The Rat survives in ways no other signs does. He always finds a way to get out of trouble, as he applies his mind to every detail. Perfectionist as the Rat tends to be, it is hard to stay friends with a Rat for very long. Rats have great insights and are very telepathic, but in the end they may be lonely ... because the Rat never completely trusts anyone. They create magic when they love you but become paranoid and suspicious when they stop trusting you.

The Rat in love

The Rat woman in love: A Rat woman falls in love over and over again -- she simply loves the game of love. One of the most passionate signs, she can also be very jealous. Be loyal to this elegant woman. Otherwise you will feel how sharp her words and actions can be. Her long-term partner has to be strong, charming and full of promises of undying love for her.

The Rat man in love: This man loves the good life. His ideal form of pleasure involves a harem and sumptuous food at all times. Using his vast charm, the Rat man approaches love as an extended practice session until he finds the ideal mate ... which of course he never does. Don’t let his generosity fool you -- it’s usually self-serving. But toward the end of his life, one partner will settle down a Rat man ... someone who at least comes close to his ideal. When a Rat becomes a father, he teaches everything he knows to his children.

The Rat and money

The Rat has one goal: to be very successful. Rats will look their whole life for the recognition they claim to deserve. They can invest all their money and effort into something valiant but then fail because they get too detail oriented and lose sight of the big picture. The smallest little thing can distract a Rat. However, their charm may just be enough to get them through any rough patch ... and enable them to survive with not much money at all. Rats make great bankers, sales people, politicians and software specialists.

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More facts about the Rat

Fixed element: Water
Season: Winter
Positive traits: Smart, charming, quick-witted, resourceful, intellectual, clever, curious, and positive
Negative traits: Secretive, unstable, gossipy, greedy, and skeptical
Born in: ...1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020...

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