Chinese Rooster Compatibility

Rooster Relationship Compatibility: The Success Seeker

Rooster's romantic and friendship potential with other Chinese zodiac signs

By Staff

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster is fashionable, energetic, and confident -- but you can also be insecure, arrogant, and inflexible. You like material things, which motivates you at work, so you're often successful in the enterprises you undertake! In relationships -- both romantic and friendships - you gravitate toward people who enjoy the luxurious lifestyle to which you'd like to become accustomed. Once you find a true friend or lover, though, you are loyal and very generous.


Rooster and Rat

Rooster and Rat Compatibility If the Rooster and Rat embark on a romance together, it will be because they’ve acquired a taste for one another. Initially, these two won’t be terribly impressed. The Rooster thinks of the Rat as an underhanded schemer, while the Rat believes that the Rooster stands too much on ceremony. The more they get to know each other, though, the greater their mutual respect becomes. The Rooster appreciates the kindness and consideration the Rat shows for loved ones. Meanwhile, the Rat admires the Rooster’s loyalty. If these two do fall in love, it will be because they had the maturity to look beyond surface considerations.

As friends, the Rooster and Rat do well. Both enjoy making money, and like sharing ideas for building a fortune. There’s a good chance these two signs will join forces to create wealth. If they do go into business together, the Rooster will manage the day-to-day operations, while the Rat attends to the finances. The Rooster won’t give the Rat a total free hand with the money, though -- this sign is intent on knowing every aspect of the organization. When it comes to socializing, Roosters need to quell their jealous tendencies, or the Rats could be driven away. Sexually, the Rooster and Rat are a bit perverse. The Rooster may try to use lovemaking as a tool to control the Rat. If this happens, the Rat will get revenge in various underhanded ways, like withholding compliments and spending long nights with friends. Hopefully, these two will drop the power plays and focus on loving each other instead.

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Rooster and Ox

Rooster and Ox Compatibility The Rooster and Ox are ideally matched, thanks to their similar approaches to life. The traditional Rooster approves of the Ox’s work ethic, while the Ox’s high standards are met consistently by the Rooster. Both of these signs have a reputation for being fussy. It’s nice that this couple can work toward perfection without irritating each other. If one advises the other, the remarks are taken as concern, rather than criticism. Of course, this relationship will be a bit predictable -- the Rooster and Ox hate surprises. Fortunately, this couple is happy doing the same thing, day in and day out.

Platonically, these two fare well. The Rooster loves to socialize, and often drags the shy Ox along to parties. This is very good for Oxen, who tend to isolate themselves when depression sets in. In exchange for the Rooster’s generosity, the Ox helps to ease the Rooster’s anxieties, inviting this sign to slow down and enjoy life, instead of fearing the future. Ultimately, these friends find it easy to trust and confide in one another. They make a great team. As far as sex is concerned, the Rooster and Ox find fulfillment. Neither one is especially fanciful when it comes to making love. They both see sex as a physical outlet. The Rooster and Ox are also faithful in love, and won’t distress each other with extracurricular affairs. The jealous Rooster has nothing to fear from the steadfast Ox. Best of all, the former knows what a treasure they have in the latter.

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Rooster and Tiger

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility The Rooster and Tiger aren’t the most compatible couple, but they’re not fated to fail, either. The demanding Rooster is befuddled by the Tiger’s easygoing ways, and the confident Tiger is bemused by the Rooster’s insecurity. Still, the Rooster can’t deny that the Tiger is extremely attractive, and is actually excited by the Tiger’s ability to brush off sharp criticisms. The Tiger, on the other hand, is impressed by the Rooster’s intelligence, and enjoys learning from this lover. If the Rooster stops offering unsolicited advice, then the Tiger will heap praise on this sign. It’s a hopeful start to a lasting relationship.

As friends, the Rooster and Tiger are better suited. The Rooster creates order in the Tiger’s chaotic life, while the Tiger shows the Rooster the beauty of unconditional affection. Yes, the Rooster’s insistence on doing things by the book drives the Tiger crazy. Conversely, the Tiger’s larger-than-life personality embarrasses the reserved Rooster. If these two don’t try to change each other, they’ll get along fine. With regard to sex, the Rooster and Tiger get along extremely well. The skilled Rooster knows how to light the Tiger’s fire. Both enjoy vigorous, vocal sex and often resolve arguments by jumping into bed together. These two signs also get along together because of their loyal natures. The Rooster knows that the Tiger won’t stray from this relationship, and vice-versa. The longer these two are together, the more the Rooster will be liberated from the idea that they need a perfect body to be sexually desirable. The Tiger likes lovers with a little meat on their bones!

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Rooster and Rabbit

Rooster and Rabbit Compatibility Astrological opposites, the Rooster and Rabbit must work to find common ground. The Rooster is ultra-logical, but the Rabbit is intuitive. The first sign likes to follow the rules, while the second prefers to invent steps as they go along. The former enjoys socializing, whereas the latter puts emphasis on a comfortable home life. Although these signs are very different, they can balance each other nicely, provided they celebrate their respective strengths. For instance, the hard-working Rooster can make it possible for the Rabbit to stay home and devote their energies to domestic pursuits. In exchange, the Rabbit can create a gorgeous home that will make the status-oriented Rooster proud.

As friends, the Rooster and Rabbit face similar challenges. The critical Rooster can’t help but offer pep talks to the seemingly lazy Rabbit. What the Rooster doesn’t realize, though, is that the Rabbit is totally content to lie sleeping in the sun. The Rabbit, meanwhile, thinks that the Rooster is too cut-and-dried in their thinking, and tries offering alternate ways of viewing the world. If these two stop trying to change each other, they’ll learn how to appreciate their differences. Otherwise, there will be no point in pursuing a friendship. Sexually, the Rooster and Rabbit are something of a mismatch, too. The Rooster focuses on technique, whereas the Rabbit concentrates on connecting. If the Rabbit remembers to stroke the Rooster’s vanity, the Rooster will reward the Rabbit with some much-needed cuddling. Still, these two need to learn how to become satisfying lovers for each other, as this won’t come naturally.

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Rooster and Dragon

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility The Rooster and Dragon make a fairly good couple. The Rooster loves the Dragon’s broad vision, while the Dragon admires the Rooster’s ability to put plans into action. Together, these signs can move mountains. The Rooster is eager to help the Dragon achieve the stardom they’ve always wanted. Meanwhile, the Dragon is thrilled to provide the exalted lifestyle that the Rooster craves. The two are willing to make financial sacrifices for the sake of their long-term plans. Therein lies the secret to this relationship’s success: the Rooster and Dragon aren’t only brave enough to dream; they’re also determined enough to make their fantasies come true.

Platonically, the Rooster and Dragon get along quite well, too. The Rooster is free to tell the Dragon the truth, which is a luxury most friendships can’t afford. The Dragon, on the other hand, appreciates the Rooster’s devotion, and knows that this friend can be depended upon during times of trial. Granted, the Rooster’s frank comments could pierce the Dragon’s fragile ego, while the Dragon’s temper can strike fear in the anxious Rooster’s heart. Still, these two won’t argue very much, simply because they respect each other so much. As far as sex is concerned, the Rooster and Dragon have work to do. The Rooster doesn’t put much emphasis on sex, but the Dragon does. The Dragon can whet the Rooster’s sexual appetite with a constant stream of flattery. Nothing puts the Rooster in the mood like feeling sexy, sensual, and utterly seductive. Happily, the Dragon is eager to oblige with plenty of praise.

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Rooster and Snake

Rooster and Snake Compatibility The Rooster and Snake are a match made in heaven. These social butterflies really enjoy going out. They also love to entertain, and can host some impressive soirees in their home. The Rooster is very status-oriented, and the Snake has a knack for creating a tasteful atmosphere that bespeaks of good breeding. Granted, the Snake will sometimes have to explain to the Rooster that a high price tag isn’t necessarily indicative of good taste, but that will be a lesson the Rooster is willing to learn. When the festivities are over, the Rooster and Snake love to stay up late and discuss the event from every angle, including who came, what they wore, and what was said.

As friends, the Rooster and Snake also hit it off well. The Rooster can show the Snake how to get more value for their money. Meanwhile, the Snake will help the Rooster dress for success. Neither of these signs mind taking advice from the other, because trust is the foundation of this friendship. Even the suspicious Snake has to concede that the Rooster is usually correct in their observations. With regard to sex, the Rooster and Snake have some work to do. The Rooster is a bit reserved for the Snake’s taste. Fortunately, the Snake knows just what to say and do to ease their lover’s inhibitions. Infidelity could be a problem with this pair, though. The Snake enjoys slithering into other people’s beds. This won’t sit well with the loyal Rooster. If the Snake insists on stepping out, it had better be done in secret.

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Rooster and Horse

Rooster and Horse Compatibility The Rooster and Horse face many challenges, but these obstacles can be overcome. That’s because both signs are famously stubborn. A little thing like differing values won’t scare this couple. For instance, the Rooster prefers order and precision, whereas the Horse welcomes sudden surprises. Similarly, the Rooster is a homebody while the Horse is a party animal. Finally, the Rooster is conservative and the Horse is rebellious. So what draws these two together? A mutual love of hard work. Both the Rooster and Horse are willing to put up with their respective idiosyncrasies, simply because they know they can always rely on each other to bring home the bacon.

As friends, the Rooster and Horse can benefit from each other’s company. The Rooster has all sorts of good advice for the Horse to increase their business. Meanwhile, the Horse can show the Rooster that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Together, these pals can balance each other’s differences in a gentle, healthy way. These two are also quite smart, and enjoy discussing things like politics, movies, and books into the wee hours of the morning. Sexually, the Rooster and Horse are a bit of a mismatch. The Rooster’s lovemaking is a bit too stodgy for the wild Horse. Fortunately, the Rooster doesn’t mind taking cues from this lover, so they’ll manage to develop a technique that is mutually satisfying. Infidelity could be another problem here, since the Rooster is faithful, but the Horse is not. Some couple’s counseling could be helpful in this regard.

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Rooster and Goat

Rooster and Goat Compatibility This unusual combination can find love if some serious work is done to overcome their differences. The diligent Rooster can’t abide the Goat’s laid-back attitude toward life. Meanwhile, the open-minded Goat is bewildered by the Rooster’s constant criticisms. The Rooster does admire the Goat’s gift for making a comfortable home, while the Goat likes fussing over the perpetually tense Rooster. This ability of the Goat to create a fulfilling personal life for the Rooster may be the thing that draws the couple together. The Rooster may decide to become the breadwinner so that the Goat can devote all of his or her energies to cooking, cleaning, and decorating. If each can remember why they were initially attracted, they can weather any storms this relationship experiences.

As friends, the Rooster and Goat work better. The practical Rooster can help get the dreamy Goat’s finances in order. Meanwhile, the Goat can show the Rooster how to cultivate their creativity. Yes, the absent-minded Goat will drive the Rooster to distraction. Similarly, the hypercritical Rooster will bruise the Goat’s tender heart. These pals had better learn to treat it each other with kid gloves, or their friendship won’t stand the test of time. With regard to sex, the Rooster and Goat face a few challenges. The Rooster isn’t particularly sexual, whereas the Goat thrives on physical affection. Meanwhile, the Goat isn’t terribly communicative, which makes the self-conscious Rooster nervous. If the Rooster gets in touch with their sensual side, the Goat will become more vocal about their likes and dislikes. Until then, this couple may not find much satisfaction in bed.

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Rooster and Monkey

Rooster and Monkey Compatibility The Rooster and Monkey have difficulty as a romantic couple. The Rooster’s controlling ways don’t sit well with the free-wheeling Monkey. Meanwhile, the Monkey’s daring maneuvers make the cautious Rooster sick with worry. It’s not easy for these two to overlook their differences, particularly since the serious Rooster doesn’t find the Monkey’s jokes amusing. When two people can’t laugh together, the prospects of a long-term relationship are small indeed. Still, these two signs are very sociable, and may enjoy making the rounds of parties together. The Rooster will dazzle everyone with their impeccable appearance, while the Monkey will entertain the crowd with funny stories. In this way, the Rooster and Monkey truly appreciate each other.

Platonically, the Rooster and Monkey get along better. Both signs are highly intelligent, and enjoy playing games and discussing current events. Roosters will be critical of their friend’s methods and views, but these negative comments only make the Monkey laugh. Eventually, the Rooster will learn that the Monkey won’t change their ways for anyone. Monkeys are especially intent on expanding their horizons. Hopefully, Roosters will curb their possessive nature when dealing with this friend. The Rooster and Monkey have an equally tough time sexually. Neither one of them is especially sensual, and may prefer talking to making love. When they do get in bed, it will be quick and vigorous. Sometimes the vain Rooster will be hurt by the Monkey’s refusal to praise their lovemaking techniques. Sweet talk helps smooth the rough patches in this relationship.

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Rooster and Rooster

Rooster and Rooster Compatibility When two Roosters get together, it’s hard for romance to take root. These two are simply too competitive to be tender toward each other. Add to this the Rooster’s penchant for criticism, and it’s no wonder that this couple has trouble linking hands and hearts. However, the bird is very stubborn, so it’s possible these two will work hard to resolve their problems. One thing is for sure: this couple will never experience financial shortages. These two simply work too hard for that to ever happen.

As friends, the Roosters work a little better. Often, one will go to the other for tips on how to improve a project. Only a fellow perfectionist will offer the sorts of comments that make sense to a Rooster. In addition, they are both very neat and meticulous. These two could prove excellent travel companions, as they’ll both enjoy following a minute-by-minute itinerary that covers every last historical monument, museum, and place of cultural interest. Roosters are highly frugal, too, and will enjoy finding the best hotels and travel fares for their money. Roosters don’t put a lot of emphasis on sex. Therefore, this love affair may be a bit chilly. Neither one of these people find it easy to loosen up and enjoy themselves in bed. If these two are determined to make a go of it, they may want to read a few sex manuals together and compare notes -- just as a way to have the fulfilling physical life they both deserve.

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Rooster and Dog

Rooster and Dog Compatibility The Rooster and Dog aren’t ideally suited as lovers. For one thing, they are a pair of worrywarts. When these two put their heads together, it will feel like the sky is falling. Furthermore, the traditional Rooster can’t abide the Dog’s revolutionary ways. The Dog, on the other hand, thinks that the status-oriented Rooster is full of hot air. Is there any hope for this couple? Yes, considering a shared belief in loyalty. The Dog is inspired by the Rooster’s capacity for unconditional love. Similarly, the Dog admires the Rooster’s determination to stick by his or her lover through thick and thin. If these two can learn to respect their opposing viewpoints, they just might enjoy a lifelong romance.

As friends, the Rooster and Dog work better. The Rooster admires the Dog’s diligence, while the Dog appreciates the Rooster’s eye for detail. These two may want to go into business together. If they don’t, they’ll probably spend most of their time hanging out with friends. Both creatures are sociable, although the Rooster likes to meet new people, while Dogs prefer mixing with a few close friends. Still, even Roosters can’t resist the lure of a leisurely cocktail party with their nearest and dearest. Sexually, this relationship needs work. The Rooster uses the bedroom as a platform, whereas the Dog treats it like a safe haven. If the Rooster is going to be happy, the Dog must learn to heap praise and encouragement on its shoulders. Meanwhile, the Rooster has to take a more tender approach to the Dog, or this affair could fizzle out in record time.

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Rooster and Pig

Rooster and Pig Compatibility The Rooster and Pig go together like strawberries and cream. Although each is a completely different flavor, one somehow compliments the other. The strong-willed Rooster finds an eager partner in the Pig, who is content to follow the bird’s orders. Furthermore, the tradition-oriented Pig feels comfortable with the conservative Rooster. Granted, the Rooster is a neatnik, and will blanch at the Pig’s sloppy ways. Conversely, the luxury-loving Pig won’t understand the Rooster’s senseless economies. For the most part, though, this pair will put up with each other’s shortcomings for the sake of their mutual affection.

The Rooster and Pig make great pals, too. The Rooster enjoys clucking around the Pig’s home, hanging up clothes and cleaning dishes. The Pig, on the other hand, likes exposing the Rooster to sensual pleasures like hot stone massages, gourmet food, and silk bathrobes. Sometimes, the two will laugh at each other’s absurd behavior, but for the most part, they will savor their friendship’s rewards. With regard to sex, the Rooster and Pig really hit it off. The Rooster likes to play the aggressor, which is just fine with the Pig. Since the Rooster isn’t especially affectionate, the Pig will have to teach the Rooster the benefits of foreplay. Happily, the Rooster is a willing pupil in this regard. Neither one is prone to stray from this affair. Both signs are famed for their devotion. A little flattery is all that’s necessary for the Pig to lure the Rooster into bed for some afternoon delight.

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