Gemini Love Compatibility

Gemini Love Compatibility: Flirty, Playful, and Flighty

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As an easy, breezy Gemini who’s full of fun yet difficult to pin down, you mesh best with fellow Air signs like Libra or Aquarius. You need a clever match who won’t rain on your parade of interesting ideas, playful activities, and non-stop chatter ... so watch out for Water signs!

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Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries Compatibility You’re a spontaneous one, Gemini, and with an action-oriented Aries, you make one-half of a fun couple who doesn’t take life too seriously. You both approach life with a glass-half-full philosophy. In the beginning, it may seem like there’s no stopping you. Problems can start when it comes to expressing love, though. You choose to spell out your feelings through ideas and words, while Rams show their emotions through action. Staying together long-term may require effort, but if you and your Aries can pull it off, there really will be no stopping you.

Gemini and Taurus

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility Your quick mind and playful spirit find much-needed solid ground when you hook up a practical, stable Taurus. Your wheels are always turning, while Bulls know when to coast. If your Taurus can step on the gas once in a while, and you can when to step on the breaks, you’ll find the right speed you need to travel together in harmony. The good news is, once you stop using all your energy for speed, you’ll be able to channel it into making your next brilliant idea come to life. And your Bull will be always be beside you to show you which gear you should be in.

Gemini and Gemini

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility Some signs can find lasting love with one of their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t often true with two Geminis. You’re a chatterbox, and when you try to get into a relationship with another chatterbox, you’ll both be so busy trying to think up clever responses before the other has finished a sentence that you don’t really listen to what the other is saying. This can cause a lot of frustration on both sides, and can make you clash more than other "twin sign" couples. Remember, physical attraction will only happen for you two once the mental one is in place.

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Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility You love anything exciting and new -- parties, meetings, anything where you get to share your brilliant ideas and have lively discussions with anyone and everyone. Your Cancer lover, on the other hand, is not so into constant interaction with other others. In fact, your Crab is a bit of a homebody, preferring the intimacy of friends and family over a crowded room full of strangers. Your hard-shelled partner also has a tendency to live in the past, while you stay firmly rooted in the present. The problem is, neither one of you is looking toward the future.

Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo Compatibility Like a Gemini, the playful Lion is always up for a good time. If you two remember to always keep your relationship fun, it will be a long and happy one. The problem is, Gemini, you’re never satisfied with what you have. Your habit of always looking for greener pastures will cause problems with a possessive Leo, who needs to feel like the center of your world. You’ll quickly lose a proud Lion who thinks you’re interested in someone -- or something -- else. If you stick around, though, you’ll have no shortage of Leo’s love, generosity and affection.

Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules the intellect. You may thank your lucky stars that you’ve finally found your mental match, but your thinking styles are far from compatible. While both analytical, you are openly expressive and curious. Your Virgo, who can be somewhat critical, may accuse you of being scattered. Meanwhile, you’ll probably find Virgo’s nit-picky attitude more than a little annoying. This relationship will only work if you and your Virgo can find that middle ground between minute details and the big picture.

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Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra Compatibility Geminis and Libras have a lot in common -- you’re both well-mannered and want to change the world. Although you may be a little faster with a clever reply, your Libra’s sense of style is unmatched. Creativity is important to both of you, and you can find success and long-term happiness by working together in the arts -- either visual arts, music, or writing. You both have good taste, although your style is a little more eclectic than Libra’s. If you moved in together, your living space would have an air of sophistication and harmony -- just like your relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility You’re not a particularly "deep" person, Gemini, and your Scorpio lover has an unmatched depth of passion. At first, your partner’s intensity may make you feel vulnerable and exposed. In time, though, you should be able to find a middle ground between mental and physical attraction. Things are never dull with an always-inventive Scorpio, and your flirtatiousness arouses a sensual and playful charm within Scorpio. This may not be a relationship that will last forever, but while it lasts, it will definitely be an exciting and passionate love affair.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility Gemini and Sagittarius are most compatible when they’re traveling, exploring, and having adventures. You’re both restless spirits who are always on the move. You find it easy to be open-minded with a Sagittarius, and their knowledge of the world around them excites you. You’re already an optimist, but this relationship will bring out even more of the positive in you. Together, you are a bright and cheerful duo with long-term potential. The only downside is that a couple that’s always moving might never get to a point where they feel really stable with each other.

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Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility You’re known for your restless mind and clever wit, Gemini. Your Capricorn is steady, conservative, and not so into lighthearted banter with strangers. While you’re playful and childlike, always searching for ways to communicate and share ideas with others, your Goat is serious and hardworking, always keeping one eye on the prize. If you can influence your Capricorn to lighten up the load of every day life with good cheer and enthusiasm, and your Goat can teach you to be more practical and help you organize your life, you might just have the key to long-term happiness.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility You love to talk about almost anything, Gemini, and probably know a little bit about practically everything. Your Aquarian, however, knows everything about everything. Although the two of you love to debate and discuss, you have very different communication styles. Yours is more flexible, while Aquarians can be more rigid. You have a persuasive affect on your Aquarius, and may be able to convince him or her to delve into unusual topics like outer space or science fiction. You have a strong friendship, but physical attraction may not happen right away, or at all.

Gemini and Pisces

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility You just love words, ideas, and verbal communication, Gemini. Your Pisces, however, is dreamy, preferring to live in their own world of imagination and fantasy. You prefer to speak -- and speak and speak -- outwardly, while Pisces would rather think things through on their own. This Fish can teach you how to weave awareness and sensitivity into your words to create new, better ideas. Meanwhile, you can encourage your Pisces to spend some time on land, where they can realize there’s just as much magic in the real world as there is in the world they dream about.

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