Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries Sexual Compatibility: Fiery and Passionate in Bed

See which signs are most sexually compatible with Aries

By Staff

A hot and passionate Aries like you loves a challenge in bed, and you need a flirtatious nature and non-stop motion to match your own fast pace -- the sign of the Ram craves plenty of excitement. You love to be on top! Intelligence and witty banter will also keep you interested long after the initial passion wears off, giving your relationships a chance for more than just a one-time fling.


Aries and Aries

Aries and Aries Compatibility The good news about this match-up is the two of you won’t have many awkward pauses before you get down to getting busy. Your need to do what you want as immediately as possible could mean that you pounce as soon as you can tell there’s a mutual attraction. Given the Ram’s propensity toward lust, this frequently occurs within nanoseconds! You’ll love groovin’ on one another in a big way, so if you bother to get a room, make sure there’s a sturdy surface in there. If the bed is the least bit delicate, just go for the floor. Don’t worry if the blinds are open, because most people will conclude you’re practicing some kind of crazy martial arts or wrestling! After you exhaust one another with all those fast and furious moves, the afterglow will reveal that you’re up for more than a one-night stand.

It’s nice that you both like many of the same things, but given that competition is number one on your list of pleasures you treasure, this could be a problem. Constant rivalry not only gets on other people’s nerves, it can prevent you from keeping the focus on the great things you share. The best thing might be that, after those unavoidable emotionally-charged explosions that resemble a re-enactment of an ages-old Godzilla movie, the story goes on even after all the fire’s been breathed out. You’ll forget what you were fighting about, lock lips again, and probably proceed toward make-up sex that’s as sensational as your first time. Your karmic lesson is understanding that fast and nasty is nice, but non-Ram-like things such as patience, non-competitiveness, and staying power are the keys to making your love last.

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Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus Compatibility The attraction between the two of you will be palpable -- at least at first. You both adore pleasure! The only issue? The two of you have different philosophies about it. Whether or not you get together for more than one try at total bliss will depend on how well the Aries' fast and furious charge coerces Taurus’ slow-and-steady, wait-and-see attitude to spring into action. Aries would do well to remember that a kiss or a stroke might at least give Taurus an idea of what your intentions are. Taurus can be a real horn dog, but will be far more fun if convinced that the whole thing wasn’t just your idea! Looking for that sensitive spot on your bull-headed bud? Head for the neck. If you nuzzle away, a ticklish sensation that sends tingles everywhere is bound to follow.

You’ll have to kick back and relax now and again, and learn how to wait ... a lot! This might not be a bad thing. Taurus will teach you that good things come to those who wait -- and you might have to redefine the way you enjoy sex when you get used to being on the other end of the slow-handed Bull. Once you get out of bed, this relationship can be more challenging. Although there will be a lot you have in common, you could get pretty frustrated when you realize that when it comes to getting your Taurus to get up and go, there could be a whole lot of "hurry up and wait." Your karmic lesson is, when someone is teaching you how to be patient, it’s nice to learn how to stop and smell the flowers.

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Aries and Gemini

Aries and Gemini Compatibility The first thing you might want to say to this talkative partner might be "Shut up and do it, already!" Indeed, you’re pretty close to being pure physicality when it comes to sex, but Gemini ... isn’t. Gemini is all about the act of flirting, batting eyelashes, and displaying body language that seems to say they’re ready for action ... but are they, really? If you take your normal club-them-over-the-head-and-drag-them-away approach, you’ll probably be able to get what you’re after. Still, once you get horizontal together, you might find that you come from two rather different worlds. Your overt physical passion might be met with a stream of consciousness that seems bent on talking the whole way through a night of intimacy. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, especially the kind that force you to talk about things you might not want to think about in a moment of lust, like whether or not you like the new slim laptops that were just released. It’s not that Gemini is trying to un-inspire you -- these talkative types really do get off on words! Drink a couple of coffees beforehand and maybe you’ll be able to keep up your end of the conversation before drifting off to sleep.

This is not someone who will get stuck like glue to you, and you’ll appreciate that. In fact, getting Gemini to come back for a second night in your arms could be a challenge. You will have to learn a lot about connecting through the mind if you want to stay together with this fly-by-night-but-fascinating person. The answer might hit you over the head when you see that practicing the karmic lesson of learning to listen sets Gemini off into a very sexy frenzy.

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Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer Compatibility Cancer people should probably warn their sexual partners just how deeply they plan to connect with them. This is anything but a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of situation. Cancer wants to merge with you with both body and soul. Lucky for you, this doesn’t necessarily mean a long courtship, and if you enjoy peering deeply into your lover’s eyes and becoming enveloped in a way that you haven’t been maybe since you were in the womb, take this Crab to bed. Cancer has a way of knowing what will please you before you even begin to talk about it. Any area on your body where you wish to be touched, caressed, or otherwise stimulated will not go wanting for attention. You might want to stay away from anything too rough, kinky, or otherwise heavy-handed with this delicate type.

You can make inroads assuring Cancer that you will always be there to offer protection -- but make sure you realize whom you’re saying that to. Cancer makes deep, lasting bonds almost instantly. If you’re not up for a long-term relationship, you might have to live with the guilt of inflicting emotional pain on someone who’s incapable of ever really letting go. This can have its plus points in that you’re the baby of the zodiac and Cancer is a natural mother, whether female or male in form. The karmic lesson here is that if you want a love that will last, you have to focus on someone besides yourself.

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Aries and Leo

Aries and Leo Compatibility You’ve probably read about the many ways you and the noble Lion are a perfect match. You’re both motivated and outgoing, and Leo will never disappoint you when it comes to expressing exuberance and charm. Sexually speaking, the fact that this energetic type can keep up with you is also a good reason for getting together to go for a ride. Not unlike you, this partner loves flattery -- so pour it on thick. If you forget to compliment at least one feature (the hair is usually a good start), you will be reminded! You’ll understand, because the fiery, attention-demanding nature that you share makes you instant buddies. This can be great if you first make sure that the two of you can get together sexually and still remain friends. When it comes to a long-term relationship, each of you will have to put in a lot of work, because you both need so much devotion.

From being with a Leo, you might be able to learn that you don’t always have to be on the receiving end. They say that giving compliments can be even more fulfilling than getting them, so give it a whirl! But if you feel as though you need to go outside of the relationship in order to get the attention that you crave, think twice before you make a big commitment. Leo will insist on loyalty, so if you can’t give it, don’t promise it. It’s very true that you and Leo can be great friends, but when it gets down to shared living arrangements, you might get frustrated with Leo’s tendency to repeat patterns. You are all about constant change, and you will become very restless if your partner won’t go there with you. Your karmic lesson is to talk things through and get people to understand what you want to do -- unless you want to be all alone!

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Aries and Virgo

Aries and Virgo Compatibility This relationship has its plus points, but you have to be very careful that your lovely leadership abilities don’t morph into a nasty, dictatorial tone. Virgo lives to please, and you love to BE pleased. Obviously, this could be a good arrangement, especially for you. In bed, you will be the one to call the shots, and Virgo will gently yet firmly try to make sure you get everything that you want. This will work for at least a little while, but before long, you might come to realize that you’re in over your head. Although the sign of Virgo has an association with the word "virgin," this shouldn’t mislead you into believing you’ll be the one who’s the know-it-all about sex. Virgo will literally take you to school, if necessary, to make sure you learn how to be the one that does the pleasing.

Virgo people like to have things their own special way. When they don’t, they begin to manipulate the situation to make sure that you begin to fall into line. You can learn a lot from this meticulous sign, from how to be more organized to the physical functions of the human body and how they contribute to mutual sexual pleasure. If you’re not down with getting all the details, this might not be the right match for you. But, if you’re willing to work very hard at becoming a better person from all kinds of different directions, Virgo will be more than happy to be your guide. Your karma will be served here when you learn to appreciate what this special person is willing to do for you, while returning the favor now and then.

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Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra Compatibility What do you like more than anything? It’s the hunt and conquest of lovers, of course! And guess what? This elusively attractive, romantic individual just loves to be chased -- over and over again! Libra is quite capable of giving you the erotic pleasure you treasure, but because this perceptive sign also knows that when you have to wait for it, what you want tastes even sweeter, you probably won’t get any on the first encounter. There will be an instant attraction here, because you are actually opposites. There are aspects of the Libran soul and personality that you admire and wish to have for your own, and the feeling is quite mutual. For that reason alone, you make a great match.

You won’t get to bed right away, though, unless you’ve found a Libra who’s hornier than the norm. You must do the mating dance -- approach and avoid, touch this and feel that -- and then you might finally capture your quarry. You’ll impress Libra with your sheer desire, and you’ll enjoy the appreciation you receive in return. Libra will see you as the hero that you are, and this is bound to make you feel great about yourself. Libra is also capable of giving you a lot of attention and devotion -- and the sheer idea that you have to work for it will make you want to do lustfully nasty things with your Libra over and over again. Your karmic lesson here is that even though you think you can’t be corralled, this time you may have met your match!

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Aries and Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility The fiery planet Mars as your sign ruler isn’t all that the two of you share, but let’s start with that. You are as different as night and day. You take Mars’ daytime energy and use it like the bull in a china shop, while Scorpio uses Mars’ nocturnal side to strike out from the darkness like a master ninja. There is no question that, when the two of you have your way with one another in bed or any other surface that happens to be handy, sparks will fly. The sex between you will feel like a passion-filled wrestling match, where the struggle for domination is as appealing as the sensation of erotic pleasure. Scorpio is in search of excellence, and will know that it has been found by being in bed with you ... but you may not be totally satisfied or comfortable around this secretive person for very long.

When the passion of the moment subsides and you begin to have a conversation, the first thing you might notice is that you’re doing all the talking. Scorpio will listen to every word that you say, silently keeping score and weighing your comments against expectations that are, most likely, unreasonably high. Rather than stroking you and telling you how great you are, Scorpio might nitpick at your lifestyle and try to transform you into a whole different person. Although this could be beneficial, if you’re into it, you might not get the admiration and approval that you thrive on. Your karmic lesson is that no matter how much you like to think you’ve got everything it takes, there’s always room for improvement.

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Aries and Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility The happy-go-lucky, in-your-face energy of the average Sagittarius is easy for you to relate to. Any vibes resembling sexual attraction that go between you won’t hang in the air for long. If there are any "what you see is what you get" individuals in the universe, this one is it! Sagittarius’ friendly, humorous, and genial nature will be an instant turn-on for you. Your adventurous, ready-for-anything nature will appeal to this invigorating person. In bed, you will share a fire that might seem like it can never be snuffed out. Be careful that you don’t burn through it all at once, though. It’s entirely possible that the two of you could go at one another so quickly that you both forget about whether the other one is done yet! Sagittarius will smother you with a sloppy kiss and go about the business of getting off on any part of your body that’s conveniently located at the moment. Although you’ll admire the immediacy of this approach, you could be left holding a bag full of frustration when it’s all over and you haven’t even gotten started.

Also, it will never be possible to keep this one pinned down. You might like to have your Sagittarius around all the time, but if you want to keep their interest, you have to let these eternal wanderers go off on their quests from time to time. You can learn a lot about yourself -- and the world -- from this person. The karmic lesson you’ll learn as you wrestle Sagittarius is that even staunch individuals will work better as a team!

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Aries and Capricorn

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility Play with the words here, and you’ll find something very surprising about this seemingly stodgy sign. "Capri-CORN" sounds kind of like "Capri-HORN" -- and horny is what this person truly is! Take a look at Capricorn’s Tarot card, "The Devil." This is not merely a depiction of an obsession with money and other material pleasures. It describes Capricorn’s ability to get down and dirty because this cool cat knows that’s the best place to find true sexual pleasure. Not all Capricorn people are kinky by nature, but many of them are! And those that aren’t are still pretty darned creative when it comes to finding ways to getting you -- and themselves -- off.

This hot number only asks one thing of you: be discreet. This isn’t all that easy for you, but you can be convinced to zip the lip once you find out how cheap a price that is to pay for the amazing sex you can get here. Capricorn is in a unique position to teach you a few things, too -- and the most important one is how to make something of yourself. Capricorn will respect you for being who you are, as long as you try to be the very best at it. You love a challenge, and let’s face it, when are you NOT into having good sex? Mark this one down as a match you shouldn’t go through this lifetime without trying at least once. Your karmic lesson is that someone who seems dull and fussy can be even kinkier than you are!

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Aries and Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility Aquarius will satisfy you whenever you don’t want to get too deep into an emotional relationship. This cool, calm, and collected person is perfectly capable of displaying rapture and passion, but it’s really hard to get them to let you in to be truly intimate. For this partner, you’re just too trusting and innocent. Aquarius will have a hard time understanding your me-first attitude, so plan on proving that you’re willing to please them. The bodily organs that will be the most useful in seducing Aquarius will be your ears. Aquarius people are in love with the big ideas that fill their heads, and any sign that you might actually be listening to them will be a real turn-on!

Once you get things down to nonverbal communication, you’ll be amazed at the way this seemingly detached person can abandon all pretense of being intellectual and get down to true, raw technique. You’ll swear this one was weaned while listening to Dr. Ruth Westheimer extol the virtues of sex. Aquarius will try anything at least once, so try not to act shocked when something is suggested that makes you think twice before you do it. Aquarius is here to teach you that there are different ways of defining exactly what constitutes open-mindedness ... and yours might not even begin to get into the zones this person is willing to go to. Your karmic lesson is that even though you think you’re the only pioneer, there are people who can take you to a whole other place.

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Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces CompatibilityDon’t let the fact that the two of you have your signs right next to each other stop you from trying this one out! No matter your gender, to Pisces you are a knight in shining armor. Pisces will sacrifice almost anything for the sensation of feeling a connection with another human being. This gentle soul will admire your ability to be "right out there." You’ll be flooded with compliments, finally giving your ego the amount of stroking it needs! Physically, you won’t be asked for much. Pisces will be happy to be devoured by you! As long as you check every once in a while to make sure your partner is still breathing, everything will be just fine. Well, all of this will at least hold true the first time you spend some time wrapped up in rapture together...

After a while, Pisces might bore you because this Fish is so easy to catch. Your desire to be in pursuit could easily lead you to hunt after other lovers -- and getting caught cheating by a Pisces isn’t very pleasant. You might be shocked at how easily you can destroy another human being by showing any tendency to engage in an act of abandonment. The good news is, if you decide you can’t live without your own personal Piscean cheering section, the day will come when the mutual trust and comfort you build together allows Pisces to be more independent. Your karmic lesson is that if you want unconditional love, it’s better when it comes from someone who’s working with a free will.

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